1301 Fierce battle: Lower Existences vs Higher Existences (Part 3)

Bai Zemin did not immediately jump into the attack when the Fifth Order robot joined the battle. He also did not re-activate Overlap Regeneration but took a moment to think about what to do next.

Two Fifth Order enemies at the same time... Although Bai Zemin was confident that he would win, the price he would have to pay was not small considering his current situation.

If it was a 1 vs 1 battle, Bai Zemin was confident of ending the life of any one of the two of them in less than 5 minutes for each of them. But if the two of them teamed up, even 30 minutes might not be enough to accomplish that... and he certainly couldn't afford to waste 30 minutes against them; not only did he not know if he could hold out that long with his vitality harmed, but there was an even more terrifying enemy waiting to be challenged!


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