5 5. Whitebeard, Enough Is Enough! !

Moby Dick is aboard.

Everyone's eyes widened, and they looked at the woman in the fiery red windbreaker.

Everyone with the Whitebeard Pirates didn't react for a while.

Since this person appeared, he has always been a bad person.

It even injured Marco and Jozi consecutively.

And what did this person just say?

Let Ace, quit the Whitebeard Pirates?

What a joke!

Ace is their brother; did you just say quit and quit?

At this time.

Even Marco and Jozy were killed by Natalia.

They are well aware of Natalia's terrifying strength.

But the opponent asked Ace to quit the Whitebeard Pirates.

They will never agree to this!

Everyone in the Whitebeard Pirates turned to Whitebeard with righteous indignation on their faces.

They knew this time.

Only Whitebeard can respond.

And their father, Whitebeard, naturally did not disappoint.

Looking at the woman in red, Whitebeard's eyes sank.

"Little devil, what did you say?"

The air suddenly turned cold.

Now, on Whitebeard

A chill spread out.

That was Whitebeard's killing intent.

He was moved.

Just when Natalia shot at Marco and Jozi.

Whitebeard wasn't angry yet.

After all, Natalia instinctively killed Marko and Joz in seconds.

But she kept her hand, which showed that her intention to come was not necessarily malicious.

can now.

Natalia asked Ace to quit the Whitebeard Pirates.

Doesn't this mean that the Whitebeard Pirates are not allowed to rescue Ace?

On this point, Whitebeard does not agree.

Looking at Natalia, Whitebeard's tone was cold.

"Little ghost, do you dare to repeat what you just said?"

"Although you are a woman, Laozi will guarantee it."

"I will kill you today!"

Whitebeard's tone was icy cold.


Marco and the other captains couldn't help but feel solemn.

they know.

Dad is really angry now.

Anger like never before.

If it weren't for the fact that the other party was a young woman.

Whitebeard had already started.

But under the eyes of everyone in the Whitebeard Pirates

Natalia suddenly smiled.

She raised her eyes slowly and calmly looked at Whitebeard, who was more than six meters tall.

"Why, if Ace doesn't quit the Whitebeard Pirates?"

"You, Whitebeard, can you guard him?"

"It's ridiculous. You can't even save his life. What qualifications do you have to be his father?"

"Not to mention..."

Natalia stopped short at this point.

She came here to inform the Whitebeard Pirates according to Chu Xia's order.

The Portgas family is fully prepared and will go to rescue Ace on the top battlefield at that time.

Sending Natalia here is a way to communicate with Whitebeard in advance.


Natalia is the eldest daughter of the Portgas family.

Coupled with his talent, Ryjin Jakka

Natalia is proud by nature.

in her eyes.

Except for Dad and family, everything else is rubbish.

Four Emperors of the Sea, Seven Warlords of the Sea, Marine, World Government, and more

These are nothing more than mediocre in her eyes.

in short.

Natalia is a very lonely person.

even a little conceited.

But because of her powerful strength.

No one dared say anything to her.

Chu Xia didn't stop it either.

After all, Natalia is pregnant with Ryjin Jakka and has reached the level of Shikai.

In this world, except for encountering some old monsters, she can walk sideways.

Therefore, Natalia had such an arrogant character long ago.

She didn't back down, even from Whitebeard.

At the same time in Natalia's heart.

She thought arrogantly.

Whitebeard is a district of the Four Emperors.

Although known as the world's strongest man,

But what qualifications do I need to be Ace's father?

Ace's father—isn't that taking advantage of his father?

That's why she said the words to let Ace quit the Whitebeard Pirates.

And at this time.

Whitebeard, who thought that Natalia was not kind and told them not to save Ace, was also a little confused.

Around them, Marco and the other captains looked at each other after listening to Natalia's words.

From what this woman meant, it didn't seem like she was trying to harm Ace.

It seemed that those words meant blaming them for not protecting Ace well.

What's going on?

Marco and the other captains were in a daze.

The tall Whitebeard Humu is also Yi Ning.

He heard what Natalia said.

And what's the meaning of the last half of the sentence?

Whitebeard frowned.

Unable to figure it out, he asked directly.

"Little devil, whether my Whitebeard pirates can save Ace from Marine, it should have nothing to do with you, right?"

"After all, Ace is Laozi's son!"

"Even if Laozi is smashed to pieces, he will surely save him from the Marine!"

Between Whitebeard's openings was boldness.

This made Natalia look sideways.

But when I heard Whitebeard say "Ace is his son".

Natalia frowned.

"Whitebeard, enough of you!"

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