Blue lock: The God of the field

A young Japanese player by the name of Nakada Shou is born with incredibly talent for football. He was born with the incredible gift of being ambidextrous along with the amazing ability of spacial awareness where he could feel his surrounding better than anyone. With his father blood pumping through his vein and his drive to become the best in the world, what can stop him. He is the god of the field once the ball touch his feet, What can happen when somebody with so much raw talent that may rival nagi has the Drive to actually train and get better on his soccer skill. What happen when that person get thrown into blue lock, will they thrive or will they perish and be one of those forgotten character in the background? Slight romance. Let's find out in this story. A/N I do not own any of the characters except my own. This is my third try at writing a story and as I think I have a pretty decent record of finishing my stories, I plan on doing the same with this on. If you have any criticism I am open to it and I will gladly accept it.

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The counter attack (189)

With an unyielding determination, Nakada surged forward with every ounce of his might. The Neo Egoist League field seemed to blur around him as he propelled himself toward the Barcha goal. As Nakada advanced, his eyes keenly scanned the field for an opening, a strategic move to turn the tide in the dwindling moments of the game.

In a swift and unexpected maneuver, Nakada skillfully passed the ball to Otoya, who, in turn, executed a seamless return pass back to Nakada.

The exchange was executed with a rhythmic precision that left opponents momentarily bewildered.

Seizing the opportunity, Nakada, with an audacious flair, opted for a rabona pass—a move that showcased both skill and style.

The ball curved through the air, guided by Nakada's masterful technique, as it sailed toward Bachira, who stood ready to receive it.

Bachira, displaying his own prowess, trapped the ball with the back of his foot in a move that left spectators in awe. A nearby defender, anticipating the trajectory of the ball, leaped into action to intercept, but Bachira had other plans.

In a moment of artistry, Bachira skillfully lofted the ball over the defender, the arc of its trajectory seemingly defying gravity. The Neo Egoist League field became a canvas for this exquisite display of teamwork and skill as the ball soared, leaving both teammates and opponents momentarily frozen in admiration and anticipation.

The culmination of this intricate play unfolded with an undeniable elegance, a testament to the synergy and creativity inherent in Nakada's vision and the collaborative efforts of the team.

Nakada's body echoed with fatigue, each step a battle against the invisible weight dragging him down. It felt as though an insistent chain from the ground sought to pull him to the floor, urging him to surrender to the exhaustion that clung to his limbs.

The weariness threatened to consume him, urging Nakada to yield.

However, with his eyes consumed by a profound darkness, Nakada's spirit remained unbroken.

Determination burned within him like a stubborn flame refusing to be extinguished. The internal struggle manifested in a defiant declaration, "Not yet."

His voice cut through the weariness, a rallying cry to push his body beyond its limits.

Summoning every ounce of strength, Nakada pressed on, defying the pull of fatigue and the unseen forces attempting to anchor him.

The Neo Egoist League field bore witness to this solitary struggle, a testament to Nakada's unwavering willpower as he propelled his body forward, intent on surmounting the physical and mental barriers that sought to impede his progress.

 Nakada, exhibiting a level of creativity that defied convention, initiated a play that seemed to bend the laws of physics.

He executed a rapid series of passes with his teammates, creating an illusion of multiple balls in play. As defenders struggled to discern the real trajectory of the ball, Nakada exploited the confusion, slipping past the PXG defense with ease.

As Nakada received the ball,he passed it to Bachira.

Bachira, in a display of audacious skill, executed a rabona lob that seemed to defy gravity itself. With a swift spin and a perfectly timed kick, he lofted the ball over a defender while maintaining an unconventional trajectory.

The ball arched through the air in a mesmerizing curve, leaving the opposition scrambling to comprehend the unconventional physics at play. Bachira gracefully met the descending ball, resuming the attack with an unexpected flourish.

With a smile on his face Bachira passed the ball to Nishioka who started to play some tricks using the opponent perception against them.

As he received the ball, Nishioka seemingly created mirage-like illusions of himself, each mirroring his movements when in reality he was just moving around with the ball extremely quickly.

The defenders found themselves confounded by the illusionary duplicates, unsure of which Nishioka held the real threat. With swift changes in direction and a surreal dance of illusions, Nishioka navigated through the perplexed defense, leaving a trail of bewildered opponents in his wake.

Nishioka passed the ball to Otoya who proceeded to Otoya, who with the ball at his feet, introduced an Invisible Wall Dribble. Where he used the defender as the walls as he dribble past them and using their back to boost himself.

Otoya then passed the ball back to Nishioka,who procced to move forward with the ball at his feet.

In a critical juncture of the match, Nishioka, displaying impeccable vision, spotted an opening in the defense and swiftly passed the ball to Nakada.

The pass was executed with such precision that it seemed to carry an innate understanding of Nakada's positioning and the impending threat.

Nakada, ever the maestro on the field, skillfully trapped the ball with a deft touch, momentarily holding the game's fate at his feet. However, the exertion of the match had taken a toll on Nakada's body.

As he cradled the ball, a wave of exhaustion washed over him, threatening to pull him into the abyss of unconsciousness.

In a display of sheer determination, Nakada fought against the encroaching darkness.

His body teetered on the edge of collapse, but with a resolute will, he summoned the last vestiges of strength to keep himself conscious.

Beads of sweat trickled down his face as he maintained a delicate balance between control and impending fatigue.

With unparalleled composure, Nakada managed to distance himself from the brink of unconsciousness.

Miraculously, he steadied himself and, in a split-second decision, passed the ball to Nishioka.