2 Chapter 1: Tet's Mischief (Rework)

(A/n I've changed a few things and the wishes from previous version, I'll be trying to get 2 or 3 chapters daily to get all up to date but if not then only 1 each day and 1 of skyrim fic. Please give reviews, it will make it so the books notoriety will increase and will draw in more readers.)

Tet: "I'm bored..."

Venti: "Why? Its only been a century since you reincarnated Nero. Surely you can't be bored from watching him and Blanc at the same time?"

AOT Narator: "That's what you get for being a Shitty God."

Knight_Riku: "I agree. Ur just a Shitty Shota."

Venti: "Says the guy that has only started posting a rework of a fic that was last updated 7 MONTHS AGO!"

Knight_Riku: "We don't talk about that shit here. Why don't we talk about how I did a 1 vs 10 anti gank in For Honor as Saholin earlier today?"

AOT Narrator: "I'll pass. I don't want to here you trying to simp over yourself."

Knight_Riku: "your just jealous you can barely do a 1 vs 2 like every other player in the world."

AOT Narrator: "Oh yeah! What's your Rank in Ranked Duels?!"

Knight_Riku: "You first, you asked me."

AOT Narrator: "Masters 400 score"

Knight_Riku: "Grandmaster place 57 on PlayStation"

AOT Narrator: "You Lie!"

Knight_Riku: "Search up my old account, I'll get it for my new one. I already beat other Gandmasters in Custom matches."

*searchs up on For Honor Tracker*

AOT Narrator: "..."

Knight_Riku: "That's what I thought!"

AOT Narrator: "...I hate you..."

Knight_Riku: "Should we get back to roasting Venti?"

AOT Narrator: "Yes"

Venti: "Why do you guys try to bully us all the time? How about I play a song for everyo-"

Venti couldn't speak as he had received a bullet to the skull from both an Ace of Spades which Knight_Riku used, and a Dark Saber which AOT Narrator had uses and thrown at his heart.

Tet: "*sigh* why do you keep doing this. Just cause we all can't die doesn't mean it doesn't hurt emotionally when you kill us."

Knight_Riku: "Like I could give a Flying Fuck! When ever u spithead are here, you both keep forcing me to write more Fanfictions! I already have to do 4 at a time a week! And now your going to make another OverPowered Protagonist!"

AOT Narrator: "He's right you know."

Tet: "Okay, okay. I get what you mean. How about you give me a chance. I'll make him go to Borderlands. That way it helps you out instead of having to write that original novel your working on."

Knight_Riku: "That's...acceptable. now get going before the Trap wakes up."

AOT Narrator: "Too late."

Venti: "Uhhh. My head. Why did you guys agh!"

Knight_Riku had summoned a spectral version of Ancalgon the Black to crush Venti with its gigantic hand.

Meanwhile, AOT Narrator had conjured mire than 1 Googleplex worth of Nuklear Bombs that was compressed to the size of a single pill.

He had placed it inside of Venti's mouth before Ancalgon smashed him, triggering the pill bomb to explode.

Tet just decided to leave before he became the victim of the two.

But before he did, he decided to steal the Dark Saber from AOT Narrator and the Ace of Spades from Knight_Riku along with a few other guns from his collection.

He would give it to the reincarnated soul as a gift, so he can get some revenge on AOT Narrator and Knigh_Riku, even though Tet knew what would happen when he returns to ROB Palace.

He went by ROB Jr and grabbed a random Gamer's Soul from the Well of Souls.

He teleported to an empty reincarnation room, also called the Void, which which ROBs would commonly use to reincarnate mortals.

When he was ready he brought the soul to life and had awoken it from its unconsciousness.

Soul: "Huh, where am I?"

Tet: "Hello there."

Soul: "Shit...*sigh* out of all the Gods to reincarnate me, it had to be you. Could you not send me to your shitty game world. I don't like it. Not enough freedom."

I internally twitched when he insulted me like many others had.

Do people not like me. I'm the Gid of Games so this Gamer should be overjoyed at this meeting, kinda like Blanc was when I sent them to my world.

Tet: "Haha, don't worry. I'm sending you to the Borderlands Universe."

Soul: "Fuck! I take what I said back!"

Tet: "No take backsies. Besides, I was going to send you there any way. To help you, I'll give you 3 Wishes with your Memories intact and one Pandora Week before Roland, Lilith, Mordecai, Bloodwing and Brick arrive in Fyrestone. By the way, you can't wish for Immortality. Try to keep them fairly balenced, otherwise it would get boring to watch."

Soul: "*sigh* Okay then. Thank you for the wishes I guess. Okay these are my wishes..."

Soul: "I wish for PhaseSpaceTime as my Siren Power. Making it so i can have Spatialkinesis and Chronokinesis Manipulation."

Tet: "Granted. Although you will have to start from the beginning from the bottem and your Time abilities are more difficult to learn and are not as easy. You'll have low reserves of Siren Energy, which is like a Mana pool exclusive to only Sirens to use their Siren abilities. You can increase it over time through multiple means like repeated usage of your abilities or just passively over time."

Soul: "Okay, thank you. Next is I want is a Multiverse System that can buy anything and has a System Storage Space."

Tet: "That's fine. But more powerful the item you want to buy, the more expensive it is. As well as, more times you buy from the shop, the more expensive every item becomes overall, even for mundane things like a piece of bread can go from a few dollars all the way up to millions of dollars over time.

Soul: "That isn't fair."

Tet: "Having a System that can buy anything in the Multiverse isn't fair?"

The Soul just sighed and nodded his head at my words. Seemingly accepting them.

Soul: "Can I at least get some starting money and stuff?"

Tet: "I guess that's allowed. And had you been Reincarnated instead of Transmigrated then you would've earned billions by the time the first game's plot starts. I'll give you $10,000,000 as a bonus ontop of the few gifts I was already going to give you."

Soul: "Thank you! Now then, My Final Wish is to have a PhaseCreate Siren power."

Tet: "I know your going to try and create money to use for the System, it wont work. You need to earn real items with monetary value and not your "fake" items you make with PhaseCreate. Also its the same limitation for your first wish, you'll need to use Siren Energy to create the item you want."

Soul: "That's fine since it isn't to much of a bother for me."

Tet: "If I can ask, what do you intend to so with PhaseCreate?

Soul: "I knew you'd catch on. I plan to get the information of various races from the System Store and make a Hybrid Serum to use on myself."

Tet: "Oh, I should warn you, you can't have more than 10 different DNA, including your own Human DNA, inside your body. Your PhaseCreate will not be perfect, you need to use more energy to remove certain negatives and imperfections of whatever you create."

Soul: "Huh...what about 6, wait that would be 7 with my own Human DNA. How would 7 affect my body?"

Tet: "It depends on the race in question, you know what. When your about to do something like that, give me a call with what your going to do and I'll tell you if you can do it at that time or not, without it killing you of course."

Soul: "How would I get be able to call you?"

Tet: "With the System of course dummy!"

Soul: "(sigh) Anyway moving on, Can I travel the Multiverse with PhaseSpaceTime or with Elderblood Gene via obtaining it from the System?"

Tet: "You can either way. You can use PhaseSpace to travel the Multiverse but the PhaseTime will allow you to control what point in the timeline of the Universe you want to go to. However, you will be limited to the Borderlands verse for the lost part, but you can go to other universes but not permanently. Your life force will slip away as you limger too long in other universes as you become weaker. This is because of your Siren powers being linked to you and the Borderlands Universe. "

Soul: "Will Angel be aware of me if I suddenly pop out of nowhere in that Universe."

Tet: "It won't matter much and will just cause Jack to have Angel keep an uninterested eye on you. Although Angel will be watching you and the others constantly since you should already know the reason for her isolated life. She will especially take an interest in you if you show some of your abilities, which isnt unheard of, but is Perculiar and out of the ordinary all the same."

Soul: "Okay, last thing. I want to have the appearance that I am thinking of in my mind right now, can i also get the arkour and Corvo's masm from Dishonered? I also want to still be 19 from when I was in my past life. Also can I ask how I died?"

(Image of armour)

(Image of face appearance)

(Image of Corvo's Mask)

(A/n he will look like the images in comments when Borderlands 2 starts in 7 years at age 26. He is going to be wearing a mask/helmet most of that until 7 years pass or he meets Angel in person.)

Tet: "That is fine. Also you died from Origami Truck-Kun, you were his first victim when he gave you a paper cut on you neck. You died in your sleep."

Soul: "Well...Thank you for everything."

With that said and done, I yeeted him through a portal like any God does to reincarnated souls.



Tet: "Shit!"

I quickly placed the Ace of Spades and The Dark Saber into the Soul's Inventory, I also put a Hawkmoon I had forgotten I stole from Knight_Riku a while ago but he hadnt noticed until now.

I then made my escape back to my world to pretend watching Blanc's adventures whilst also watching Nero and the new Soul on their own adventures using my Parallel mind to watch all 4 of them.

It was at that moment two beings appeared before me.

The first was Knight_Riku who wore a Darkwraith Helmet, Artorias Chestpiece, Havel's Gauntlets, Elite Knight Leggings. This was his original appearance in Dqrk Souls 1. He was armed with a Frayed Blade and Zahkrii Do Dovahkiin in each hand, with a Rivers of Blood at his right hip, a Moonveil Katana at his left hip and a Chikage on his back along with the Mirtal Blade. He was in every definition of the word, a Dex using weeb.

The other was the AOT Narrator was wearing Batman's Godkiller Armor, armed with a Sleeper Simulent and Outbreak Prime in each hand as well, appeared before me on my chess board floor.

Tet: "Fuck!"



Knight_Riku: "MUL QAH DIIV (Stength, Armor, Wyrm)"



A sound like a *Ting* resounded from seemingly nowhere. Most likely indicating that AOT Narrator had his hax activate and granted to him.

And now it was time for Gods to battle once again.


Knight_Riku: "IMPOSSIBLE!!!"

AOT Narrator: "NANI?!?!!?"



I was overjoyed!

One of the strongest Gods of ROB Palace had come to my moment of need.

AOT Narrator: "Father of Giants! Please! Don't degrade yourself to helping this shitty God! He is not worthy of your majesty's pity."

Knight_Riku: "He's right! Lord Giantdad, please! Let's talk about this!"

Giantdad: "Tet has the Mask of the Son. He is under my protection. You will die if you touch him."

Knight_Riku: "What the Fuck!"

AOT Narrator: "That's a lie!"

I simply put my hand into my pocket dimension and pulled out the Mask of the Son, proving to their shocked faces that so long as I have the Mask of the Son, I am protected by The Legend himself, Giantdad.

AOT Narrator: "You know what this means...What we must do?"

Knight_Riku: "We must kill the Shitty God and free the Father of Giants from his deceptions."

AOT Narrator: "I wholeheartedly agree. But we aren't strong enough to face him as just the two of us."

Knight_Riku: "Don't be a p.u.s.s.y.and man up! You still have to redeem yourself for being the Narrator for a Series that has the cringiest MC (Eren Yaeger) of all time! If we slay Giantdad, the Father of Giants. We will be Infamous throughout all of ROB Palace!"



Knight_Riku: "Time to meet your match, Father of Giants!"


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