17 Chapter 17

Following Homeroom, the students of Class 1-A had Math with Ectoplasm, Modern Literature with Cementoss, English with Present Mic, and most of the boys' favorite course, Modern Art History with 18+ Hero Midnight.


Name: [Nemuri Kayama]

Quirk: Somnambulist

Current Level: 25 (593,337 EXP)

Effective Level: 38


Strength: 29

Agility: 33

Vitality: 108

Intelligence: 68

Dexterity: 47

Luck: 103


As her Hero name suggested, Midnight, also known as Nemuri Kayama, was a Heroine who had embraced the more 'sensual' aspects of being a female Pro. She had long, spiky black hair, and her costume was inspired by comprised of a thin white bodysuit, a breastless black leotard, high-heeled boots, and purple stockings fastened by a garter belt. She also wore cuff-like manacles and a red eye mask, but most people didn't even notice the latter as they were too distracted by Midnight's mature, fit, and incredibly curvaceous body. Altogether, she looked more like a dominatrix than a proper Hero, complete with a red leather whip.

With UA having a policy that mandated teachers wear their costumes while teaching, Midnight's Modern Art History lessons were as riveting as they were informative. This was especially true for Izuku, but as he was currently trying to cultivate rapport with the girls in his Class, he kept his gaze from wandering even when Midnight walked right by him, her perky, tantalizingly round ass swaying in a way that 'demanded' attention...




Following Midnight's Modern Art History lesson, Class 1-A, alongside the rest of the school, had lunch from 12:30-1:30 PM. Mina extended Izuku an invitation to sit with the girls, but he politely declined since it would set a dangerous precedent. He also really needed some friends he could hit the gym or spar with, so he ended up sitting with Shoji, Ojiro, and Sato as part of a larger group of boys.

Interrupting before Izuku had a chance to quiz the gym-rat trio about their workout routines, Kirishima asked, "So, Midoriya-kun, how was your date with Ashido-san?" with a somewhat forced smile.

Continuing before Izuku could offer his response, Kirishima added, "You know, the two of us actually went to the same middle school? She always was one of the popular girls, that Ashido-san."

Though he recalled that Kirishima was often 'shipped' with Ashido in his previous life, Izuku's expression was calm as he answered, "The cafe we went to was a bust, so we mainly just walked around before parting at the station. Still, it was pretty enjoyable for my first date. We even exchanged numbers near the end."

Inserting himself into the conversation, Kaminari jokingly remarked, "You don't pull your punches, do you, Midoriya-kun? It's only the third day of school, and you're already on a first-name basis with half the girls in our Class. Save some for the rest of us, man."

Shaking his head, Izuku calmly asserted, "I haven't really done anything all that special. I mean, I'm sure everyone here can agree that the girls in our Class are amazing, right? I just voice my thoughts aloud and treat them like people instead of members of an alien species. You should give it a try."

Exhaling a sigh, Kaminari groaned, "If only it were that easy. I honestly don't know how you can say half the things you say with a straight face. Whenever I imagine myself trying it, I get literal goosebumps. Seriously, man, you're something else."

Shrugging his shoulders, Izuku asked, "What do you want me to say?" before preempting Kaminari's response by adding, "The only reason such thoughts make you cringe is because they're insincere, even in your mind. Once you successfully confess and start dating a girl you like, you'll come to find such words flow like water."

As virtually everyone at the table was listening in when Izuku spoke, a peculiar, somewhat 'pensive' atmosphere descended upon the boys of Class 1-A. Izuku's claims were more than a little the top, but there was a logic in them that was difficult to refute. There was a reason people said things like, 'You never truly understand love until you've fallen into it.'

Inadvertently representing the other boys at the table, Ojiro was about to ask Izuku how he came to be so knowledgeable when the school's siren began to blare, followed by a mechanical voice stating, "Warning. Security Level 3 has been breached. Students, please remain calm and proceed to your designated evacuation zones. I repeat-"

Ignoring the automated voice's directions, the students in the cafeteria began stampeding toward the exits as if they were fleeing for their lives. A Level 3 breach meant that villains had invaded the campus, so those from the General, Support, and Business Departments pushed, shoved, and bumped into each other as they fought to be the first to flee.

Seeing the frenzied reaction of the other students, tensions among the members of Class 1-A increased rapidly, the usually taciturn Tokoyami asking, "What should we do...?" with a bead of sweat somehow forming on his bird-like face.

Noticing that quite a few people looked toward him when Tokoyami asked his question, Izuku adopted an assuring smile and replied, "What aspiring Heroes ought to do." before rising to his feet. Fortunately, Yaoyorozu and the other girls were already coming over, so Izuku just waited for them to arrive before asking the former if she could produce a megaphone.

Without questioning Izuku's intentions, Yaoyorozu unhesitantly produced a megaphone from her exposed thigh. Upon receiving it, Izuku set the volume to max, climbed atop the lunch table, and brought the mouthpiece to his lips before shouting, "Everyone, please remain calm and mindful of your surroundings. There is a high probability this is a false alarm, so stop trying to force your way out and start helping one another! Cooperation is the key to a safe and successful evacuation!"

Though not everyone listened to Izuku's words, the situation gradually de-escalated when the rest of Class 1-A joined in. Ochaco also got Lunch Rush, the retired Hero who prepared meals for UA's staff and students, to come over. Once he, a teacher nearly every student respected, took over, the evacuation became a lot smoother...




As the Rescue Training at USJ wouldn't take place until the following day, Izuku got his first taste of a course that wasn't covered in the anime: CPR, First Aid, and AED Familiarization Training. It was a long and exceptionally boring class, but it was necessary since all Heroes needed to be CRP and AED Certified.

Once classes were finally over, Izuku was going to accompany Ochaco and Tsuyu to the station but had to change plans when Principal Nezu, once again, called him to his office. This time, however, the little mouse-bear-dog wasn't alone. With him were All Might, Aizawa, and a teacher in a bulky, astronaut-themed costume, Space Hero: Thirteen


Name: [Anan Kurose]

Quirk: Black Hole

Current Level: 20 (104,112 EXP)

Effective Level: 44


Strength: 15

Agility: 17

Vitality: 305

Intelligence: 58

Dexterity: 13

Luck: 41


Noticing Izuku's eyes moving as if he was reading something, even if it was only for a brief moment, Nezu's smile broadened as he said, "I can understand your desire to know more about the people you meet, but it isn't polite to use your Quirk on people without their permission. There is no precedent for a Quirk like yours in the history of our country, but the laws concerning telepathy and mind-reading are likely to apply."

Blinking in surprise, Izuku made a mental note to acquire some glasses or goggles for his Hero costume as he replied, "I'm sorry, Principal Nezu. It's a habit I developed during my efforts to ascertain the value of each of my attributes. I'll be more mindful from now on."

Nodding in approval, Nezu said, "That's all I ask." before shifting topics, stating, "Now, onto business. First and foremost, I wanted to commend you for your quick response during the Level 3 Security Breach. Not only did you help de-escalate the situation and guide your fellow students to safety, but according to the report from Lunch Rush, you also assisted in escorting the injured to Recovery Girl. We're not even halfway through the first week of classes, and you're already well on your way to becoming an exceptional Hero."

Adopting a smile, Izuku was about to thank Nezu for his praise but was preempted by All Might shouting, "I, too, would like to say a few words! After all, while the parties responsible are ultimately the reporters who stormed the school, this incident wouldn't have occurred if I had held a press briefing and issued an official statement!"

Following his words, All Might surprised Izuku by bowing nearly ninety degrees and exclaiming, "Please, forgive me, young Midoriya! And thank you for ensuring no one was seriously injured during today's incident!!!"

Feeling more than a little taken aback by All Might's exceptionally over-the-top response, Izuku found himself at a loss for words. If he could, he would turn around and leave right there and then. Unfortunately, he was stuck enduring the awkward tensions, a wry smile developing across his face as he gradually recovered his senses, scratched his cheek with his right index finger, and replied, "I was just doing what I ought to do..." in a faint, nearly inaudible tone.

Hearing Izuku's utterance, the seemingly perpetual smile on All Might's face flashed like he was in a Colgate commercial. He didn't say anything, but Izuku got the distinct impression he had just moved up on the list of people All Might was considering to succeed him.

Inserting himself back into the discussion, Nezu exhaled a soft chuckle before linking his 'fingers' together and saying, "I would now like to move on to the second reason I called you here. Tell me, Midoriya-kun, do you still have a feeling something bad is about to happen?"

Assuming Shigaraki had gotten his hands on Class 1-A's itinerary, Izuku didn't hesitate to nod, his expression becoming serious as he revealed, "The feeling intensified during lunch and has since grown stronger. I can't predict the exact time or date, but I'm certain an attack will occur in the very near future. Furthermore, considering the timing, I believe it's safe to assume they are targeting All Might or attempting to spite him by harming the students in his care..."

Listening to Izuku's assertions, the smile on All Might's diminished ever so slightly. He was no stranger to Villains targeting and attempting to make a name for themselves by defeating him. He feared not a one of them, but if something were to happen to the students in his care, he would spend the rest of his life enduring the shame...yet another thing he had considerable experience with...

Nodding his head in response to Izuku's words, Nezu wore a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes as he said, "Thank you for your time, Midoriya-kun. Rest easy knowing we will prepare every measure to ensure no harm befalls you or your fellow students. That being said, there is a very high probability I will call upon you in the future. I hope I do not inconvenience you too greatly by doing so."

"Please, perish the thought," replied Izuku. "Even if I weren't a student of the Department of Heroics, I would do my utmost to ensure the safety of myself and my fellow students. UA is as much a symbol of the current era as our greatest Heroes. It cannot be allowed to become a battlefield or a place where Villains can come and go as they please..."

Surprised by the severity and conviction of Izuku's statement, a peculiar light flashed across Nezu's eyes. He had been the Principal of UA since its transformation to a Hero Academy more than forty years prior. He still had a bit of life left in him, but if All Might didn't choose Izuku to succeed him, there was the possibility he could groom the boy as his own...




(A/N: Izuku about to be promoted from Vice Representative to Vice Principal...)

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