Blue lock: The God of the field

A young Japanese player by the name of Nakada Shou is born with incredibly talent for football. He was born with the incredible gift of being ambidextrous along with the amazing ability of spacial awareness where he could feel his surrounding better than anyone. With his father blood pumping through his vein and his drive to become the best in the world, what can stop him. He is the god of the field once the ball touch his feet, What can happen when somebody with so much raw talent that may rival nagi has the Drive to actually train and get better on his soccer skill. What happen when that person get thrown into blue lock, will they thrive or will they perish and be one of those forgotten character in the background? Slight romance. Let's find out in this story. A/N I do not own any of the characters except my own. This is my third try at writing a story and as I think I have a pretty decent record of finishing my stories, I plan on doing the same with this on. If you have any criticism I am open to it and I will gladly accept it.

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Rin destroying Bachira (187)

Rin was clearly uncaring about Nakada's current weak condition, it didn't matter to him at all, his only goal was to score a goal no matter what it cost him, he would score.

As He was getting closer and closer and closer to the goal Bachira appeared infront of him getting in his way.

"This is as far as you go, Rin-chan," Bachira declared, his stance unwavering as he prepared to prevent Rin's progress.


Underestimating Bachira's capabilities or Bachira himself, Rin attempted to rush past him, confident that the Barcha player was nowhere near his level.

He was by no means wrong with his assumption as Bachira was not quite there yet.

However, to his surprise, Bachira proved to be more formidable than Rin had anticipated.

As Rin accelerated, Bachira matched his speed, refusing to be easily outmaneuvered.

The unexpected turn of events caught Rin off guard, and a brief moment of realization flickered across his face.

Rin, displaying a momentary surprise, narrowed his eyes as he attempted to rush past Bachira. "You're in my way, Bachira. Get out of it before you get crushed," Rin declared confidently, underestimating his opponent.

"Why don't you try it and see how that ends for you," Bachira said with a confident look on his face.

This annoyed the already beast like Rin who just wanted to show this pest...this insect...this bug his place.

There was only one way to show someone like Bachira his place in the food chain…it was to use Bachira's own Ginga style against him and that is what Rin did with perfect accuracy.

Rin mirrored Bachira's dance-like movements, blending agility and creativity in a seamless fusion.

Bachira, momentarily thrown off balance by Rin's unanticipated adoption of his own Jinga style, experienced a fleeting moment of confusion that soon turned to excitement.

This was fun.….very fun, this is why he joined Blue Lock to have a challenge to experience exciting and so far he was not disappointed.….

However, the transient confusion in Bachira's expression was replaced by something far more ominous. As Rin continued to dance across the field with the borrowed Jinga style, Bachira's eyes underwent a profound transformation.

Dark symbols began to swirl around his irises, creating an eerie and hypnotic effect.

Rin's adaptation of Bachira's Jinga style was a mesmerizing display of ingenuity. He weaved through the field with fluid grace, adding his own artistic flair to each step.

Rin incorporated unpredictable spins, unexpected twists, and dynamic feints, demonstrating an intuitive understanding of Bachira's style while infusing it with his own unique touch.

Bachira, his eyes still veiled in the dark symbols, regarded Rin with a newfound confidence. "This might have worked on me if you had tried it a week ago, Rin-chan," he declared, his voice carrying an eerie undertone.

"But it won't work now though," Bachira said with a smile on his face.

The symbols around his eyes seemed to pulsate, resonating with an evolved power that hinted at a profound transformation.

The clash between Rin and Bachira intensified, the air thick with tension as they engaged in a dance of skill and mysterious forces.

Rin, now armed with a blend of his own destructive creativity and Bachira's Jinga style, moved with a fluid grace that mirrored the essence of both players.

Each step, spin, and feint was executed with a precision that showcased Rin's adaptability and Bachira's innovative approach.

In a sudden shift of strategy, Rin swiftly passed the ball to Tokimitsu, who surged forward with an unparalleled burst of speed.

Not because he couldn't get past Bachira but because this would be the way he wished to destroy Bachira by beating him, in a duel in the box.

As Tokimitsu raced after the ball, an astonishing revelation unfolded — his stamina seemed boundless, an unending reservoir that defied the limits of physical exhaustion. The Neo Egoist League field became a stage for Tokimitsu's relentless charge, and it soon became apparent that no obstacle could deter him.

Rushing up the field like an unstoppable force, Tokimitsu bulldozed past any player bold enough to stand in his way. His movements were a testament to an inexhaustible wellspring of energy, leaving opponents trailing in his wake.

In a swift and unexpected turn of events, Tokimitsu executed a long, powerful pass toward the goal box. The ball sailed through the air, hurtling toward its destination with undeniable force. Rin jumped in the air followed by Bachira closely behind him.

He overpowered Bachira quite easily in the air before using Bachira's body to push himself further up as he headed the ball toward the goal using Bachira as a stepping stone to enhance his chances.

With remarkable timing and agility, the goalkeeper leaped into the air, reaching the zenith of the ball's trajectory. In a display of skill that surprised both teams and spectators alike, the goalkeeper extended a gloved hand and delivered a precise punch, diverting the ball away from its intended path.

"Dam it"

As fate would have it, the punched ball found its way to Kira, presenting him with a golden opportunity to take a shot at the goal. With a swift and decisive motion, Kira aimed for the net, unleashing a powerful kick.

The spectators held their breath, the excitement palpable as the ball hurtled toward the goal.

However, in a twist of misfortune, the ball didn't find the back of the net as intended. Instead, it struck the goalpost and ricocheted off a nearby bin, sending it careening away from the goal.

A/N I am definetly not doing Kira dirty,I am innocent