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Don't worry, I may be the author of this novel, but I know how to be unbiased in my self-criticism. Where to start... Oh yes, so the writing during the first 30-40 chapters is rather rough either in grammar or in the accuracy of some information, the reason of that is that English isn't my first language and that taking into account that this is my first novel I didn't took enough time to verify certain things I wrote, please bear with me, I have improved a lot in the meantime (I swear). I'm planning to edit all of this but it's not going to happen right away... Tell yourself that if you like the beginning, the story can only get better and better as you go through the chapters. Also, the biggest weakness I would attribute to my novel is the pace of publishing, I'm not regular (though that might change in the next few months as I'm on vacation and fully focused on this)... BUT (yes, we're finally getting to the part where I stop bashing my own novel and that I will tell you why you should read it). -Although some of the (secondary) characters may sometimes seem stereotypical (anyway, if they do, they won't stay in the story long enough to have an importance), each of the main characters is unique and if you like characters who act logically you will love the MC and his compagnions (except one, or maybe two). -The story revolves around different mythologies, different pantheons of deities as well as different folklores and on this side you will be spoiled. -I am very active in the comments as well as on discord (Barbare#6899) so if you have questions, ask them and you will be sure to get an answer. So... I think that's more or less everything

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This novel is brilliant the mc doesn't just go out of his way to protect other peeps in an apocalypse were he can only protect himself but instead focuses only trying to find the people who are close to him. he doesn't just charge into to fights he analyzes his enemies and figures out the most efficient way to handle problems instead of running around and collection girls in other novels.....


The novel is written very well, starting from the MC, the world around him, even to the love interest, the novel is also action packed, it definitely suits the "ruthless-mc" tag, as he's very interesting. I can picture out scenes very well, the words just come together perfectly. Given it 5 for writing quality. for the stability updates, the author always has a note after his chapter, and I think hes updating frequently and on schedule so 5 for it, for story development, I would rate it 6/5 if there was a 6 here, because just from a few chapters its beggining to become very interesting already. For character design, the MC is just my type, he reminds me of some manhwa MC that ruthlessly kills ant in some island, so im liking him vert much. As for the world, its interesting so 5! Keeping this to my library!


The story has great characters not to mention good story telling.The main character has a personality that matches the background he's given as well as other characters who aren't dull. Overall I can't wait for the next chapter to be released and can't wait to see where the author takes this story.


One of the best novels I have read on this site/app. It is well thought out to the point where I think the author searches the entire internet every time he needs a new monster. The characters that matter aren't 1 dimensional garbage and the writing is great and the author seems to put a lot of thought into word choice which I appreciate. The world background is good, but as of chapter 75 most of the interactions related to higher powers are scarce and the story is more supernatural than fantasy. The story development is still in the earliest stages but I still enjoy it a good bit and it seems like there are plenty of things to look forward too. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because the author has trouble updating consistently. It is understandable since he is doing a lot of work on each chapter and trying to keep a schedule would be the same as saying "please rush your process and give us something that you don't want to put out because of time constraints" and I would rather have good writing. I rate it 4.8 out of 5 stars, but with time and someone else to share the work with I would change it to 5 stars. Thank you for the chapter Mr. author, keep finding obscure fantasy creatures and I'll keep dumping power stones.


Amazing. The mc is badass and is the person every man aspires to be atleast once in their life. I really like this, because during an apocalypse, with levelling up and getting stronger, I always hated how the mcs take care of weaklings. I mean they are no use, you can get stronger and stronger, so stop wasting time with them, sure you only really care about a few people, but why do you have to take care of random people too? This one he just straight up said **** you! Then went away and separated from the weaklings. Very satisfying. I also like this because I share the idealogy of the mc, "I am not a lone wolf, and I don't hate being a lone wolf, it's just that the others are useless and that's why I am alone." Author, just continue writing, you're doing a great job. To the readers that are hesitating to read this, just know that I have read my fair share of apocalyptic setting novel, and not reading this would be your loss, this has great potential to be a masterpiece.


I can just appreciate that you write such a good book! I just loveeee it🥳❤️ ------ Soooo I catched up with with the chapters and can say that the book is really well written as well as the character design. The Mc is pretty Badass and knows what he is doing (in terms of survival and not women...*caugh*caugh* Amandla) and the side characters are as well pretty damn good (execpt Francis he is not my type characteristically because I find him a bit annoying). I would love too she Lazar keep growing and find new powers! Keep up your great work Author-san and happy new year and enjoy your holidays! 🥳❤️


Pretty good story. I can see that it gets better. The protagonist isn't a wimp who has a strong sense of justice and can kill, which I personally approve of. The storyline is great and you can understand what's happening while trying to figure out the whole mystery behind it. I encourage people to read this story, it's great!


The character of the MC is shown clearly in the first few chapters of the story, but before the cliche of the cool and emotionless guy in a high school gets old, the plot starts and the gods sh*t on everything. The premise of the story in attractive: a world abandoned by the gods, leaving the humans to face ragnarok alone. Sounds bleak. This reader hopes that if humanity prevails there should be some kind of reward, like the one who stopped it becoming the One True God and not letting all the others back in because of their cowardice, the assh*les. The action is fast-paced, the MC is a wank fantasy, there are monsters everywhere. What is not to like? The grammar is fine, and writing style can come with experience. The story has potential and is stepping along nicely. I hope it lives up to the excellent beginning. Keep up the good work, author!


The premise of the story is very interesting! I’m loving the main character so far. There aren’t many chapters but the author has a creative way in stringing the world together. The author has a great usage of vocabulary and isn’t too repetitive. They’re grammar is also better than most writers on webnovel as well. Although the average grammar on webnovel is already bad to begin with so it probably isn’t saying much. Your grammar is good, but not great. Your good use of vocabulary helps immensely and didn’t tire me out which is a plus. My biggest issue is the long sentences. Areas where you could hv put a fullstop, is immediately continued with a another sentence. A whole paragraph could be one long sentence. I could hardly remember what I just read. It’s better to cut down some sentences short. Long sentences are not always better. Sometimes short sentences give more impact. Also, the average reader can only remember up to 6-7 words, 10 at most. And as you get better, it increases. However, the average reader on webnovel aren’t even native english, let alone very focused. So putting fullstops when needed should be taken into account.


the story is good it hooked me up but the updates is so slow sad ...........................................................................


This is incredible, the characters and how they interact feel real,the banter is on point and the overall quality of the story is top notch,atleast in my opinion this is one of the best stories on this website. The MC doesn't take shit from anybody and his personality matches his background , all the characters up to this point that have been introduced matter to the story atleast to some degree and have their own way of doing things. Really, really recommend.


I like it as how the MC doesn't just go about helping random people like a hero and how he focuses on what is important one of the best apocalypse book in my opinion hope it doesn't get dropped 🥺


The quality of the writing is well done. You get what it means most of the time. The Stability of the chapters is what seems like at least one chapter week, it depends on the author's mood I presume, or his workplace. The Story Development is good and there is folklore within it. It is interesting to see some lore, you know? The Character Design I would say is the best thing so far. The reason why that is is that it gives you good and exact details on the character or his/her face. You can actually imagine her/his facial expressions! Moving on to World Background. It is pretty good, it ain't bad, nor good, its a-ok. It doesn't give TO much info nor to vague, just perfect, like the movies in a sense.


It seems this novel is a find of the second interesting March! The text block is written in a good and understandable language. The content is very interesting, fascinating plot. The character's character is well described and the world in which he lives is shown. I included the novel in my library. This novel may interest fans of MMORPG games. Thanks to the author, it was interesting to read! Informative!


It's a great read. The main character is great and the story is very good so far. My only complaint is how rarely new chapters come out. But I understand writing books isn't easy.


This book is amazing, keep going!  Can't stop reading. Can't wait to see more. Do you have any social media that I can follow so I can know when you gonna update?




this story is really good, it has plenty of given information, fight scense are nicely written, mc is kinda strong but he isn’t some world ending guy.