Boss Is Reborn After Everyone’s Betrayal!

Ding Shan had been a hot topic for seventeen years —from the time she debuted at the age of three with her pure and cute look, all the way until she was twenty years old. She even took home three golden actress awards at her coming-of-age ceremony when she was eighteen years old. Her life seemed so beautiful and filled with applause. However, behind that beautiful scene was a grave filled with lice. Since she was three years old, her family had treated her as their cash cow. Her parents’ wickedness caused her reputation to rapidly plummet when she was eighteen years old. What was more terrifying was that they even imprisoned her. They drugged her, beat her, used her younger sister as a threat against her, and turned her into a plaything for wealthy businessmen. Ding Shan endured the humiliation for her sister’s sake, then finally sent those beasts to prison two years later. Just as she thought she could finally clean up and live a good life with her sister, reality slapped her in the face. “Why?” Ding Shan asked her sister from where she was tied to a familiar iron bed.“No reason, really. I just hate you, so I drugged you two years ago. I’m the one who pushed you into hell. I’m also the one who posted that viral video which exposed you back then,” Ding Yuan said as she happily inspected her red nails.“Oh, by the way, you’re not my real sister either. My parents kidnapped you from some ravine. Your parents chased after you, but my father pushed them off a cliff and they died. I can’t really remember since it happened so long ago. Plus, I only heard about it occasionally, so I can’t remember the details anymore.“Also, you’re tied up here today because your boyfriend, Wen Xiu, sold you for 10 million. You’re still worth a lot of money, so you should perform well tonight. Ding Yuan reached out to pat Ding Shan’s face, then injected her with an aphrodisiac. The fiery burn that coursed through her body made Ding Shan weak, but the hatred in her heart kept her mind clear and awake. Drugged and left unsupervised, she ended her life with a knife she found in the room. As her life came to an end, Ding Shan swore that if she could start over, she would make all those who had wronged her pay all that they owed her. When she opened her eyes, she had gone back in time to two years ago! So, let’s see how she’ll turn the tide in this life!

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Chapter 090. He agreed

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Of course, there were a few exceptions in such a huge fan base. When the other fans expressed their support for Ding Shan, they interjected sarcastically. "I'm not buying it. It's fake. Just say a few good words, and people will believe you. If you have any evidence, let us know first! Do you think letting people get scolded because of you is fun?"

Ding Shan read the message for a long time. The words "Because of you" hurt Ding Shan a little.

The fan's words and actions were improper; the stars could be slandered anywhere. It might ruin a celebrity. But if a celebrity's reputation was terrible and they did something wrong, the fans wouldn't be able to raise their heads outside. They wouldn't even have the courage to scold people.

No one chased after a celebrity to be bullied. Because of her, other fans must have ridiculed them many times.

However, even though Ding Shan felt sorry for her fans, she knew she could not say too much.