Blood Ink Book

novel - Urban

Blood Ink

Chloe Higgins

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  • 50 Chs

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On the outside, Gray Wilder is living the rockstar lifestyle as the lead singer of Blood Ink. He has cars, money, houses, and women lining up to be with him. But he's lonely and broken on the inside, a side to him he refuses to show. When Remi Jones is hired to be Gray's personal assistant, she is thrown into a world of money and fame. Gray is arrogant and rude to her, but as their relationship grows, she begins to realize there is more to him. He isn't just a rude rockstar but is plagued by dark and traumatic memories of his past. Remi is desperate to see the real him. Can Remi keep business from mixing with pleasure? *** “Why do you call me Rainy when I’ve told you multiple times my name is Remi?” Gray simply shrugs as a small smile graces his plump lips. “Your eyes are the color of rain falling on a warm summer afternoon and I like that. To me, Rainy suits you better.” Blood Ink is created by Chloe Higgins, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.