Bloodline Devouring System- Emperor's Path

In the mystical land of the Eclipse World, an unfortunate soul named Raven is born, bearing the dubious distinction of being the 66th Prince of a vast Empire. Yet, his destiny takes a cruel turn as he is inexplicably shunned for lacking even a whisper of any elemental affinity. Cast out from the grandeur of his birthright, Raven stands at the precipice of an uncertain future. Will he, against all odds, face the treacherous challenges laid before him and ascend to the position of Emperor, defying the very forces that sought to kill him? Or will he give in to the storm of political chaos, caught up in the complex power struggles as people compete for important positions? [Cover Pic. Credit: Paras Kumar.]

Ak02 · Fantasy
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56 Chs


Chapter 17: Alchemist

August 3rd, Year 1412.

It was around 6 P.M.

It had been almost two years since Raven started learning Basic Alchemy. Thanks to his [Instant Memorize] skill, he finally finished reading the 588th book and left the 'Memory Library' with an exhausted expression.

"Zera, I finished reading all books before the end of the second year. So, what should I do next?" He asked.

[Now, it's time to reveal you being an 'Alchemist' to Shirley and Athena tonight.] Zera dropped the bomb suddenly, causing him to almost shout in shock.

"What do you mean revealing my identity as an Alchemist? Will they believe me? And how much should I tell? Can I tell them about you now?" Raven asked multiple questions.

[No! You've to tell them you have been accepted as a student by an 'Alchemist' Wizard. To convince them, you can tell that the book you gave Athena as a present was a gift from your Teacher.] Zera said calmly.

"But I don't have a teacher, though. Who should I tell? If I end up telling a random person name, it might bite me back one day."

[Charles Nightwind. Tell them that your Teacher's name is Charles Nightwind. Although I don't know how much time has passed, that person must have already far surpassed the realm of Archmage and become a true Taboo Existence. And he is a legendary figure in another world. Also, the more you say his name, the higher the chance of him taking notice of you in the future and coming to see you.]

"Who is he? Wait, is he the one I saw in those memories?" Raven couldn't help but get more curious.

[No. The one you saw in those memories is Charles's Teacher. The relationship between those two is complicated, so let's stop that discussion for now. If you don't want your family members not to push themselves too hard, it's better to reveal you are an Alchemist right now. Also, you can give the Extraordinary Sword technique you copied a few months ago to both.] Zera added.

Although Raven didn't understand what she was thinking, he was sure of one thing. The person within his head had no intention of harming his family or himself. So, he decided to trust her completely.

He took a deep breath, absorbing the weight of the decision he was about to make. The sun had already set, and the soft glow of twilight seeped into the room through the window.

"Alright, I'll trust you, Zera. I'll tell them tonight," Raven said with determination and walked out of bed.

Zera nodded approvingly.


As Raven made his way to the living room, where Athena and Shirley were discussing something in hushed tones, he felt a mix of anticipation and nervousness. How would they react? Would they believe him? These questions swirled in his mind, but he pushed them aside, focusing on the task.

He entered the room, and Athena and Shirley looked at him, curious. Athena, with her long hair tied in a ponytail, and Shirley, with her sharp eyes, stared at him expectantly.

"Is something the matter, Raven?" Athena asked, her voice gentle.

Raven hesitated for a moment and took a deep breath. "There's something important I need to tell you both," he began, and the room fell silent.

Raven shared the story Zera had instructed him to tell—the tale of being accepted as a student by a Wizard named Charles Nightwind. He also said that the Knight Technique book was a gift for Athena from his Teacher.

Athena and Shirley listened intently, their expressions shifting between surprise and disbelief. It wasn't every day that their kid claimed to have a connection with an Alchemist Wizard.

After finishing his story, Raven took a moment before continuing. "And there's more. I've been learning the basics of Alchemy for the past two years." He paused, letting the revelation sink in.

Shirley narrowed her eyes. "Alchemy? Do you mean the mystical art of potion-making only known by wizards? But you didn't have any affinity-" She abruptly paused as she recalled all the strange questions Raven asked them occasionally and fell into confusion.

"Still, aren't you always with us? How did you meet your Teacher? It's really hard to believe your words." Athena felt baffled inside.

"But his words actually make sense too, Athena. You should've already understood that the Knight Technique you are practicing has already far surpassed the common Techniques in terms of quality. Not only that, but haven't you seen something strange about Raven's behaviors recently? By normal logic, he should be acting like a 7 years-old child. But for the past two years, I felt like he is becoming more matured day by day. I now feel like I'm talking to a 15 years old kid. If these aren't a Wizard's doing, there is no other explanation." Shirley interjected and soon turned her attention to him.

"Can we meet your Teacher, Raven?"

Raven shook his head firmly and spoke.

"My Teacher won't like getting involved in the mortal's matter. The only thing he will do is help me with his knowledge." He paused as he noticed that both had already been frozen in shock by the abrupt news and decided to add one more.

"And he also said that if we don't do something to heal my broken soul, I will die in five years."

His words instantly caused Athena and Shirley to go pale.

"Oh my god!!!" "God is indeed a Crazy bastard!!!!!!" Athena almost screamed.

"Argh! Why do I have to hear those words from Raven himself?! What did I do wrong in the past?" Athena instantly broke into tears and hugged him tightly.

Even Shirley also put both hands on her head and looked like she had lost all her hopes.

[Haa, I didn't expect them to break down so quickly. Kid, tell them there is a way.] Zera instructed him within his mind.

"D-Don't cry, sister." Raven also started to cry and then added with a sob.

"M-My teacher said there is a way for me to live longer."

"Your teacher has a way?" Shirley instantly looked up and asked in seriousness.

Raven nodded his head and continued.

"First is to make a Life Potion to extend my lifespan. But the materials to concoct a 'Life Potion' are hard to get even in big cities. So, it's almost impossible to gather all the materials. That's why he suggested another option." In truth, Life Potions doesn't have the power to heal his soul. The best it could do was help him increase his body stamina and make him look healthier.

Although it could help him extend his lifespan, it would be at most 2 or 3 years.

But he doesn't have any plan on telling her that.

"Another option?" Athena also finally stopped crying and asked stiffly.

"It is to concoct other 'Low-Rank Potions' and sell them for a good price. Once we get enough money, we can get materials from Royal Capital using gold coins and start making potions ourselves. But before that, I need to check the magical herbs available in the local black market. I also need some basic alchemy utensils." Raven's words made Shirley brighten up instantly.

"Hmm, low-grade potions like 'Knight's Stamina Potion' sell in the market for around 5 to 6 coins. Although they would only buy from us at a half the rate, it's still a good method to earn more money in the shortest span of time." Shirley said with a thoughtful look on her face.

"Umm, I think you have misunderstood something, Aunt Shirley. Actually, the 'Knight's Stamina Potion' you guys brought in the market is basically comes under mortal rank potions. For example, the basic selling price of the 'Life Potion' and all other Low Rank potions I'm going to concoct should be more than 100 Gold coins. If my potion has highest purity with no side effects, its selling price should go to more than 300 Gold coins." Raven's words made Shirley and Athena freeze in shock.

"You aren't playing with us, right?" Athena still gave him a suspicious look and felt conflicted inside.

"Whether he can concoct a potion or not, we can only find out sooner. But if what Raven said is true, we might need to act more carefully. We shouldn't show our real identity and sell his potion recklessly." Shirley said in a severe tone.

"But I'm already an Elite Knight, Aunt. As long as I use all my three skills, I can even take a blow of a Rank Radiant Knight."

"Don't be a delusional child, Athena. The world you are seeing is far more mysterious and dangerous than you think. Also, Walkers aren't the only problem when it comes to dealing with potions. We know nothing about the world of Wizards. So, we can't recklessly jump in and announce our presence to everyone. We are still not powerful enough to even make a deal with any auction house. If we go now with the potion Raven will be making, we might get captured by Wizard or something and put into some experiment."

[Your Aunt always amazes me, Raven. Even though she has already become an Elite Knight, she knows her limit and never gets arrogant. On the other hand, your sister thinks her Knight Technique is more potent than the rest just because it contains some profound knowledge and acts a little arrogant.]

'Wait. I forgot to give the sword techniques.'

Only then did he realize he had forgotten the most crucial thing and soon added.

"Please wait. Teacher also gave you guys a second gift." Saying so, he turned around and started running to the bedroom.