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Read ‘BOOK DELETED’ Online for Free, written by the author ViMoDu, This book is a Video Games Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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"Sign these papers and become the contracted dad to my daughter." Aurora said as she handed the papers to Aiden making him raise his eyebrows at her. Her facial features contorted with anger, and helplessness. Aurora Brown. The President of Savannah Import and Exports. Inc. Co. Her company branches located all over the world. She could settle things with a snap of her fingers. Aurora is known for her beauty brains and Bravery. The whole world knew how she built the company alone after father’s disappearance and her brother’s death. She handled the company as she raised her daughter alone as a single mother. But she is in desperate need of a guy who can be a father to her daughter. Who can love her daughter the most as she does and that is Aiden. Aiden Kelly, the Arrogant and handsome CEO of Kelly IT Groups. PVT. LTD. He was known as the nation’s most wanted husband but a mysterious person to the world. But he comes across this fiesty single mother and falls for her. Aiden curries favor with Aurora’s daughter Savannah. Savannah the little girl, who likes this handsome uncle, starts helping him to tame her mom. "Are you sure about this?" Aiden asked. "As sure as you want to make me your contracted wife." Aurora answered making Aiden sigh. "I will be your contracted wife for you and act all lovey dovey in front of this world but you need to sign these papers that says you will be the contracted dad to my daughter and will love her the most in this world. That's it. You don't have to do much. But just give her the love she deserves." Aurora said. "Alright." Aiden replied as he signed the papers. ***** Excerpt... "Can you please bend down my Jim-dandy Daddy?" The cute little girl, Savannah asked with a sarcastic smile as she continued licking her ice cream. The tall man bent to her height making him look like her slave in front of her. The little girl slapped his face with her ice cream making him stunned. If it is some other one, he would have killed them. But she is his angel. "My angel, What did I commit this time?" Aiden asked. "I asked you to puncture my mom's car tire. Not yours! Stupid dad. Can't even tame my mom!" Savannah said before climbing the car as she waited for her mother. When this handsome man asked for a lift, Aurora turned him down ruthlessly and drove away. The handsome man couldn't believe that his IQ levels are lesser than a seven-year-old kid. He stared at the disappearing car in his speechless state as he booked a cab for himself with a sigh. "I will tame your mommy, My cute little angel. Just wait and watch." Aiden said. How the two people who hate each other so much get along with each other with the fake and contracted marriage while being engaged with a cute baby? Will the little girl be succeed in getting her mommy tame by her daddy? **** Mature Content. No Rape.

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[WARNING: MATURE/R-18 CONTENT] Drowned in loneliness, emptiness, darkness. Lost in slaughter in pursuit of revenge. Longing for love, Liam dies shortly after completing his life's mission of avenging his murdered family. Once a young orphan, now the King of Assassins, hailed as the Dark Demon, the monster under the villains' beds, finally earns his rest. However, fate has a different plan for him. Due to a timely intervention, Liam is reincarnated into a magic world, born in a family surrounded by love. Struggling to balance his dark side with his identity of a child, Liam, now Arthur, swears to do everything necessary to protect his family this time. Once again, the world will feel the blade of the Demon, this time to protect what belongs to him, driven by the warmth of his new family. Follow Arthur and his beloved companions on their journey of adventure and growth to power, watch him become a Demon God who will raze the world to the ground to protect his loved ones. In a world where the strong prey on the weak, only a true monster can make them feel fear. ________________ Additional tags: Fantasy - Adventure - Action - Romance - Harem - R18 - No NTR - No Yuri - Weak to Strong - Bloodlines - Evolution - Ecchi - Smut - the taboo word with "I" and "cest" Last but not least, if you enjoy the story, leave comments, reviews, and power stones! Discord link for characters' pics and more: https://discord.gg/UQMA8XHAJR

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Reborn to Love: The Zing to My Tang

After jumping into the sea, when he opened his eyes again, he was back to his late twenties. While he was still in trance, he discovered that he hadn't gotten over his 'illness' yet. For the world, he is still the blind, tyrannical Young master who can't do anything except being cold, and ruthless. He was delighted that he got the chance to change the tragic incidents he had gone through, as he lost her. When he found out, after a few more months he'd meet her, AGAIN; he swore that this time, he'd fight with the destiny to protect her. Mantisha was a girl that everybody liked. She was brought up by her parents to her adulthood only to discover their happy family frame was just a shell, her parents were grew out of love for long. She volunteered to ask them a for divorce, took her mother to abroad, and start a new life. There she encountered someone who asked her mother's hand. When she found out he was the first love of her mom, she didn't hesitate. Not knowing it would only be the start of their misery. Later at the party: -"Hey, why are you looking at me like that! It's kind of creepy." Surrounding people gasped at her accusation. A lady said disdainfully, -"Who are you to talk with our young master Wilson like that? Don't you know, he can't see!" -"What... Who can't see? He was clearly smirking while looking at my face, after kissing me yesterday. Wait... Who's young master Wilson!" He maintained his poker face as he murmured under his breath, 'Girl, I am your DESTINY'. A few months later: His lips brushed past her earlobe. -"Let me see, where that SOB had touched you." She shuddered as his breath fanned on her neck. She stammered, -"None... Stop... That's none of your business." He sucked the flesh of her shoulder as he leaved a mark there. Then he replied domineeringly, -"Remember, in this life, you can only be mine. I'm your husband for life." This is an original novel of mine, not translated. Contact me if you want on instagram. Id:- ritz_rainshine. Join me on discord, invitation link: https://discord.gg/5AvtVmjdR6 English is not my native language, and this is my first time writing a novel. I don't have an editor either. So please be merciful. Any kind of suggestions are welcomed. It'd be appreciated if you leave a review and vote me. Would be happy with your supports. :)

Ritwika_RainShine · Urban
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