1 Transmigrating Into A Novel

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"Yan Zhao, how dare you steal Muxue's Necklace!"

"Quickly hand over the necklace!"

Three to five girls were questioning the tall and thin teenager. They could not produce any evidence, but they had already convicted him of a crime.

At that very moment, Su Muxue's consciousness seemed to be wrapped up. She could hear sounds coming from far away, but it wasn't very realistic. Everything in front of her eyes was also hazy.

All of a sudden, her five senses returned to her. She was then able to view the situation in front of her eyes clearly and memories that did not belong to her appeared in her mind.

After briefly reviewing those memories, Su Muxue was shocked. Wasn't this the plot of a novel she had read?

In the novel, the person with the same name as her was a vicious female supporting character. Under the pampering of her family, she grew into a simple-minded, arrogant, and domineering character. First, she provoked the person who would come to be the biggest villain later on, and later, she overestimated herself, fell for the male lead, and wanted to marry him by force!

In the end, she naturally was just cannon fodder. Not only did she have to hand over her large family business, but she was even forced to jump off a building, dying a miserable death.

However, according to the point of time now, it seems that the official plot has yet to begin.

She had transmigrated to the most suitable point in time to change the ending!

Su Muxue was a bit excited, but soon, her excitement was stopped by a cold judging gaze.

The youth who was being questioned had a handsome appearance, a cold and distant temperament and he even disclosed a slight bit of gloominess.

Even though he was at a disadvantage in a situation like this, not only did his attitude not reveal the slightest bit of embarrassment. In fact, everyone's attention was focused on him. Seeing that he had shifted his gaze, they also followed him and shifted their gazes.

This was the biggest villain in the original book, Yan Zhao. He seized the Su family's assets, told the original female supporting character about the marriage of the male and female protagonist, and in the end, he personally watched the female supporting character leap off a building with his own eyes.

"I didn't take it," Yan Zhao said after looking for a while, it was as if he was defending himself, but there was never a hint of concern in his voice.

Su Muxue almost held her breath. The description of Yan Zhao from the original book kept replaying in her mind: "he has extraordinary sensitivity; he can notice even the slightest anomaly; anyone who provokes him will never have a good ending, Su Muxue being a good example of that" and so on.

Fortunately, someone beside her helped her out of the situation. "You said you didn't take it, so you really didn't take it? So what, then can Muxue's necklace fly into the air?"

"Exactly! Do you know how much that necklace is worth? Selling you isn't even enough for it!"

"Hurry up and hand it over! Otherwise, we'll call the police!"

Hearing those words, Su Muxue couldn't help but worry for them. If they knew that this person would grow to be such a villain, would they still dare to be so obnoxious?

"That's enough." Using her height advantage, Su Muxue was able to easily snatch the phone that was used to threaten him. "It's just a necklace. It's okay to lose it."

"No way, Muxue, that's your birthday present your brother brought back from France. How can you just lose it like that?"

"That's right. Master Nicks only designed this one piece in three years. You can just imagine the value of the 'Jade Bone'. We can't just let others have it so easily!"

At the same time, the inquisitive stares returned onto Su Muxue, but she was much more composed now.

"So what do you guys want to do then? If he keeps on refusing to admit it, are you going to search him?"

Su Muxue glanced at her sidekicks and raised her chin slightly. Her tone was harsh. "Who's going to do it?"

The sidekicks looked at each other and retreated back silently.

Their family backgrounds were not bad. No matter what, they were decent people. As a lady, none of them were willing to associate with a man who was fostered in someone else's home.

If this matter were to spread, their reputation would be ruined.

Su Muxue snorted and was about to leave when a girl said, "Are we just going to let this matter go just like that?"

Su Muxue looked back at them and then back at Yan Zhao. "When dealing with someone who won't shed tears until they see the coffin, shouldn't we let them see the coffin? They won't be able to deny it when I present them with the evidence!"

In the eyes of others, this was obviously Su Muxue provoking Yan Zhao unilaterally. It was no different from her usual arrogant manner.

Yan Zhao continued observing. He could feel that she was truly different, but her reckless behavior and disregard for others hadn't changed at all. So, where was the difference?

"By the way, Sui Mao left a research paper for me, he's giving it to me on Monday. I'm going home today. Are you joining me?"

Ever since Su Muxue's birthday party, it was no longer a secret that Yan Zhao was fostered by the Su Family, but inviting Yan Zhao to go home together with her was a first.

Her sidekicks felt both desperate and torn.

Mrs. Su had generously given them a lot of gifts when they occasionally went over. Yan Zhao was staying there, so he must have received more, right?

But, Su Muxue did not invite them!


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