Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse

The legendary mana finally reached planet Earth, causing all living things to officially enter the path of evolution. Animals turned into terrifying beasts, some plants gained self-awareness, and humans who managed to withstand the wave of mana awakened the ability to acquire skills by defeating powerful enemies. The entire planet entered a new era where the old laws fell. The only law was the law of the jungle where the strongest devoured the weakest. Bai Zemin, an apparently normal college student, turned out to be an unparalleled genius in the path of magic. This caught the attention of a beautiful demoness who would become his partner in this journey to the absolute top. God, Angel, Demon, Dragon, Vampire, Werewolf; no existence will be worthy of being his enemy! Disclaimer: The 'Earth' in this novel is not the same Earth we are currently living on so do not use our common sense for this novel. This is pure fantasy, after all. *** Successes achieved: #Top 1 in sales for more than 1 year in a row. #Top 1 in Golden Tickets for 10 months in a row. #Among the top 25 in all the charts since its release. #Winner of 1st place in the most popular webnovel event in 2021. #Winner of a possibility of adaptation. *** Support me: pat reon.com/XIETIAN

XIETIAN · Fantasy
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1358 Chs

Blood Dragon Bringer of Doom

"She's quite impressive, isn't she?" whispered Seraphina under her breath close to Bai Zemin as she kept her eyes fixed on Kali's hand movements.

Bai Zemin subconsciously nodded as he watched the girl's movements from no more than two and a half meters away. He did not dare to make a single sound or move as if he feared to bring Kali out of the state of concentration she seemed to be in.

He had seen Meng Qi working on encrypting runes for later binding and creation of magic circles, but seeing Kali was completely different even though the two were doing the same task.

Bai Zemin knew that comparing Meng Qi to Kali was not smart at all, after all, Meng Qi had just started studying magic runes so it was already a miracle that she could draw considerably powerful runes even though she had not been learning for more than two months. However, Kali was two years younger than Meng Qi, suffered a severe amnesia, and to top it off was unable to open her eyes.