Bloodline Devouring System- Emperor's Path

Author: Ak02
Ongoing · 80.6K Views
  • 56 Chs
  • 4.9
    12 ratings
  • NO.200+

What is Bloodline Devouring System- Emperor's Path

Read ‘Bloodline Devouring System- Emperor's Path’ Online for Free, written by the author Ak02, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: In the mystical land of the Eclipse World, an unfortunate soul named Raven is born, bearing the dubious distinction of b...


In the mystical land of the Eclipse World, an unfortunate soul named Raven is born, bearing the dubious distinction of being the 66th Prince of a vast Empire. Yet, his destiny takes a cruel turn as he is inexplicably shunned for lacking even a whisper of any elemental affinity. Cast out from the grandeur of his birthright, Raven stands at the precipice of an uncertain future. Will he, against all odds, face the treacherous challenges laid before him and ascend to the position of Emperor, defying the very forces that sought to kill him? Or will he give in to the storm of political chaos, caught up in the complex power struggles as people compete for important positions? [Cover Pic. Credit: Paras Kumar.]

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DAVID is your avarage introvert univercity student who liked to watch anime, read comics, novels, play games and watch movies, one day after completing his favourite game franchise latest addition. [GOD OF WAR: RAGNARÖK] He went to sleep being confident and proud of himself for completing the new GOD OF WAR game in just one day, without even preparing for the exam that was literally next day, but after going to sleep and waking up in the morning (when his alarm rang) but the only difference here was that when he woke he was not in his room but in white room which seemed to stretch literally infinity and beyond, with a mind bogalingly strange and luxurious chair in the middle of it all up side down, but most strange thing was that someone was sitting on it and was reading a newspaper???, at the moment DAVID could utter only three words "'WHAT THE FUC-"' [MARVEL IS NOT MINE, AND MOST CHARECTER AND STORY'S IN THIS NOVEL ARE NOT MINE OTHER THAN SOME] (This is my first time writing a fanfiction please bear with me, and My exams are coming soon uploading may stop for while and I am extremely sorry for that) (Many new OCs will be added as the story progresses and the new novel's come, new oc will added to every single tier) (This new fandom cosmology is created by me and me alone, and every character in cosmology is from there original counterparts) (it a mish-mash of many thing most you can find in god's and demons wiki page)(And for others well I will inform you)

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My Heart Hates Me

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Shameless Author here! Here are few questions and answers for readers: Question 1: Is there a System? : Of course, yes Q2: Is there a Romance? : Maybe possible Q3: Is there a Harem? Answer: No!!! Q4: How does the story goes? Not a lone wolf story for sure Q5: Which Era does this story take place?: Not a Medieval Fantasy but more like a mixture of Medieval and Victorian Era. Q6: Is it a Sequel of Fire Mage? Yes, it's a part of AK's Universe. But same like RoA and Fire Mage, there won't be much interactions between two stories. Q7: Why are you stop writing the other novels and starting a new one? : Hmm, how should I say this. Main reason is because I'm not getting much revenue from the other two novels. Sad truth and only I'm to be blame for being lazy. And the other reason is because I'm planning on writing another two novels in the same universe and doing a crossover volume at much later date. But we can't do crossover in the beginning, right? So, I have to at least write all the five novels, let the MCs Rank up to maybe around Rank-8, and then do the crossover. Due to that, I can't finish any novel until that crossover moment is over. Alas, after that crossover, each story will progress in different direction like before. But of course, there will be some big major changes in all five novels too. Any more Questions? Ask below in the comment sections, I'll try to answer all.


It's well written and easy to follow. With stable updates and what looks like a very interesting world to explore. The beginning might be a bit explanation heavy but that's sorta necessary to introduce us to the world. Keep up the good work.


I'll give it to you author, the world background has a steady foundation, and the characters are a bit generic but nonetheless good, but the strongest point I believe comes from the story's plot development which is pretty smooth and yeah, I guess the main character really is unfortunate.thanks for the good read Author, continue because you have my interest, so I wish to see more


Kudos to the author for crafting a world with such a solid foundation. While the characters may lean towards the conventional side, they are undoubtedly well-developed. The real strength of the story, however, lies in its smoothly unfolding plot. Indeed, the main character's journey, marked by misfortune, adds a compelling depth to the narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and the well-balanced exposition at the start, which made the story easy to follow. The main character's journey is so intriguing that I find myself eagerly turning page after page. Keep up the great work, Author – you've certainly captured my interest and I'm excited to see where this story goes next!


A great read. Your writing is too good. I also like the world building and how the story is progressing. Thank you for the hard work author. Keep up the good work.


Great writer as always, has some proofreading to make, but nothing that takes away the reading experience. It got me hooked since it seems we got an ANCIENT friend here... From an accessory of one... tô a prospect of king ... I hope the story develops as well as Fire Mage, since the plot there is absolutely fabulous!!! Please, dear author, stop being shameless and lazy and give me what I've been waiting for, for at least 2 years! Hope you keep doing the great work and stay healthy and productive 🫰


I really enjoyed the writing style of this book and the perfect amount of information given at the beginning to understand easily through the story. I think the journey of the main character will take such an interesting turn that I can’t stop reading the pages!


Hello, I've created a platform for authors and would love for you to join. There is a 70% compensation for authors from all revenue and a contest at my webpage -> (Ze nithnovels), along with a discord at the bottom of the webpage. I hope to see you there!


it's a good ml system novel, I find very few like this one. really like the storyline. do post more.


Good Read!


The story is great and all, but it could use work. And hoping to see the author bring out its potential throughout the episodes he will have. Most importantly I wish for the author to use a better Cover for this book because a good cover will surely hook readers and their interests.


The book struggles a bit with some generic characters, which makes the depth of the story a bit empty, although with some solid world-building.


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