Bound to Soar across the sky Book

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Bound to Soar across the sky


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Born as an orphan, Yu-Long rose high from the bottom tier of echelon, absorbed knowledge like a sponge, as anything new fascinated him. In his blind search for gaining new skills, he ventured deep into the forbidden areas of the continent, learning everything he could from the only one deemed as the strongest in the entire continent. His hunger for creating new techniques, which marvelled all the kingdoms and his vast knowledge, led all the factions to corner him to his death. Fortunately or unfortunately, to get out of the sticky situation, he uses his last trump card at hand. REINCARNATE! Where? He has no clue, and neither did he think it through, as it was his trump card. Will he seek knowledge even in this life, or will he live at ease? *** "Aah!! What in the world?? Why am I in this congested space?" "Holy smokes! My soul is shrinking!!" "Oh, wait. It's more like my soul is merging with the body or getting absorbed by some force." *** "That settles it. Let's get out of this palace this instant. I can't keep up with my curiosity if I'm not allowed to go into the outside world." *** The bigger question would be: does she know which direction would take her to her destination? Is seeking knowledge wrong? It's not. So why was he forced to flee from the world? *** " Darling daughter, how many people have you brought back this time? The palace may be huge, but every time you come back from your adventures, the entire younger generation of the noble faction comes along with you." Her mother sounded distressed, yet proud at the same time. "I do not understand why they follow me everywhere I go, it's becoming troublesome. I will fix it, mother dearest." She leaned in close and gave a slight peck as greeting to the beautiful lady standing in front of her. *** Sometimes being overly focused in search of accumulating wealth in the form of knowledge will make you dull to the other factors of life. This heavenly beauty knows no bounds, attracts men and women like how a beautiful flower attracts butterflies and bees, yet all she seeks is knowledge. *** Will she be able to continue on the path purely of knowledge, or will she meet the same fate as before? Let's discover that. In the next chapter of BSS.


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