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I don’t write many reviews but for this book i am willing. Great writing, characters feel quite real with their flaws. Character progression is obvious but logical and desired. World building, a lot of cut and paste from other genres... some might even say plagiarism but it doesnt take away from the value of the read. It honestly makes the world easier to imagine and makes the book less content heavy to explain the world and its laws. Now the best part! THE USE OF A SYSTEM!! Its perfectly done, the MC isnt driven by it and the author uses it brilliantly as a supporting tool. Clearly defines the parity and disparity of power levels and skills as the character develops. This is first novel ive read where I can say it enhances the plot as opposed to dominating/driving it. PS. I think the sister is a fine character, her responses are quite reasonable and what you would expect from a young female in a new world. She can always progress so im keen to see what she ends up like and with... +1 Harem.

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One of the Best books I have read on Webnovel although some idiots have voted less stars for no reason. Great story, no grammar mistakes, characters feel real with their flaws. Story after 50 chapter is so vivid for imagination that you will like it. Mc become serious after some 200th chapter...from their story is like peak of dao of novels It honestly makes the world easier to imagine and makes the book less content heavy to explain the world and its laws. SYSTEM!! Its done perfectly, the MC isnt driven by it and the author uses it brilliantly as a supporting tool. Clearly defines the parity and disparity of power levels and skills as the character develops. This is first novel I've read where I can say it enhances the plot as opposed to dominating/driving it.(This opinion I agree with other guy in comments). NOW GO START READING //'''====


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If you have read Avans other works you will not be disappointed with this one. Set in Avans Doomsday Pillar universe, The blood elf monarch takes place on the other side of the universe instead of Earth like DP and EGM. Only a dozen chapters have been published so far but the writing quality is fantastic as usual and the update frequency is good as well. Here to Avans new work!


This has the ability to be an amzing book. see the possibility of the elves vs humans, not to mention that this human is now an elf and has no idea about anything that is going on in this ancient war! Cant wait to see what this book does with the flip side of the two other books Avans writes, they are in the same universe; Earths Greatest Magus and Doomsday Pillars.


The Earths schockling bad, In addition To Earths Greatest magus in addition to doomsday. In this book it doesn't deliver the tags whats so ever, Overpowered. You either are or you aren't, he's nerfed after 3 chapters of having his ability. Goes from also being someone showing common sense and a small amount of intelligence to mentally disabled, and just lacks overall everything, complains about everything and is just overall bad character, all the free chapters after meeting with the elf outside the temple it just goes down hill, forced plots ot holes everywhere, his sister is just bagged to annoying mob character. if not due to forcing 1 star the rating would be lower.


Honestly, the story is well written, has an interesting background, has gigantic potential, but the hero complex and mc's stupidity is completely frustrating, he doesn't have the survival instinct that his new race or mind human should give, looks like an idiot thinking and it frustrates me a lot because it doesn't seem to make sense. It was the first time I got annoyed reading a novel, and it makes me sad because really this story taking away from the mc's personality has many good points. Remembering that this is my personal opinion.


Before writing a review. I must say that a book with 2M views only has 69 reviews with high ratings. Already sus. Until I read it, makes me wonder if the mc is too beta, imbecile, moron, selfish and retard. The premise is quite great. Until side characters being left. A book full of annoying characters and mc. now. Let's see if comment would be deleted to keep the book rating high


about 45-50 chapters in i really enjoyed the first dozen chapters but quickly changed with the later half. Writing quality in my opinion is perfect I have no problems understanding what's being said at any part in the story. Story development and character design is my biggest problem. Start of the story felt like the mc character was a cold and caluaclated person with how he reacts to betraying the other human and letting the goblin scientist go. But now it's like we have a completely different character with the irrational, unprepared hero complex at the whim of his sisters command and feelings. Also just to see the author mention that he did this on purpose is like tf? The mc system is interesting and cool but isn't op which is fine for having the mc be seen as having to put in the effort to be strong but the decisions of the mc make the system hinder himself more then helps due to his new personality change. Updating stability looks good its a above average then most novels which is worthy of praise. Honestly can't really say much on the world background to early to say but there isn't a issue with not knowing where the mc is at or doing during the chapter.


The story is great and all with good writing quality but why does Tristan just keep on losing over and over again. It isnt even that he is personally losing but he is constantly in such frustrating situations and seems to come out of them losing. He is always forced to do whatever everyone else wants as well. His sister controls him enough already but even when he is constantly saying that he will not take orders because of his pride or whatever, tristan still ends up taking orders from others either way. Anyways sorry about the rant that I went on but reading this is just getting too frustrating so I had to vent. Maybe I’ll come back to this story later but for now it is just too infuriating to continue reading this.


Wow, this story is unique with an intriguing start. After reading first Chapter , I couldn't help but think about Star Wars and Galaxy War... 😂😂😂An amazing intro for the MC too at the end of the Chap. The action and suspense are there. As expected to the Great Author of Doomsday Pillar and Earth Greatest Magus. In terms.of writing quality I could only commend the author for the Job well done. All in all this is an amazing story. All the best in your new book, author-san.


A bit frustrated with the MC being controlled and being overly cautious. But I still wanting to read this book, just skip some chapters to make my heart feel better. Hope to see better character development soon. Tbh if I’m the MC, I would kill myself in the earlier chapters. One of the reason why I dislike female lead book, because majority of the books is just frustration over and over again. No freedom…. And this book somehow make me feel the same way. Need filters to avoid books like this. Shall review again if there is any changes.


It started descent but after a while. The chapters become nothing but filler. Forced plot and just toss in really dumb stuff and that is this story. Mc is a tool for everyone else and that’ the story. I saved you your time.


Have read to chapter 90 and the story feels like it never takes of. Does the MC ever get powerfully or is he always just pushed around by others? Wasn't this supposed to be a lower world?


i am 33 chapter in and the book is nothing special, the reviews over hyped and the plot somewhat unoriginal in a way for me who reads a bit of manga here and there. not saying its bad, its better than 99% of books on this website but just not for me. Would like the mc to be a little more witty considering he spent 4 years in prison + very boring beginning which I forced myself to read


the concept and first few chapters are good and interesting but world building is non existant and dialogs are awkward and feel out of place.


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bruhhhh author if you see this know that I LOVE your novel and you gotta hit me with some *coughs* unlocked chapters for a day and I'll most DEFINITELY pay you all my power stones everyday😩🔥🔥🔥


My detector, for diamonds novel is going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's literally best novel with elfes for 2021 the only bad thing on this novel is that he dosen t have lots of chapter :(((((