Blood Titan System Book

novel - Fantasy

Blood Titan System


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In a world teeming with Titans, Colossals, Gigantic Monsters and Kaiju's, Erian who reincarnated makes his living collecting scraps of low-grade Defective Genetic Serum, realised he transmigrated along with his system. Follow Erian as he grows to become the strongest Disaster Grade Titan with the help of his Titan System! ------------------------------------------- Golden Tickets (Per Month): -100 Golden Tickets = 1 Extra Chapter -300 Golden Tickets = 5 Extra Chapters -500 Golden Tickets = 10 Extra Chapters ------------------------------------------------- -Castle = 1 Extra Chapter -Spacecraft = 3 Extra Chapters -Golden Gachapon = 5 Extra Chapters -Note: A spacecraft given will elicit 3 extra chapters but with a golden gachapon, I might not be capable of giving you the chapters on the same day. -------------------------------------------------