1287 War Time: Higher Existences fall from the sky & Heavenly Wolf Howls! (Part 2)

A few hours later, Hero City covered by an invisible veil appeared in the sky just above the capital city of the asura race.

Bright lights illuminated the magnificent city, bringing life to the place. At this point in the night, many asuras were coming out of their homes to enjoy the nightlife. Although the males of this race were not particularly handsome unless they had high levels of power, their women were truly the crème of the crème and there was certainly no shortage of relatively weaker beauties selling their services in exchange for Soul Stones to gain strength.

Sitting on the Throne of Creation, Bai Zemin surveyed the crowd moving busily below thanks to the huge energy screen in front of him.

"Their Emperor died less than three days ago but they continue as if nothing." Wu Yijun commented in surprise at the sight of the crowded and not at all disorganized streets.


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