1313 Ragnarok of the Gods & A Femme Fatale

Akumi was right when he said that, because by entering God Mode the time of several minutes that Bai Zemin was supposed to have was reduced to only two or three seconds at best.

Overlap Regeneration was a skill that allowed Bai Zemin to replace, change, all the records in a group to temporarily turn them into a completely different group of records. For example, he could change his Magic stat to 0 which would make all his magic power and any other related records drop directly to nothing in order to increase his Strength and thus all related physical attack power.

The first time Bai Zemin entered God Mode he got +3000 on all his stats, but this time it was +5000 on each of them.... 5000 to each stat, plus the use of Overlap Regeneration meant that one stat would increase 10,000 points in a single shot.


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