42 Level 12 Enhanced

This small bottle of Steroid 5k was equivalent to a few hundred strengthening serums!

The density of radioactive energy contained after mixing gene core, herbs and nuclear energy from multiple multiple sources was something unimaginable.

Those without a strong will should never consume the Steroid 5k. The weaker individuals would either turn crazy or even succumb to the intense effect.

Erian was frantically practising the Eternal Physique Optimization Art. His entire body had turned red like a shrimp on fire as streaks of energy were being drawn into his body.

The energy absorbed from the surroundings didn't seem to be enough, his bodily energy was then been absorbed rapidly to advance his level.

Just as Erian had performed the last stance, his body trembled and he slowly opened his eyes.

Erian thought to himself, 'The effect is roughly ten folds that of the Aqua-Fiend Fluid Extract. But it's seems really dangerous.'

Just the first breakthrough and he felt as though his body was on fire. Erian didn't dare take the second serum immediately and chose to wait until his body had recovered. It took an hour until he felt ready again. Injecting the second serum, the same hot feeling in his body replicated but this time, the pain was a little less.

In the first hour, he reached level seven. In the second hour, he reached level eight and finally in the third hour of practice, he advanced to level nine. Just three levels away from level 12.

Erian flopped to the ground, totally exhausted. Thankfully, the serum was specially made and his rapid advancement wouldn't affect his muscles and cell, thereby blocking his nuclear pulse talent.

A figure flashed towards the mountain of syringes. As he arrived before the gathered clump of metal-glass, Erian drew his hands forwards and sent a fist out. His figure was so fast that the naked eye couldn't even detect it and his hands hadn't even touched the mountain of syringes before they collapsed backwards.

Erian let out a breath of air and thought, 'There are tens of thousands of level nine experts out there, But their strength can't possibly be compared with mine. Achieving twice the speed limit and twice the strength. I'm invincible at under level nine.'

Unless the opponent also practices a legendary tier technique or used intense amour of Strengthening serums which is highly unlikely within this village.

* * *

Another seven days passed.

During this seven days, Erian practiced the Eternal Physique Optimization Art. With the aid of the Aqua-Fiend Fluid Extract and his 3-star Mid level talent, his advancement was even quicker than when he was still a 2-star Talent.

At the same time, Erian's practice had a breakthrough and he had reached the 12th level of the Eternal Physique Optimization Art! Shocking Erian himself.

But Erian knew that his rate of evolution wasn't considered fast.

Most of the prodigies in his generation had already reached level Nine Enhanced level. Especially his best friend Randolph who already broke through to the Ninth level of the Rudimental Cell Rejuvenating Technique, two months ago.

The superiority of Nuclear Pulse Talent became even more prominent the further one progressed.

With the aid of his system, Erian could still manage to be on par with a 5-star nuclear pulse talent. But when compared to a 7 star bone frame, there was still quite a gap in speed.

According to the records of the Old Steel Village history, a 5 star nuclear pulse talent would typically become a Titan at the age of 15. A 4 star nuclear pulse talent would breakthrough at around 16.

Of course, if the individual who had a 4 star nuclear pulse talent, had great perception to nuclear energy well, the person could very well become a Titan at the age of 15 too.

But the fastest record was at the age of 14 by a 5 star nuclear pulse talent, a record that hasn't been broken for dozens of years.

The road to becoming a Titan was a long one. Erian had a great mindset and didn't need to compare with anyone else but himself. With the system, it was inevitable.

As long as he continued surpassing each limit he hit, he believed he was on the way to the peak of this world.

* * *

A few miles away was a huge estate.

There were plenty of houses there. In the main house which was actually a huge mansion, a large hall extended in all directions, setting a grand and beautiful scene. In the middle of it was a large pool.

In the pool were dozens of naked women playing around in flirtatious poses.

"Boss Fu Tian, congrats on defeating Crimson Blood gang."

In front of the pool were two buff men sitting on two large golden chairs having a discussion.

One was Fu Tian and the other was a man putting on a mask.

Fu Tian's expression remains unchanged, "It is nothing to defeat Bloody Giant. He is just a third grade gang not worth mentioning."

"That isn't the truth, Bloody Giant had taken multiple strengthening serums and physique Tempering serum. Moreover, he had trained in different types of fist arts and is proficient in at least three low grade fist techniques yet he is defeated by the boss, this isn't something anyone can achieve. Within this village, even the Village head might not possess such might!" one of the members inputted, speaking highly of Fu Tian before their important guest.

"That's right. After all, Bloody Giant was also a student under the village head for a dozen years and accumulated a large amount of experience. He can't be considered level nine enhanced!"

Another lackey praised, munching on a thick soft chicken thigh. The others laughed as they joked around.

The masked man smiled indifferently and continued.

"Black Tiger Leader, my stronghold chief has spoken. As long as you are willing to merge your gang with our Sky Wraith Stronghold, this technique manual will be yours to keep." The masked man presented the manual and placed it on the large table filled with all sorts of food.

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