210 Bloodthirsty Wolf Full Body Armor Rank 2

At this moment, the Beginning Village was practically in total silence. Although occasionally the fierce roars of different distant beasts could be heard, causing some survivors to shudder in fear, everyone knew that as long as they did not leave the established security perimeter they would be fine.

Except for the night patrol guards who had to do their duty until the team that would relieve them before dawn arrived, 90% were probably resting comfortably in their beds within the illusory safety of their homes. As for the 10%, they were probably releasing some accumulated stress by having relations with their couples.

With the current world situation, if a man had enough strength, he could easily house and care for more than one woman. The same was true if a woman had enough power; they could also have weak men who were not even willing to pick up a firearm to fight.


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