Born as Gojo Satoru Cousin

Author: Andi Candra Synopsis: A mysterious entity, feeling bored, decides to transmigrate a Chinese youth into the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, equipped with a golden finger for the Transmigrator. However, the mysterious entity miscalculates, and it's the power of the Six Eyes (Rikugan)! What will happen to the unfortunate Transmigrator? Note: The main character will embark on adventures across various anime.

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Ichijo Akihiro

The atmosphere in the business class cabin was very calm.

Perhaps due to this calmness, the tense nerves of Kosaki and Haru gradually relaxed, and unknowingly, both of them fell asleep.

On the other hand, Eiji's mood always remained the same. Even though a tremendous earthquake submerged the entire city of Bonyari, he was only slightly surprised, nothing more.

There was neither joy nor sorrow in his heart.

He didn't have a deep connection to the world of Nisekoi, except for the members of the Onodera Family, who were his favorite sweets makers.

(Set a deadline of four days. After that, I'll return no matter what happens.)

Sipping caramel coffee, Eiji formulated plans in his mind.

His original goal was just to replenish his supply of sweets, not to be a savior.


"Yes, what is it, Nanako-san?"

Upon hearing his name being called, Eiji turned to see Nanako sitting beside him.

Sadness was still evident on the housewife's face. In just a short time, she became a widow and lost all her financial assets.

"No matter who you are, it doesn't change the fact that you saved me and my two daughters. Thank you so much..."

Facing him, Nanako bowed low and thanked him sincerely.

"I... I don't know how to repay this kindness... As you can see, I have nothing left... All I can do is say thank you..."

Her shoulders trembled slightly, her voice very weak, yet she refused to shed tears. Because she knew crying would only make her daughters even sadder.

"No need to thank me, Nanako-san. I saved you for myself. I don't want to lose a sweets maker like you. You know, not all sweets can satisfy me, and your creations are among my favorites."

Eiji placed his hand on her shoulder and helped Nanako straighten her back.

"Kamiki-kun... Thank you..."

Although expressionless, Nanako could feel the sincerity in his words.

Eiji did indeed like the sweets she made, and that made her happy.

Perhaps due to the effects of the suspension bridge, her heart suddenly raced after hearing those words, and she quickly turned away to hide her flushed face.


Eiji still didn't realize that his simple words of comfort had captivated the heart of a MILF. Besides, despite his very high IQ, the same couldn't be said for his EQ.

Resting his cheek on his hand, he looked out the window and saw white clouds in the blue sky.

(Now, let's prepare the explanation first.)

Anticipating the next events, he closed his eyes as if pretending to sleep so Nanako wouldn't engage him in conversation.


2 hours later.

The plane landed at Haneda International Airport.

Considering Eiji and the three women from the Onodera Family as illegal passengers, they were not allowed to disembark until all other passengers had done so.

After about 10 minutes, the flight attendant informed them that they were allowed to disembark.

After that, Eiji walked ahead as the leader, and the three women obediently followed behind him, looking nervous.

Just as they exited the plane's door, the cold winter night wind hit them.

Eiji was fine, but Nanako, Kosaki, and Haru looked cold.

"Can we borrow blankets for them?"

Forgetting about the winter temperature, Eiji asked the flight attendant to get blankets.


The flight attendant had been instructed to be polite and accommodate the requests of others.

"Thank you."

Kosaki took the blanket from the flight attendant and remembered to say thank you.

"You're welcome." Said the flight attendant with a professional smile as she distributed blankets to Nanako and Haru.

She also offered a blanket to Eiji, but he declined.

"No need. Thank you."

Seeing the three women covering themselves with blankets, Eiji descended the stairs first. He couldn't let the people below wait any longer.

"Welcome to Tokyo. I am the government-appointed representative and supervisor for you, Ichijo Akihiro. I hope we can get along."

Ichijo Akihiro was a tall man, with short hair combed back, and dressed in a business suit with a red tie.

He straightforwardly stated that he was the one in charge of supervision.

"Ichijo?! Excuse me, do you know Ichijo Raku from Bonyari City?"

Before Eiji could respond to the friendly greeting from the other party, Kosaki couldn't contain her curiosity. Even now, she was still worried about Raku's condition.

"Oh, do you know Raku? He's my nephew. Well, my relationship with the Shuei Clan isn't that good."

Akihiro admitted that he was from the Shuei Clan.

The Shuei Clan was one of the largest yakuza groups in Japan and had influence in many fields.

"Ichijo-san, do you know the current situation of Raku-kun?" Kosaki asked anxiously.

"Unfortunately, all contact with Bonyari City has been cut off. Now the government is sending the military, police, and firefighters to Bonyari City for evacuation as soon as possible. But..."

Akihiro didn't finish his sentence because he didn't hold out any hope after seeing the damage to Bonyari City.

It was safe to say that Bonyari City had vanished from the map!

In such a situation, it was estimated that none of the city's residents survived, except for the three women from the Onodera Family.

"It can't be..."

Kosaki's body went limp, and she lost her strength. Fortunately, her mother and younger sister supported her so she wouldn't fall.

"Can we talk somewhere else? Didn't you see them in such a bad condition?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Please follow me, we've prepared a hotel."

Reminded by Eiji, Akihiro led them away from the airport, with a waiting black car.

The car was escorted by dozens of other cars, and the guards were no less than those of a visiting head of state.

Eiji and the three women from the Onodera Family were in a separate car, perhaps Akihiro didn't want their conversation to be overheard.

"By the way, don't do that again."

Watching the Christmas Eve hustle and bustle in Tokyo through the car window, Eiji spoke casually.

"Excuse me, what do you mean—"

"Before, 850 meters from the airport, there was a sniper aiming at me, right? I'm sure the sniper would have shot if I showed any violence. Besides the sniper, there are 26 special forces members disguised as airport staff. Am I right?"

Taking advantage of Kosaki talking to Akihiro, Eiji observed his surroundings and determined how many people were secretly watching him.

Although the sniper was quite far from him, it wasn't a big problem in front of the Six Eyes, which were a type of supportive eyes.

"Amazing. It seems you're really not an ordinary person. I apologize for the roughness; all that is beyond my jurisdiction. It's just a precautionary protocol in case you do something extreme. I hope you can forgive it."

"I understand. Besides, even if the sniper shot, it wouldn't hurt me at all."


Seeing his indifferent expression, Akihiro didn't know if the other party was just bluffing or stating the truth.

"Oh, right. I still don't know your name."

"Kamiki Eiji, just an ordinary high school student."


Akihiro's mouth twitched upon hearing the introduction.

Is there any ordinary high school student who would remain calm when a sniper aimed a gun barrel at their head?

Suppressing the urge to complain, he sent Eiji's name to the intelligence agency to investigate his identity.

Eiji glanced at him typing something on his phone, but he didn't care.

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