1 The start

It was the 07.03.1999 when a child named Noah got its first view of the world in a hospital in Dortmund, Germany.

However many things about his life were already predetermined.

8 months before, when the family found out that Noahs mother called Sabrina was pregnant it caused a huge uproar in the family. She was just about 20 years old and still had to go to school. In addition to that she has boulemic.

She fought against it for many years already but now she had a new responsibility whcih she could not shoulder. Not just her but the father of the child also thought that it was too early for a child which is why he said that he is not ready yet.

Other than the mother having boulemic, other members of the family had similar traits of depression and mental deficits. You could say that it was part of the family.

Following the situation of knowing of the child, Sabrina and the father of the yet unborn child came to the conclusion to abort the child. This however was against the idea of the mother of Sabrina who tried everything to convince her to give birth.

Sabrina had many things she had to deal with herself which is why she tried to argue back but in the end her mother somehow managed to convince her. Although she only managed to convince Sabrina and not the father of the child, who after he heart that she will give birth said that he will have nothing to do with it.

The father abandoned the family and Sabrina was left with the child alone. Though alone would be an overstatement as her parents decided to help and raise the child.

Then, 9 months later she gave birth to her first born child called Noah.

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