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[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT] [Volume 1: The Vortex & The Beast ~ Completed] Emma Adams's life took a drastic turn when she stumbled upon a mysterious boy. From that moment onward, she found herself haunted by hazel eyes and irresistibly drawn to a beast by nature. But what happens when the sweetest dream morphs into a nightmare? As Emma navigates this newfound world, she discovers that the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur, leaving her to grapple with forces far beyond her understanding. With each passing moment, Emma teeters on the edge, torn between the allure of the unknown and the terror of the truth lurking beneath the surface. As secrets unravel and danger lurks around every corner, Emma must confront her deepest fears and untangle the mysteries that bind her fate to the mystifying boy and the beast within. [Volume 2: The Dark Alpha & The Countess ~ Ongoing] Dace Devereaux possesses everything a leader could desire: power, strength, and unwavering loyalty from his Rogues. Yet, there is one burning desire that consumes him—the downfall of the Vampire society. His thirst for vengeance against his enemies knows no bounds, but the Vampire clan has proven elusive for decades. However, a glimmer of hope emerges—a tantalizing possibility for success. The key lies in the hands of the Countess of Vampires. What unfolds when a calculated ploy transforms into a captivating obsession? As Dace delves deeper into his quest for retribution, he finds himself ensnared in a web of intrigue and desire. The Countess, with her allure and mystique, becomes both his target and his fascination. But as the lines blur between enemy and obsession, Dace must confront the perilous consequences of his relentless pursuit. ~ COVER IS MINE