Bound By Blood Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Bound By Blood


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'So Death is after me...literally.' _______ "You're a bad idea but I like bad ideas." Amber's life went downhill when chosen to go face to face with the secrets of the world—Both heaven and hell wanting to claim her. What happens when this clueless distinct teenage girl draws the attention of a world of monsters, demons, goblins, not to mention a very cocky, cold-hearted narcissistic Angel of Death with eyes out to set her soul on fire, taking her to hell and back. Which side will she chose, Arveion and the angel's side or will she trick by the touch of Death? All while trying to unlock her magical ability. ___________ Disclaimer: {Cover is not mine, credit goes to the rightful creator.} {WARNING: This book may contain mature [R-18] content.} *1-2 chapters daily.*

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