7 Chapter 5

Intelli Saiko was a smart girl, it would have been hard to be a dumb one with a literal IQ quirk after all. She knew that she was privileged. Her family was one of the richest in all Japan and her parents loved her so her situation wasn't even 'the rich girl who never knew love' shit that had been getting far too popular and giving her classmates far too dumb ideas.

As she said, she was a smart girl. So she could pick up on the tension in the house easily. Her parents had told her that they'd have a guest in a few hours and that she had to be in her best behavior in front of this guest. As they were explaining how important it was to be proper Saiko could see the small tremors in her parents' hands, the shaking of their voice and the cold sweat running down their foreheads. Whoever this guest was, he(or she) terrified her parents. And that terrified her.

Their family was strong both economically and politically due to their contributions to places like I-Island and while there had been guests who were, for a lack of better term, higher on the totem pole her parents had never looked so terrified because of them. Not even with the Japanese Prime Minister.

So what she was expecting definitely was not a young man with his white long hair in a braid in a suit and trench coat. The man looked not much older than her, maybe three years but that was it. This irritated her. Being the daughter of her parents was her biggest pride. And she was not happy about some random guy, who just turned into a man, turning them into nervous wrecks.

This man had to go.

<POV change>

Garaki was right, this girl would be trouble.

Not exactly an important one he had to work around though. At best something similar to a ant getting near his picnic basket. She was quite lucky she was cute and potentially useful. Honestly it was obvious she was planning something nasty for him and the only reason her parents did not realized it was because of how afraid of and focused on him.

The parents were pretty much how they had imagined. Saying that they were afraid of Sho would have been like saying Allmight was slightly muscular.

Though dressing like his late father might have made things slightly worse. Not that it was his fault that All for One had a very sick style. The braid that fell on his shoulder also made a very elegant image if he had to say.

He might be a villain, but he was a pretty damn good looking one and he was proud of it.

The talks with the family went well despite their terror, or maybe because of it. They agreed to create a small company for him that would mostly on young talents and help them realize their potential; be it art, music, sports, heroics and even villainy. The last option would be a secret one though. Some papers from Garaki, some promising youths to help and he would be ready to mingle with the higher class citizens of Japan.

More importantly, helping talented youths would more than likely get the attention of Hero Safety Commission. With their little test project Lady Nagant's betrayal they should realize that having only one good agent wouldn't be good in the case they snapped. So they would look for more youngsters to brainwash other than their latest pet bird. Something he had intentions to make full use of.

Though now he had to think about how to deal with Intelli Saiko. He didn't want to kill her, she was cute and smart. Sure thinking that she could get rid of him was dumb but that was a mistake born from the fact that she didn't know she literally had no chance. He could put a program into her brain with Psycho's quirk but that felt kinda too easy. He wanted to see how far he could go into manipulating her before trying something like that.

Also he wanted to practice the quirk a few times before using it on someone potentially useful, knowing how to use it didn't mean that he had no need of experience.

The talk with the family concluded and he left the building with a portal, courtesy of Kurogiri, but not before he sent a smirk at the shocked face of Saiko and her parents. A small show of power that proved that he could end them even in their own home, more intended towards Saiko rather than her parents who looked rather resigned.

Dealing with them will be very entertaining indeed.


"So how's it going?" Sho asked the old genius as he bit into his sandwich.

"Not good, out of everyone who has shown interest in our offers, only one woman is above average cannon fodder. Rest of them are either at that level or even lower. Even the woman is at best a low B rank." Garaki pinched the bridge of his nose and Sho grimaced.

It was expected though. Their offer was pretty much money and that was it. They had no face or goals so no one actually competent was showing interest. Even a low B rank was quite fortunate.

"How about the quirk research?" The heir of All for One asked, hoping the change in topic would raise the doctor's spirit.

"I think I can make someone ready to possess three quirks without side effects. Only theoretically though." The old man shrugged, not as good as he had hoped but still better than the recruitment.

This was good news for Sho as this could be used to keep actually competent people they get their hands on to stay loyal. Though he would need to find competent people for that first. He was sure his father had never had problems like this.

Wait… a smile blossomed on his face as an idea formed inside his head.

"Garaki…" he called to the doctor as he started to write on a paper he found on one of the many desks in the laboratory. "…you can stop with recruitment thing. One competent one will be enough after we make sure to erase any criminal history of hers."

"Sir?" Garaki made a confused noise as Sho gave him the paper he was working on.

"I need you to find people with listed quirks that we can make disappear without much fuss. If you can take them from different cities from each other. Also find me a quirk that can alter my appearance." He said as Garaki made confused mad scientist noises.

"A way to get useful people, easier is to give them some sort of figure to follow. It is time to take a page out of father's book." He said as Garaki understood where he was going and his bushy mustache curled upwards due to his very big smile.

"I will be playing with heroes a bit from now on."


"Hey Garaki…"

"Yes sir?" The doctor looked up from his work to his master who had a confused face.

"You created me from my father's genetic code, right?" Sho asked as Garaki nodded.

"Yes sir." Garaki confirmed with a nod.

"So why am I black?"

"Dear god, sir, you can't just ask people why you're black!"

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