1 The fallen genius

Bright was born an orphan and was a student who was always the best in everything the academy taught. Mathematics, Martial Arts, Magic spells, Hunting and many more but his family had one problem in general.

The males of the Rain Family have a short life span of thirty five years.Though that has scared away many suitors, there are still some who can't let go of such an opportunity.Anything is provided to the females, resources,maids,money everything is given. It's just that after a female marries into the Rain Family, then there is no turning back. She has to marry one husband and will never marry again unless you want marriage with the King of the Netherworld.

The boys in the Rain Family are as scarce as hen teeth and any female who gives birth to a male baby is given a high rank and is highly respected. Whether the boy is stupid or a genius,it doesn't matter as long as he's a boy and can give birth.

Bright was one day a family genius treasured by everyone. The family patriarch and family branch heads always saw him as their hope and future. But all that changed one day when his martial art and magic roots were crippled during a hunt by an Epic tire beast. The great hope of the family turned into a waste.

His resources were reduced and was no longer the great genius the Black and White Country once knew. Despite having the brains, no one wanted to give a f*ck about him. One year ago,the family patriarch went on a journey to look for the legendary Life Resurrection Herb. Since then, no one has ever given him the respect he deserved. He was often bullied and his resources were reduced to almost nothing. There was always one person who was an exception to the rest of the people and always treated Bright ad her God. Her name is Dora. Ever since the departure of the Patriarch, Dora was the only person who didn't change the way she treated Bright.

Dora was brought in by Bright when she's fought her starving in the road after her mother's death.He brought her into the family and became her maid but Bright always treated her as his younger sister. Since then, Dora always treated Bright as her God.

What almost everyone doesn't know it that a few weeks shortly after the hunt was over, Hedrick unlocked something he was unaware of. An announcement rang and a screen was displayed before him.It went by the name " THE RULER SOVEREIGN SYSTEM". Though Bright was at first shocked by the discovery,he later quickly adjusted to the circumstances and learnt how the system operated.

When he asked Dora if she could she what was in front of him.She shook her head and said that she could only see him and nothing else. Looking at the innocent face of Dora, Bright discovered that only he could see it and only anybody else.

The astonishing part of the system was it could help him grow stronger without even cultivating like the rest of the people. All he needed to do was exercise out everyday and complete the daily missions given by the system.The other things was if the missions were not completed then, a punishment was given by the system.

All this seemed to be a miracle but also a second chance for Bright. When he levelled up from the beginner level and tutorial phase to level one, Bright has unlocked a feature known as an AI assistant known as Jennie.

Jennie introduced to him the way the system worked and only needed to command him through the mind.Following that Bright is now stronger than any of the family members can think.This year Bright has clocked 14 years and the Lee family has come to cancel his engagement.

The Lee family is one tier above the Rain family in Black and White Country.When Bright had proven to be an all round genius, the Lee family patriarch made an engagement with the Rain Family. The most beloved daughter and pride of the Lee family Patria was engaged to the all round genius of the Rain family, Bright making everyone speak in awe.

Unfortunately, the all round genius did not stay for long and fell down to the bottom hence the Lee family decided to cancel the engagement. Today, the Lee family came with a group of elders escorting Patria to withdraw and cancel the engagement.All this was known by Bright but did not have time for such matters. He needed to complete the system's missions before the day ended.

After waiting for half a day in the Rain family audience hall, the elders of the Lee family were annoyed by Bright's behavior. The anger was smoothed down when the elders of the Rain family sweet talked them and asked them to stay in around for a night and promised to punish Bright severely.

Following that the elders of Lee family put away their angry faces and flicked the corners of their sleeve dresses and walked to the courtyard.