Qiangu Dongfeng's situation

Qiangu Dongfeng was angry. He was the main controller of the spirit Pagoda and his authority ran deeper in the federation.

Yet he was outsmarted by a little brat. He thought he was using the brat and after he was done with him, he would dispose him.

The brat, even when he is talented than most of his men, could become a huge danger to him later. His growth is horrifying. He went from level 27 Soul Grandmaster to level 46 Soul Ancestor. He is also a two word battle armourer. Something that is impossible for even the monsters from the Shrek before level 60 Soul Emperor. His second spirit soul ability is enough to make him leap ranks.

He is... Horrifying. Horrifying indeed.

He needed to die. Fan Lin needed to die. Even Qiangu Dongfeng couldn't grasp his threat level. He was growing too fast.

Qiangu Dongfeng threatened him many times but all he got in return was his calm apathetic voice.

He wanted to use Fan Lin's weakness to attack him. There was none. Fan Lin had no friends, family, or even acquaintance or lover. There were none.

He was alone. He didn't have any weakness apart from him being weak.

Qiangu Dongfeng searched Fan Lin's whole history. There was no information on him. As if he suddenly appeared as a six year old kid. Not even DNA records.

Fan Lin was a soul beast!

He was using something to hide his aura.

Qiangu Dongfeng didn't know that it was God that arranged Fan Lin in this world. So obviously he would have no records. Not even the DNA ones as he never existed in the first place.

And if Fan Lin knew what Qiangu Dongfeng was thinking of then he would have replied that he didn't made any friends or lovers because he was afraid of people like him. People who uses family and friends as a leverage.

Even though Fan Lin didn't feel like a kid and didn't completely integrate with them. He could have become friends if he wanted to. He was not emotionless. He too felt lonely at times . A lot of times. That was also the reason he spent most of his time doing something. Be it body training in the forest, or cultivation in the boundless forest, or mecha designing or studying or anything. He always did things to keep his mind away from the loneliness.

He wasn't a control freak nor was he too full of himself. He was just afraid of getting too close to a person, causing their demise. He had already felt that feeling once and he didn't want to feel it again.

That was the main reason he reacted arrogantly and annoyingly in front of others.

Leng Yaozhu knew, that despite Qiangu Dongfeng was the one that wanted the massacre, he wasn't the one to implement it. He wasn't that type of person. He didn't have the brains to do it or she would have chosen him not Yun Ming.

He was rash and could not a make that detailed plan and if he did then he wouldn't have made so many loopholes for himself in his plans. His massacre plan felt more like a trap plan to dump the pot on him. Someone else was trying to frame him.


She didn't know. she remembered the face of that kid. Nah. He couldn't be. He was too young to be that crafty and he and Qiangu Dongfeng's relations were good.

She was the Vice President of spirit Pagoda. If Qiangu Dongfeng was forced to resign, then she would be the next President.

All the higher ups of the Spirit Pagoda knew that Qiangu Dongfeng really did helped in the massacre. Now they were trying their hardest to destroy the evidences as now the matter wasn't just about him, but the whole Spirit Pagoda's reputation.

They were relieved in a few days, the news was termed as fake by the federation but most of the bigshots knew of Qiangu Dongfeng's involvement in it.

Still his incentive to provide free spirit soul for the first spirit ring calmed the anger of the masses and they soon forgot about it.

Fan Lin made a mistake, he chose to trust the federation and his men.

Humans are greedy creatures. They always bury their principles and dreams to attain pleasures, wealth and power. His men did the same. They were just young people who had entered the society for just a few years. They were hot blooded at first but soon their will dwindled.

They also wanted the things that others were able to buy. They also had families to feed. They wanted their families to be revered by others. They chose corruption to attain this. The youths who joined the parliament to fight corruption, started doing it. Ironic isn't it.

They also didn't had any choice. They were just normal humans. They also wanted to live their lives without any care. They wanted to attain what they couldn't.

Hence, they betrayed Fan Lin and accepted Qiangu Dongfeng's offer. He provided them a lot to sell their dreams. They sold it to him. Except they forgot that the man they betrayed had killed more than they had seen. They forgot...

The world changed a lot in the next few years.

Qiangu Dongfeng still tried to kill Fan Lin. He was unsuccessful as he never went out of the Shrek Academy. Even if he did, he just teleported to somewhere and they were unable to go there before him.

He was becoming a danger in the eyes of Qiangu Dongfeng.

Qiangu Dongfeng has already started to weaken the defence of the Shrek Academy. It was a slow process. It would need even years to complete it but he would do so. He will kill both Fan Lin and Yun Ming inside the Shrek Academy.

He was preparing for many years, he will complete his plan to eradicate Shrek for once and all.

This time, he was in control of the whole situation. Fan Lin was trapped in the academy by him. Fan Lin will die in his cage.

If he survived, then Qiangu Dongfeng will use his spirit bone for his grandson.