Book of Reality

A book that can alter reality to the writer's whims is dropped upon the world. P.s. Since the Tags have been messed with this novel contains Futanari, Incest, R-18, Female Mc... that's the gist of it more may be added later.

NinthMuse · LGBT+
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6 Chs

\Six(Shopping-2)/ {Rewritten}

[Sorry for not writing recently, I have lost my creative drive for reasons unknown. Anyway, I didn't really like where the original chapter 6 went, I felt it was kind of abrupt, and it was, given that I wrote it when tired. So I have decided to rewrite this chapter for a more acceptable read {In my personal opinion}]

[Btw, I'm switching to 1st person writing as I find it far easier to write. Please inform me whether you, my readers would prefer 1st or 3rd person]


Entering the shopping centre, mom and I almost immediately became the centre of attention, and now that I think about it, it was probably a similar case in the fast-food restaurant, however, as I was in a deep conversation with mom I didn't notice that our divine beauty had gained us a lot of attention. Mom continues to move forward into the shopping centre unperturbed, it was likely due to the fact I made it so mom had always looked as beautiful and youthful as she does, that she has grown used to the looks thanks to some wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.

Shaking my head as I had somewhat expected this when I had given mom and me this level of beauty, still, it was rather jarring. I'm abruptly broken out of thought when mom tapped me on the shoulder and pointed at a set of clothes on a mannequin at a storefront.

"Those clothes are nice, don't you think?" Mom asks after bringing me out of my small trance. Looking at the clothes she had pointed out, I state in a childish tone "Yep, the style is nice, but, I don't like the colours, I prefer more blacks, whites, silver and blue or purple." I love acting childish in front of mom, it makes me feel light and fluffy inside.

"Yea, yea I know you like those colours, no need to keep reminding me, silly" Mom responds with exasperation. I knock my head to the side in a cute manner and pout causing her to giggle. Hearing her giggling brings me joy and deciding to continue with the play. Acting confused I question, "What? what are you laughing at?"

Not being able to keep up my cute face in front of my laughing mom, I start to laugh too.

Mom just smiles as we stop giggling before asking me, "Let us go in and see what other clothes they have?"

"Yeah," is all I say in return as we walk into the store and start looking around for clothes. After an hour and a half of browsing, I pick up some black cycling shorts, oversized t-shirts, shirts, leggings and skirts. Walking back to mom, I show her the clothes I have picked and she does the same before we start looking through more clothes together. After a while we walk to the cashiers carrying two full shopping bags of clothes, I quickly pull out my credit card and pay for all the clothing.

Grabbing the bags full of clothes, Mom and I leave the store after thanking the clerk and begin making our way to the underwear store.

Browsing through the particularly risque underwear, I look through them while picking up and throwing the ones I like and some I think could help me seduce mom into my basket. Once finished picking up the underwear I want, I go to find mom.

Once I find mom, we go to the changing rooms to try on our selected bras, and while a lot of the bras I had picked didn't fit me quite right, that was something that could easily be fixed once I got home.

"Mom, are you close to finishing?" I ask as I walk out of the changing room after summoning my clothes on.

"Almost, could you come in and help me with something, please?" Mom asks and I being the loving, super helpful, daughter of course agree to help her. Grinning slyly, I walk into the changing room, before asking, "Sure, what do you need?"

"I need you to help me unclasp the lower hook on my bra" Mom informs me as she shows her back.

"Alright, easy," Is all I say before grabbing the clasp and unhooking it, then I start to help her remove the bra while enjoying the view of her perfect breasts in the mirror.

"Thanks, that was the last one. Could you help me put my bra back on?" Mom asks with a slight blush, probably having seen me staring at the sight of her breasts.

Nodding, I grab her bra and help her slide on the straps before supporting her warm supple breasts to help her put on the bra properly.

After mom puts her clothes back on, we leave the changing room and make our way to the cashier, where I pay for all of it once again.

Leaving the store, we spend our time exploring some more shops, only stopping when spotting the toilets nearby, "Mom, I'm going to the toilet."

Mom just nods at me before answering, "Okay, I have been needing to go as well." With that, we make our way into the toilets and enter different stalls. As I empty my bladder a few ideas come to mind.

Summoning my book and pen, I write.

/Create a pill that removes the consumer's need to eat, drink, defecate and urinate whilst still allowing them to consume food and liquids/

/Create a pill that maintains the consumer's body in a state of completely immaculate hygiene (Inside *wink* and Outside) and make it so they constantly release a smell that is pleasant to all noses/

and upon deciding after much thought that I didn't feel satisfied as I initially had about the new colour of my hair and eyes, so I write another sentence.

/Create a pill that will: Change hair colour to Light Brown, Change eye colour to a Silver and make it so nobody notices the change/

The sentences fade away as three pills materialise into the world, I quickly grab and swallow them down, and after doing so, my body feels cleaner along with the creeping thirst I had felt now fading away as if I had something to drink. I also smell a subtle pleasant aroma waft off my body as I give myself an experimental sniff.

Leaving the bathroom stall after putting the book back in storage, I walk to the sink and wash my hands to keep up appearances, I also examine my new hair and eye colours in the mirror and feel as if they somehow suit me more, I could just give myself shapeshifting, but maybe later. Removing the thought from my head but keeping the idea I continue checking out my new beauty at different angles in the mirror, that is until mom walks out of the stall and washes her hands.

"Done admiring yourself?" Mom asks playfully while turning towards me and in return, I strike a pose and stick out my tongue mockingly.

"Yep," I say popping the p, "with beauty like ours, it is a necessity to admire and to be admired."

Mom nods and laughs at my statement as we dry our hands.

As we walk out of the toilets I notice a spilt bottle and the black liquid surrounding it on the floor, however before I could warn mom, she stands in on the puddle and her heeled foot slips. As she falls backwards she tries to stabilise herself, my heart stops and time slows, I quickly reach out to grab her and unfortunately miss, I gasp in horror and worry as she slams into the ground, the back of her head hitting the floor with a sickening crack.

"Shit, shit, shit, what the fuck." I stutter as I watch my mother's head bleed rapidly in shock. I quickly regain my bearings by slapping myself, "It's alright, it's all going be alright" I whisper to reassure myself and my mother as I summon my book

/Reverse time by a minute/

As I finish writing, the words glow and fade as the world surrounding me starts to slow and rewind to the point I was admiring myself in the mirror. As mom comes out and washes her hands she turns to me and asks worriedly, "You looking pale, are you okay?"

I take a few deep breaths, to help calm my trembling before responding to assuage her worries, "Yeah, I just feel lightheaded suddenly. Thankfully it's starting to settle now."

"Are you sure? Do you want any medicine?" She asks probably having noticed my slight trembles. "We can go home if you want?"

"No, no, I'm fine now. Let's get back to shopping" I respond in reassurance, trying to deviate from the topic. "If you're sure?" Mom asks with her worry lessening, I nod in response.

"Alright, so what..."

"Watch out for that drink on the floor" I interrupt mom to warn her of the danger as we leave the toilets. "Thanks, that's incredibly dangerous, Especially on a tiled floor like this."

"No probs and yeah," I say and mentally sigh in relief as I watch mom walk around the spill. As we walk out of the corridor leading to the toilets mom turns to me and states, "I'm going to talk to a member of staff, so you wait here for me okay."

I nod in response.

While my mother goes off, I just float around and occasionally peek into the nearby windows of shops and browse what they have on display to stave off the boredom of the wait. Not too long after I see mom come with a member of mall staff alongside her.

Walking up I stand next to mom as she directs the staff member to the spill. "Thanks for bringing this to our attention ma'am and I hope you and your daughter have a great afternoon," with that said the staff member walks back to the spill and talks to their radio.

"Let's go then. Do you want to keep shopping or are you done for today?" I turn back to mom and ponder the question, "Let's keep shopping, that's if you don't have anything in mind."

"Hmm... tell you what, let's have some dinner first and then we'll continue shopping"


After a few more hours of shopping mom and I finally leave the store with arms full of bags. I take in a deep breath of fresh air as we walk back to the car, sighing in relief as we leave the building, finally glad to be free.

Reaching the car we walk around to the back and load all our bags of assorted items into the boot. After all that is sorted, I jump into the passenger seat and glance at mom with a haunted expression as the memories come rushing back now that I'm not distracted.

Seeing mom turn towards me, I quickly school my expression not wanting mom to worry and question me. "Everything sorted?" Mom asks.

"Yep, let's go home," I respond a bit stiffly, thankfully mom doesn't notice. Seeing her turn away, I pretend to pull my book and pen out of the backpack in front of me and start writing.

/Prevent mom from experiencing any major or moderate forms of harm, including death/

The words glow before remaining on the page, allowing me to let out a massive sigh of relief, satisfied that mom now has the entirety of reality protecting her from all forms of harm and even death, even as selfish some may see it. Returning my book and pen to my soul space, I close my eyes and digest what happened earlier today, 'Hah... thank... whatever granted me this book'


After a long trip home I was carrying all of the shopping into the house as mom went about making us a cup of coffee each. The amount and quality of clothing we had bought hasn't even put a dent in my new bank balance. Mom calls saying my coffee is ready and yet as I take in the sight of my beautiful mother, the scene that had happened earlier would always replay in my mind, haunting and tormenting me.

Thanking Mom for the hot beverage, I carry it upstairs to my room and place it on my desk. I take a sip and summon my book and begin to write something that would help me with my problem.

/Create a pill that will always keep the consumer calm and removes all mental ailments, while still allowing emotions to be felt/

Taking the pill from the air after it was created, I quickly swallow it down with some coffee and instantly a sense of absolute calm overtakes me, all my turbulent emotions become smoothed out, and the small jitters stopped.