1290 War Time: Higher Existences fall from the sky & Heavenly Wolf Howls! (Part 5)


"That's the Bloody Succubus Lilith..."

"Lilith really came!"

"Of course she came, you dumbass! No matter what the Bloody Succubus is part of our Demonic Army at the end of the day."

"I wonder if His Majesty Lucifer will punish her..."

"Punish her? Hmph! From my point of view, she should be rewarded instead!"

"That's right! It was she who despite being a Sixth Order soul evolver killed that damned Seventh Order fire pigeon!"


As Lilith followed Fire Sorrow through the long, labyrinthine corridors of the castle on top of the Demon King Mountain, thousands of eyes secretly or directly looked at her after she passed them. Those intense gazes that carried amazement, lust, desire, love, fear, shock, surprise, and many other emotions followed her until her figure disappeared after several twists and turns.


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