Blue lock: The God of the field

A young Japanese player by the name of Nakada Shou is born with incredibly talent for football. He was born with the incredible gift of being ambidextrous along with the amazing ability of spacial awareness where he could feel his surrounding better than anyone. With his father blood pumping through his vein and his drive to become the best in the world, what can stop him. He is the god of the field once the ball touch his feet, What can happen when somebody with so much raw talent that may rival nagi has the Drive to actually train and get better on his soccer skill. What happen when that person get thrown into blue lock, will they thrive or will they perish and be one of those forgotten character in the background? Slight romance. Let's find out in this story. A/N I do not own any of the characters except my own. This is my third try at writing a story and as I think I have a pretty decent record of finishing my stories, I plan on doing the same with this on. If you have any criticism I am open to it and I will gladly accept it.

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245 Chs

Snuffy defense (151)

With an otherworldly grace, Nakada moved the ball around his feet as though it were an extension of himself.

He glided past defenders like a phantom, his movements so intricate and mesmerizing that they left the viewer and his opponents in awe.

He made quick feints, leaving defenders lunging at empty space, and his ball control was impeccable. It seemed like he had a magnetic force between his foot and the ball, and no defender could get close enough to make a tackle.

Nakada's dribbles appeared almost divine in nature, making it seem as if he was a deity toying with mere mortals. His skill was so extraordinary that it left everyone wondering, "How can anyone do that?"

As Nakada approached the penalty area, he faced the final line of defense: Marck Snuffy, the mastermind behind Uber's strategy. Nakada's eyes locked onto Snuffy's, and in that moment, he could see the gears turning in Snuffy's mind.

Nakada knew he couldn't outmaneuver Snuffy with pure speed or power; he needed to rely on sheer finesse.

With the ball seemingly glued to his feet, Nakada executed an audacious array of feints and step-overs, each move executed with precision and grace.

Snuffy tracked him, but Nakada's footwork was so mesmerizing that it was challenging to predict his next move.

As Nakada got closer to Snuffy, he shifted the ball from one foot to the other with lightning speed.

In a breathtaking moment of divine skill, he executed a perfect elastico, sending the ball on a mesmerizing curve around Snuffy's outstretched leg.

Snuffy, the epitome of calculated precision, reached out to intercept the ball, but Nakada had anticipated this. With the grace of a ballet dancer, Nakada leaped over Snuffy's leg as the ball returned to him on the other side.

It was a breathtaking display of agility and quick thinking.

Nakada had now outwitted Snuffy and was racing into the penalty area, leaving a trail of baffled defenders in his wake. The crowd held its collective breath, knowing they were witnessing a moment of footballing genius.

Nakada's divine display of skill continued to unfold before the mesmerized audience. With every twist and turn, he seemed to defy the laws of physics. It was like watching a maestro composing a masterpiece on the field.

He juggled the ball with his feet, flicked it over defenders' heads, and showcased an array of mesmerizing step-overs. He danced around players with a grace that belied the intensity of the match. It was as if the ball and Nakada were engaged in an intimate dance, perfectly in sync.

Nakada's newfound skill set was on full display as he elegantly danced past Lorenzo with a sequence of mesmerizing step-overs and quick direction changes.

His movements seemed to defy the laws of physics, leaving Lorenzo reaching out for thin air as Nakada glided by. The viewers gasped in awe at the sheer beauty of his play.

With Lorenzo now in his wake, Nakada had his sights set on the Uber goal. His heart burned with determination, and his eyes blazed with an unquenchable fire. He was determined to put an end to Uber's dominance.

As he closed in on the penalty area, Nakada knew that only one obstacle remained between him and victory – Marck Snuffy. Snuffy stood there, a model of calm and calculated defense. But Nakada was ready. He felt a newfound confidence with his newfound understanding of Snuffy's strategies.

As Nakada approached the penalty area, he faced the final line of defense: Marck Snuffy, the mastermind behind Uber's strategy. Nakada's eyes locked onto Snuffy's, and in that moment, he could see the gears turning in Snuffy's mind. But Nakada wasn't just playing the game; he was playing Snuffy's strategy.


Nakada's mind was now a whirlwind of tactical awareness. He had absorbed Snuffy's strategies and adapted his playstyle accordingly. As he approached the formidable Snuffy, he was like a maestro orchestrating a complex symphony of movement.

With a quick shift of his weight, Nakada initiated a series of coordinated scissors, moving his legs at a speed that was almost impossible to track. His limbs seemed to blur with a dazzling display of precision, each feint and shift executed with the grace and accuracy of a virtuoso.

Snuffy, despite his legendary defensive skills, found himself unable to anticipate Nakada's movements. He tried to respond, but it was like trying to catch the wind.

Nakada's legs became an enigma, each motion calculated to keep Snuffy guessing.

In a flash of inspiration, Nakada saw an opening. He swiftly changed direction, leaving Snuffy off-balance and reaching for nothing but empty air. With an explosive burst of speed, Nakada surged forward, leaving Snuffy in his wake.

The crowd roared with excitement, witnessing Nakada's brilliance. It was as if he had unlocked the secret to defeating the unconquerable. The entire stadium was on its feet, stunned by the mesmerizing display of skill and strategy.

With only the goalkeeper to beat, Nakada was now on the brink of delivering the knockout blow. His eyes were locked on the goal, his focus unwavering. It was a moment of pure footballing magic.