Born in apocalypse

The life where Dhruv had it all – a caring family, loyal friends, and a fulfilling job. Suddenly his life took an unexpected turn for the worse, and he lost everything in his life. His family was raped and then murdered, his friends left him, and he found himself in prison for crimes he wouldn’t have even dreamed of committing. He was falsely accused of stealing from his company and then in the heat of the moment killed all his family members. He couldn’t even die in peace and was constantly getting bullied and tortured… But like everything else even his situation evolved as the ‘COSMIC EVOLUTION’ arrived on his solar system. With COSMIC EVOLUTION comes the power to evolve any and everything. Swords and Magic lays in everyone's hands as they try to clear the quest. But in this contest not everyone was equal... In this new era of evolution, Dhruv became the Chosen One. With his immense magical power, he began his journey to conquer everything there is to conquer… Ahhh! And Yes, how can he forget about getting revenge…. ……….. [Alternate Title: Born In Apocalypse With True Fusion] The novel is filled with evolution, and fusion while its worlds are filled with monsters, quests dungeons, and whatnot. Whatever you need to satisfy your addiction is all here.. so be sure to enjoy it. If you are still reading then be sure to check out... the first few chapters might appear as rough but I guarantee you it will only get better and better.

COSMIC04 · Fantasy
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Building a kingdom?

As Dhruv gazed upon the rising sun, he was filled with determination and a vision for a better world and made a solemn vow to construct a kingdom free from any trace of evil.

Dhruv wanted to build a place where he would be, the king, the ruler, and the one to pass the justice. He was going to look for his citizens but he would be the first in the priority list. 

He knew that to build this heaven…. And for a kingdom to reach heaven, its foundation has to be built in hell.

He knew it, understood it, and was ready to accept it.

He looked at the sun with his gaze… took a deep breath… Close his eyes and exhaled all the incompetence within him.

With a new resolve in his eyes, he opened his status.


Name: Dhruv

Class: Apprentice mage

Title: First blood

Magic Affinity: Metal (S), Illusion (D)

Stats: Strength Lv. 11(12), Stamina Lv. 13(14), Agility Lv. 12(13), Magic Power Lv. 57(62),

Abilities: Metal manipulation Lv.1 , Illusion manipulation LV.1

Skills: Basic mana manipulation Lv.2, Basic illusion resistance Lv.1, Minor mana absorption Lv.1, Mana bolt Lv.1

Spell: Metal arrow

Cosmic coins: 3300

<Cosmic store>

Skill point: 0


He looks at his coins and decides to invest them all in magic power, as, being a mage, it was the best stat to invest in.

But after having a second thought, he decided against it because his magic power is at level 47; for it to make it 48, he would have to invest; 48 times 50 would be... Yes, a total of 2400 CC is needed for it to increase by a single level.

And that isn't worth it at all; instead, it was a complete waste of coins. So, he decided to invest it all in stamina—for obvious reasons, of course.

[Do you want to invest all your coins in stamina]


[3010 CC has been used]

[Stamina Lv. 13 → Lv. 21]

With all the preparation done, he climbed down from the watchtower, looked at the prison entrance, and started walking toward it.

But this time, Dhruv was not the same person he once was. He was not the same innocent Dhruv anymore…. but something fundamentally different, far more dangerous, far more brutal, and far more deadly than anyone in the prison.

He enters the hall, and looks at the dead bodies of the two guards he had killed last night… Bow down to one of the guard's bodies, pick up the gun, and a full magazine from his pocket, put them under his shirts, and start walking in the same direction where these two guards came from.

After walking for a while, he heard something ahead of him. He stops. And started walking stealthily toward whatever was making the sound, not wanting to disturb or scare them.

Slowly, the sound started getting louder, and now he can clearly come to the conclusion that these sounds were coming from people talking. And to his surprise, they were talking about him.

He stops and hides behind one of the pillars, and starts listening to their conversation.


One minute earlier!

"Hey, did any of you see those two come back?" One of the men said this, with a worried look on his face.

"No, what happened?" another asked, not knowing the situation at hand.

"Well, our two subordinates, William and Chris, went to investigate a menacing laugh we heard near Section B. But it's been over 12 hours, and they haven't returned yet."

"Are you guys fucking serious? We are in the middle of this strange situation, and you heard a menacing laugh, and you thought sending two men alone was a good choice. Did they mention anything about what they were going to do or what they expected to find?"

"No, Nothing like that, but we heard multiple gunshots coming from section B"


"And, What?"

"And don't you think it would have been a good idea to go and investigate why you heard the gunshots?" the man shouts.

"We thought that, but nobody had...

The guard was about to finish his sentence, but he found himself struggling to say anything.

He started to feel his chest getting wet… Feeling that something was wrong, he raised his hand and touched his chest.

Afterward, he brought his hand in front of his face and looked at it. Looking at his hand, he didn't know what to make of this, as his hand was full of blood.

He turned to look at his fellow guardmates, wanting to ask the question, Why would his chest be covered in blood?

But the look he found on his mate's face was even more terrifying than his... He opened his mouth, wanting to say 'what', but yet again, instead of hearing his voice, he felt a stinging pain clutching his throat.

Before even knowing the reason behind his pain, all of a sudden he fell to the floor and a really strong urge to sleep clouded his mind… and he succumbed to it.

[you have killed...]



"One down, thirteen more to go," Dhruv said with a wide grin on his face.

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