BNHA: Support Course Fem Izuku

Okay so I never saw anyone write something like this story, so I said why don't I do the job, so here we are, also I suck at description don't mind me. what if, what if female Izuku was the twin sister of Katsuki Bakugou!! But here is the twist!! She doesn't want to be a hero! She wants to be a support hero!! She always loved building things and machines!! Honestly, this story doesn't follow a particular timeline, it's just a fluffy story about Izuku and her crazy creations! If you are interested you can check it out!! Disclaimer: I do not own MHA or any characters I do own the cover and the photos I'm using though

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24 Chs

Chapter 1: Explosive Twins

Bakugou Katsuki slumped at his desk, feeling bored without his twin sister, Izuku, by his side. The class was buzzing with activity, but it all seemed dull to him. Suddenly, a knock on the door caught everyone's attention. Aizawa, the tired-looking teacher, grumbled and permitted the visitor to enter.

The door swung open, revealing a girl around their age. Her beauty and uniqueness stunned the entire class. She stood confidently, wearing a dark green tank top and a light green jacket around her waist. Short, fluffy green hair framed her face, and she sported goggles on top of her head. Her eyes, a striking crimson red, seemed to captivate everyone.

With a polite smile, she greeted Aizawa, "Hello, sensei. May I please take someone out for a little bit?"

Aizawa blinked, realizing that this girl must be from Class 1-H, the Hero Support Course. Her presence indicated that she needed to discuss a weapon or costume with someone. He nodded sleepily and returned to his nap, leaving her to proceed.

Izuku's smile grew wider as she turned her attention to the class. They stared at her with curiosity, taken aback by her presence. With her eyes searching the room, she finally found Katsuki and beamed at him. Katsuki appeared to be asleep, but Izuku knew better. He was a light sleeper.

As she approached Katsuki, a pink-skinned girl grabbed her arm and warned, "Hey, I don't know who you are, but you better be careful with Bakugou. If anyone wakes him up from his sleep, he'll blast them!"

Izuku giggled softly and assured the girl, "It's fine. He wouldn't do that to me." She then walked back to Katsuki, causing the entire class to regard her with sympathy. They anticipated the girl to face Bakugou's explosive wrath.

The girl looked at Katsuki a little before a mischievous smile appeared on her face. the girl hit Katsuki's head as she said " Wake up sleepy head!! I'm here!!"

Witnessing the scene, Aizawa grew increasingly annoyed. He realized he would have to intervene to prevent any potential violence. But to everyone's surprise, when Katsuki stood up and saw who was standing before him, his anger dissipated, and his gaze softened.

"Izu!! Why didn't you tell me you were visiting my class? I would have at least prepared a little," Katsuki said, a mix of surprise and joy in his voice.

Izuku grinned and replied, "I wanted to make it a surprise. Don't you like it?"

"Of course, dumbass! Anyway, why are you here?" Katsuki asked, his tone filled with genuine curiosity.

"Well, I wanted to test some things for you and get your opinion on them. Are you up for it?" Izuku inquired, excitement evident in her voice.

"Yeah, I'm coming," Katsuki responded eagerly.

The entire class remained frozen, their shock evident on their faces. This girl had just hit Bakugou on the head, yelled at him, and even ordered him around, yet he didn't seem angry in the slightest. The atmosphere in the room was electric with confusion and anticipation.

Kaminari couldn't contain his curiosity any longer. "Who the fuck is this girl?!" he blurted out.

Izuku turned to face him, her eyes twinkling mischievously. "Hello, nice to meet you, Class 1-A. My name is Izuku Bakugou, the twin sister of Katsuki Bakugou. It's a pleasure meeting all of you," she introduced herself, dropping a bombshell on the unsuspecting class.

izuku then started dragging Katsuki out of the classroom happily...and Katsuki didn't even complain.

The students' jaws dropped, and silence engulfed the room. The explosive twins had just taken Class 1-A by storm, and their lives would never be the same again.