Bloodline Evolution System: Reign of the Dragon Snake

Betrayed by her entire family, Tang Yue, the seventh princess of the snake clan, was betrothed to the tyrannical Elven prince, who is known for his blood lust and cold-blooded murders. He is even rumored to have killed several concubines mercilessly. Deemed as a piece of useless baggage and now tossed aside as a political chip, Tang Yue braved herself for the new torturous life that awaited her. As if this was not enough, someone mysteriously poisoned her in the betrothal ceremony. But akin to a slap in the face, that poison actually turned around Tang Yue’s pathetic life!! Poisonous fruits? Sure give me some. I need to snack anyways. Deadly toxin? Sure. My throat is a bit parched. Heh. Now you want to actually cut me down? Sure. You just have to slash past this thick skin! The lowly beast that had invoked its innate ability to evolve silently resolved to conquer the heavens. And of course, she had a master... ahem... system to help her along the way! ....................... Instagram: yolohy_webnovel Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/yolohy Discord: https://discord.gg/5CvPuX6M88

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Unexpected gains? Part1


Name: Tang Yue

Level 1 (0/400)

Species: Blue venomous serpent

Grade: Spirit beast


Body constitution: Bronze mortal body

Poison resistance: Level 11

Heat resistance: Level 6

Cold resistance: Level 6

Lightning resistance: Level 8

Agility: Level 1

Strength: Level 1



Health points: 20/20

Health regeneration: 0.1hp/hr

Mana points: 2/20

Mana regeneration: 0.001mp/hr



Phoenix (High-grade): 0.001%

Storm dragon (Epic-grade): 0.0001%



Illusion magic (Locked)

[Evolution] - Passive skill, Able to constantly improve and upgrade the body

[Venomous bite] - Active skill, Level 11, Toxicity depends on the poison resistance of the body

[Venom spit] - Active skill, Level 11, Toxicity depends on the poison resistance of the body

[Armor] - Passive skill, Body is enveloped in a thick protective layer

[Lesser regeneration] - Passive skill, Able to regenerate and recover completely over a period of time, provided vital organs are unharmed.


Tang Yue grinned from cheek to cheek.

Though her illusion magic was still locked, her mana stats were finally unlocked, which could mean only one thing!

"YASSSS!" The little snake almost jumped up in joy.

Her meridians had finally been healed or at least starting to heal. So she can now begin to cultivate like every other Tom, Dick, and Harry in her clan!

Just how many hardships had she faced because of this one tiny misfortune?

Life was truly unfair to a weakling! But she was not a weakling any longer. Tang Yue felt truly exhilarated.

A treacherous path of cultivation and hard work awaited her... and that's exactly what she wanted.

Tang Yue's glistening eyes moved on from her unlocked mana stats to other details.

Everything looked awesome. Her new and improved stats were just too amazing!!

This unique evolution ability of hers was definitely her ticket to power and strength.

Her health had doubled, and she had even gained new passive skills, lesser regeneration, and armor.

This must all be thanks to the chubby little reptiles that she had gobbled up one after the other.

They might be famous for their unique thick poisonous skin, but their flesh was also very nutritious and contained high regenerative properties.

The little fatsos sometimes could even regenerate whole limbs at times.

Tang Yue could only guess that the salamander's bloodline carried this unique regeneration ability and when she ended up absorbing and assimilating that bloodline into her own, she gained its special ability as well.

Moreover, the animal was even kind enough to boost her poison resistance and venom toxicity.

Maybe with her upgraded poison resistance and toxicity of her venom, these skills might actually end up being useful.

Tang Yue was excited. There were so many new avenues to improve her strength. She was not a weak helpless little girl anymore.

"He He... Just wait for me dad, your precious daughter will put on a good show for you!" Tang Yue sneered and relaxed her tensed muscles.

She retreated back to the dark corner of the cave and silently coiled herself back into a bundle.

Her meridians were not yet fully healed.

Based on the description of the skill, Tang Yue could only roughly guess that the process might take her quite a few days.

So she wanted to wait in the safety of the cave, while they were being repaired.

Though she could already feel the energizing mana swirling around her...

With every breath she inhaled, mana permeated her tired and hungry body.

Tang Yue couldn't help but be awed by the regeneration ability.

It was a lesser regeneration ability that she had gained from a mere common grade beast, but even so, right now, this small insignificant ability was saving her life.

Tang Yue's crippled meridians had always been a mystery. When she was born, she didn't have this deformity.

She could even vaguely remember being the pride and joy of her father and mother once upon a time.

But everything changed the night when her mother cryptically disappeared.

The entire clan searched for her mother for years thinking maybe she was kidnapped or murdered, but in the end because of certain people her mother was labeled as a traitor and thief, and long forgotten.

Tang Yue was still a small child when all this happened, so she didn't remember much from the incident.

All she remembered was pain, and the next day the royal physician had diagnosed her crippled meridians.

He had declared that they were completely crushed beyond recovery and that only a heaven-grade body tempering pill might probably help her now, that too extremely unlikely.

But how could the poor and inept serpentine clan afford something like that?

So Tang Yue could only broken-heartedly accept her miserable fate and live like a slave. Well, not anymore.

Tang Yue closed her emerald eyes and flickered her forked tongue in and out, as she slowly and steadily absorbed the mana around her.

Though it was in a very small quantity, it was still a pleasant and warm sensation that cradled her body.

She enjoyed this new experience and patiently waited for her meridians to full heal.

Days quickly passed and Tang Yue calmly cultivated in silence.

Her somber eyes only opened when she sensed a sudden increase in the mana invading her body.

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