Blood Rage of the Lost Book

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Blood Rage of the Lost


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Lex was a bored young man, living in a world where he felt he didn't belong. Something inside of him always wished for war; for violence. Whilst he rotted away in a world where he could never do what he wanted, always forced to follow a certain path, the so-called golden path, he suddenly found himself feeling slow and sluggish. Some would find this annoying, yet he simply smiled. Feeling his heart slow as he began to fall into a hibernation-like state, he knew he would soon fall into the slumber; into Axel, or what some would call the 'dreamworld'. Surviving this deserted world, infested with all sorts of twisted and vile creatures, was not easy. Many would fall into the slumber each day but only a few would ever return. Each day could be your last. Will Lex escape this world? Or will he die, to rot in this hell? https://discord.gg/tzVsXbrstE


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