Bloodline || Jujutsu kaisen

Our protagonist got transmigrated into jujutsu kaisen as Noritosh Kamo. What is his plan after finding out? Manga spoilers I decided to write a JJK fic since there are not a lot of them here. I'm not new to writing fics as this is my third time writing one the other two were on Wattpad one of them was also a JJK fic that got over 20k views. Don’t expect a daily update as I have a life & stuff to do. Also this fanfic is for fun. Any artwork nor images used in this story don’t belong to me. Jujutsu kaisen & characters belong to Gege Akutami

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32 Chs

Work been kicking my ass

There's really nun else 2 add fr fr. Idk when ima update but stay tune, I guess um yea.