Blood For Magic

This story delivers a thrilling mix of action like "the beginning after the end" and lore, reminiscent of "Shadow Slave." Such as Readers are plunged into a high-octane sequence that sets the tone for an adrenaline-filled adventure. it's nowhere near to these two, those two are just mind blowing. but it turned out quite good in it's own right. So if you are a fan of any of these books like me, it will surely be a treat for you. Story begins as Orion's life, marred by relentless tragedy, takes a dark turn with his grandfather's final message, unveiling the existence of an Ancient Organization and entrusting him with a foreboding task. With only a tattered map fragment and the burden of his family's shadowed legacy, Orion plunges into a world where malevolent magic holds it's sway over all and ancient terrors lurk within every corner. In this treacherous landscape where the lines between good and evil blur, even the gods play their hand, their motives as inscrutable as they are terrifying. Where will the sinister map drag him? What malevolent secrets make the gods so untrustworthy? And why was he fated to bear this harrowing burden? Only time will unveil the dread truths. As Orion delves deeper into the nightmare, he faces a destiny steeped in shadows, where survival means defying fate itself. For in a world where gods are either all-powerful or all-good, one thing is certain: they cannot be both.

DivineCrimson · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
118 Chs

Turbulent path of magic

Caught in the intensity of Lisa's gaze, Orion hesitated briefly before responding, "What can there be. Perhaps it's the simple pleasure of witnessing your surprised face now and then."

Lisa sighed at his reply. She grabbed him by both of his shoulders as she spoke with soft words again, "You know, you can tell me anything, right?" Then without waiting for his reply, she gave him a kiss on the forehead and left the room.

Regardless of what Orion said to her, the truth lingered in the air. Since the moment he first gripped the sword for training, an unrelenting sense of urgency had coursed through him. It wasn't a fleeting notion or a passing phase; with every stride in strength, every progress, the urgency intensified, evolving from a figment of imagination to an undeniable reality. The strange sense of rush, like something is about to happen and he doesn't have much time.

As Lisa's figure receded, he couldn't shake the thought, "Maybe she's already onto it. Still, I can't bring myself to tell her, not after what happened to Grandma."

Hours later, they found themselves seated across from each other once more, the clinking of cutlery against plates the only audible sound in the room. Lisa felt the weight of her brother's gaze but remained engrossed in her meal. After finishing, she spoke casually, "There's no need for such intense glares; I was planning to tell you anyway."

Setting her fork down and dabbing her mouth with a napkin, she continued, "However, before we delve into that conversation, you must promise me something: no core purification until I give the green light."

"After the morning's escapade, I believe it's imperative for you to take a break. When was the last time you did that? I'm inclined to think that since the inception of your training, breaks have been a rarity," she pointed out, locking eyes with him. Her gaze intensified as she added, "Can you do that for me?" She awaited his response.

She noticed his initial hesitation, as if agreeing went against his very instincts. However, after a brief pause, his uncertainty melted away, and he confidently affirmed, "I can do that."

A smile graced Lisa's face at his commitment. She then shifted the conversation, asking, "Firstly, how many stages of mana core are there?"

His brows knitted in confusion because he already knew it and Lisa was aware of that, but since his sister was the one that's asking, there should be a reason behind it. So he complied with her and answered, "There are black, red, orange, yellow, silver, and white."

He continued, "Each stage has two stages: normal and the radiant. Except white core, of course... white stage doesn't have a radiant stage. It is the peak of mana core that a human can reach."

"You are mostly correct. As for what comes after white core, I don't know either... but some books Grandpa gave me had some information about it. If I'm to quote them correctly, 'The world reveals its new side when you reach the stage of white mana core. It reveals its secrets to those who have proven themselves.' But enough on that, tell me about runes now," Lisa asked him.

"Firstly, in our body, mana core works along with our heart. Humans don't have mana channels, so the mana can't circulate alone within our body and had to flow along with the blood, hence every drop of blood from a mage carries mana within it." He looked at Lisa, who nodded for him to continue.

So he continued to explain, "So every rune had to be written with the blood of a mage to work. The higher the stage of the mana core of the mage, the higher the mana density in his blood. Which is the end needed in higher quality of runes."

Lisa asked, "Then how do mages strengthen their mana cores to break through to the next stage?"

"Every mage has their unique mana signature, which can't be the same for two people. When unpurified or wild mana gets absorbed by a mage from the surroundings, it has to go through the mage's heart first for the mana core purifying process. Where the wild signature of nature gets replaced by the mage's own mana signature and flows inside the core, which strengthens the mana core as a result." He answered.

"Then what about the mana they use to perform magic?" Lisa asked.

He had started to get annoyed by all those questions, but still answered, "The mana mages use to perform magic doesn't have to pass through the heart. Mana core can directly imbue absorbed unpurified mana with the mage's mana signature and store it according to its capacity. With each progress in stages of mana core, its mana absorption rate and total capacity of mana storage progresses as well."

"So in short, to progress in the next stage of mana core, one has to strengthen the mana core itself by using the heart, and the mana core will purify and store the mana to perform magic."

"That's why gathering the mana in mana core is easier than the purification process of the mana core."

"Correct," Lisa responded with a clap.

"I already aware of it all. So can we discuss the main topic now?" he said with a forced smile, as if trying to hide his annoyance from her.

Observing his reaction, Lisa couldn't help but burst into giggles. "Hehehe... I couldn't resist the opportunity to see that adorable expression of yours," she teased.

His frown deepened, and he shot a glare at his sister. However, before he could interject, she continued, "But all those questions weren't just to tease you." Catching his continued glare, she added with a playful grin, "Okay, maybe a little bit..."

"But the main reason was to make you realize how challenging the path of a mage truly is. And yet, here you are, progressing at a monstrous speed."

"Silver stage, however, is a league of its own. Breaking into the silver stage isn't solely about purifying your mana core; you just have to strengthen it to a specific threshold and that's the easier part. The real challenge lies where you must confront at least two elemental forces and overcome their natural resistance, mastering them to enhance your control, and consequently, your mastery over mana as a whole."

A weighty pause hung in the air after Lisa concluded her words. He gazed at her, anticipation etched on his face, awaiting further explanation. The silent contest of stares persisted for a few moments until Lisa, breaking the quiet, said, "Look, it's not that I don't want to share the rest with you, but you must grasp that I can't allow haste. Your earlier promise didn't instill much assurance."

"You're already evolving into a formidable force at an extraordinary pace. Do you understand why Grandpa bestowed upon you a name that carries such significance?" she questioned.

"Your name, quite literally, embodies 'a star that brings the light.' We all sense that you're destined to play a pivotal role in the future, something awaiting for you that only you can fulfill. That's why Grandma had sacrificed herself to save you."

Orion's expression contorted at her words, a retort poised on his lips, threatening to lash out. However, before he could respond, Lisa pressed on, "But, above all else, Mom entrusted your care to me. I've watched over you since you were a baby."

"You are my younger brother, Ori. I can't bear to witness you teetering on the brink of death, all for the shallow pursuit of strength. So as you promised, you're prohibited from attempting to purify your mana core any further until I deem it so. Only then will I reveal the remaining details, and that's final."