Book Transmigration: Happy Ending With The Villain Book

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Book Transmigration: Happy Ending With The Villain

Heavenly Daughter

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Once she transmigrated, Su Muxue became a simple-minded, arrogant, and domineering female supporting character who was subjected to a villainous bigshot's torture before ending up in a miserable state. Fortunately, she transmigrated early in the plot and the story had only started not long ago. The villain was still a pitiful little nothing who lived in her house. Although the original owner of the body was bad-tempered, her family treated her exceptionally well. Since that was the case, she should not be blamed for dealing with those who harbored ill intentions toward her family first. To let her family live a better life, Su Muxue utilized all of her abilities. When she was in school, she received so many awards her hands shook from overexertion. When she reached adulthood, she invested in companies everywhere, causing her name to shoot up on the list of the richest people frequently. One day, when the wealthiest man who often ranked in front of her showed up, Su Muxue realized in shock—was this not the original villain in the book? Even so, what was going on? Why was he looking at her with such loving eyes?


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