Book Transmigration: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, but Everyone Noticed Me!

Audrey woke up and found that she had transmigrated into a book. As a mediocre actress, Audrey was satisfied with her income. Even though her parents favored boys over girls, at least she could support herself. Just when she had finally saved up some money and hadn't had a chance to enjoy it, she ended up in a different world?! She didn't know if it was God's mercy or compensation, but Audrey's role in the book was a wealthy heiress. In the book, her birth mother arranged for Audrey to be married into a wealthy family, and she had to compete with her other siblings for the family inheritance. The tragic outcome was predictable. Confused by the original character's actions, Audrey decided to lay low and become a wealthy but useless person. One day, Audrey's family members noticed that she had changed. Strangely enough, they could read her thoughts on her face. Even her second brother, who had always treated her like air, could see her sarcastic comments about him. [What's with that outfit today? Does he really think he looks good?] And when he was about to give up his directing career and return to the company, he could see the words on Audrey's face. [Why fight for power? Isn't it better to do what you love and still make money? You're so foolish.] Second brother: '...That makes sense.' The eldest sister, who had always ignored the subtitles on Audrey's face, finally noticed them one day. [Is she being foolish? Is it worth marrying for power? Doesn't she have enough money of her own?] After looking at her own wealth, the eldest sister quietly rejected the arranged marriage. Later on, Audrey noticed that her pocket money was increasing. As she gazed at the jewelry her second brother and eldest sister gave her, she fell into deep thought.

Mountain Springs · Urban
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Soon, Audrey told Charlotte what had happened in the auditorium that day.

Charlotte looked surprised. "What? Becky is younger than you but is acting as your mother in the script?"

Audrey nodded.

Charlotte held back the smile on her face and said, "Why do I feel that Second Brother arranged this on purpose? Hahahaha…"

Audrey's expression changed. "That's not it… After all, the actress who played Julia's mother had something on at the last minute and left the stage. That's why Becky had the chance to fill this vacancy."

Charlotte thought about it seriously and asked, "Are you sure that Second Brother really doesn't like Becky?"

Audrey said with certainty, "That's right! When Second Brother spoke to her today, his tone wasn't very good… It wasn't even considered polite. In any case, he was very cold."

However, Charlotte said suspiciously, "Is there a possibility… that Second Brother doesn't actually think that way?"