Blue lock: The God of the field

A young Japanese player by the name of Nakada Shou is born with incredibly talent for football. He was born with the incredible gift of being ambidextrous along with the amazing ability of spacial awareness where he could feel his surrounding better than anyone. With his father blood pumping through his vein and his drive to become the best in the world, what can stop him. He is the god of the field once the ball touch his feet, What can happen when somebody with so much raw talent that may rival nagi has the Drive to actually train and get better on his soccer skill. What happen when that person get thrown into blue lock, will they thrive or will they perish and be one of those forgotten character in the background? Slight romance. Let's find out in this story. A/N I do not own any of the characters except my own. This is my third try at writing a story and as I think I have a pretty decent record of finishing my stories, I plan on doing the same with this on. If you have any criticism I am open to it and I will gladly accept it.

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Pin against the wall (175)

Just as Nakada prepared to unleash another potent shot toward the goal, the ever-present Chapi, like a relentless guardian, intervened once more.

With impeccable timing, he swiftly placed his foot in the trajectory of Nakada's shot, nullifying the strike's power and course with surgical precision.

The abrupt cessation of Nakada's shot, extinguished by Chapi's defensive prowess, resonated through the air like a silent symphony.

Nakada had to admit but Chapi's tenacity and his uncanny ability to thwart his every offensive endeavor was starting to annoy him.

Yet that didn't stop it from being a pain in his goddam ass.

It was becoming increasingly harder to move around the field, no matter what he did he would always end up in that cage once more.

As Nakada and Chapi momentarily locked eyes, the unspoken battle between them continued to unfold, leaving the fans on the edge of their seats.

'I have to get rid of him somehow' Nakada said looking around the field and scanning all around him.....why the fuck was Loki stretching….


On the Pxg team bench, the atmosphere crackled with intensity as Loki, a towering figure with a physique that misrepresented his age, rose from his seat.

His dark skin exuded an air of quiet confidence, and his brown eyes seemed to harbor a depth of strategic acumen. Short black hair, meticulously styled in a buzz cut, accentuated the determined lines of his face.

As Loki stood, the muscles beneath his jersey hinted at the raw strength he brought to the game. Despite being around the same height as Isagi, Loki's bulkier frame added an imposing presence to the Pxg lineup.

His every movement suggested a player who combined his goddam speed prowess with a keen understanding of the beautiful game.

...…this was about to get 10x times harder….that was just fantastic at this point.

A hush fell over the Pxg bench as Loki spoke, his voice resonating with authority. "Guess it's time to keep him in check," he declared, his words laced with a quiet resolve.

The team, familiar with Loki's role and the fact that he was one of the few people in this team able to slow down the prodigy and with him,Chapi and Rin they would have essentially seal off the prodigy of the barcha team as Nakada couldnt keep up with all three of them.

Nakada was about to get jumped by three people and he couldn't do anything about it. They will guard him with so much precision that he will just be like a lamb to the slaughter.

For the first time since Nakada into the neo-egoist league, the dribbling mind does not work, brute forcing it through wouldn't work either.

That, however, didn't mean he wouldn't try to do it.

The anticipation in the stadium heightened as the formidable attacker prepared to enter the fray, ready to impose his will on the game and bring a new dimension to Pxg's attacking and defensive strategy.

With Loki's arrival, the dynamics of the match promised to shift once again. 

Nakada was about to be in a lot more trouble....a lot more.

As the anticipation built for Loki's entrance, his teammates and the opposing Barcha players were well aware of the impending shift in dynamics.

Loki, a speedster in the ranks of Pxg, was poised to bring his unique style of play to the forefront.

As Nakada geared up for his offensive assault, the stage was set for the speedster to make his mark.

Loki's style, akin to a whirlwind on the pitch, involved rapid sprints, sudden changes in direction, and a keen sense of timing.

His ability to accelerate from a standstill could catch even the most seasoned defenders off guard. As he readied himself to join the fray, Loki's eyes glinted with determination, ready to unleash his speed and skill against Nakada's relentless attacks.

The impending clash between Nakada and Loki promised to be a thrilling showcase of contrasting styles—Nakada's finesse against Loki's sheer speed.

The narrative of the match, already rich with drama, was about to embrace a new chapter, written in the swift and decisive movements of Pxg's speedster extraordinaire.


As Nakada attempted to navigate through the defensive wall, embodied by the unwavering presence of Chapi, the intensity on the field reached a crescendo. Chapi, displaying a resolute determination, mirrored Nakada's every move with unyielding focus.

"Get out the way," Nakada said bluntly to which Chapi smiled before saying "No can't do"

The Pxg team, sensing an opportunity to close in, rallied around the duo, creating a formidable blockade that seemed insurmountable. Nakada, despite his skillful dribbling, found himself on the verge of losing possession multiple times.

Chapi's tenacity, coupled with the looming threat of Pxg reinforcements, added a layer of complexity to Nakada's attempts to break free.

In the relentless struggle for control, Nakada and Chapi engaged in a dance of skill and perseverance. The ball, a coveted prize, seemed to teeter on the brink of changing allegiance with each feint, turn, and maneuver.

The tension in the air was palpable as both players exerted themselves to the fullest, each driven by the desire to dictate the course of the match.

As the seconds ticked away, Nakada's path to the goal became increasingly obstructed. The Pxg team's synchronized movements and Chapi's unwavering defense created an intricate web that seemed almost impossible to unravel.

The impending clash between Nakada and Loki, who stood ready on the sidelines, promised to add another layer of complexity to this high-stakes footballing drama. The outcome of this skirmish could very well shape the trajectory of the entire match.

As Nakada, faced with the mounting pressure, decided to take matters into his own hands, he unleashed a powerful shot toward the goal.

He would rather shoot the ball than lose it, he was close enough to the goal and he didn't have to worry about which leg to use to shoot the ball, he was ambidextrous after all.

The ball soared through the air with a velocity that seemed destined to find the back of the net.

However, the Pxg goalkeeper, displaying incredible reflexes and agility, sprang into action.

With lightning-fast movements, he launched himself toward the trajectory of the ball, stretching his body to its limits.

The stadium held its collective breath as the goalkeeper, defying the odds, managed to make an extraordinary save.


A/N Yep you read this right, a blue lock goalkeeper that not named Gagamaru made a save.