Blood Royalty Book

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Blood Royalty


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Long ago, the world wasn’t the one we knew today, back in time before the Earth was even created. There was darkness, a void that stretched for miles. Until a large bang occurred and a new godly being was created so powerful and so bright people learnt her name to be Mother Kurieta. She was the Mother of all things and with her power is created this world ruled over by her and her lawful husband Father Tamashi. She was the true creator of everything but wished not to be a part of its evolution. She formed children to rule over her lands, entrusting her everything to them. Because of this large worlds where magic flourished were created. Lands divided into continents, divided into countries then into different empires. Each ruled by either an emperor or an empress under their respective gods and goddesses- Mother Kurieta’s children. But this was only the beginning of the poorly formed peace of the lands. We take a look at a certain empire as they transfer their powers to the next generation. Can the new ruler fix his broken empire or will he fall into the same pit his ancestors sadly fell in before him? Or better yet can he even changed the actions of the future by controlling the present?


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