25 Chapter-25<Fight-4>

And the same thing happened again. When Fabian killed one of the perverted men he felt that his hunger have died down to some extent. And he was very close to his peak. This was concrete proof that he didn't have to drink blood to survive, this revelation started making him happy.

Consuming blood and then after that getting rid of the body was a very tedious job. And when he would drink up the blood of the person, that person would turn into a shriveled-up corpse that looked very freaky. Fabian assumed that every victim of his kind would turn into this shrivel kind. That meant to hide his identity as a vampire it was better to hide the corpses of the people that he drank the blood of.

But now it didn't seem like he needs to drink the blood of people. Fabian then inspected his body. And it was then he saw some difference between drinking blood and his power right now. Fabian remembers that when he drank the blood of Sherly back in the village, his skinny body turned into a lean body with some muscles.

He loved that body. But now as he inspected his body he saw that no muscles have formed on his body. He was as skinny as he woke in the cave. But somehow his hunger was sated. Fabian then thought that maybe he should research how his power worked. It was very important.

To test his powers further, Fabian stabbed and kill the other naked man also. And as he did that he started feeling that his power had risen up once again and his hunger was not completely gone…

Fabian knew that he was not hungry anymore. So he wanted to see what would happen if he kills the girl also. But then as he was about to kill the girl, he started feeling something…

Now with his hunger gone, his original senses were back. And Fabian started sensing that a lot of people were gathering in front of the entrance of the house. The interesting thing about these people was that all of them reeked of blood. He sensed that none of them were entering the house. And they were all just standing in front of the house.

Fabian assumed that maybe these people were here to rescue the girl. So it wouldn't be a very good idea to kill the girl now. So he sheathed his sabers. He thought that he should run away from here. But he had already seen the whole house. There was no way out at the back. That meant that if Fabian wants to go out then he had to go through all those people out in the front.

So after Fabian sheathed his swords he came out in the front. He thought that the girl had seen that he came to save her. So it would be possible to clear out his name from three murders. So Fabian started coming out of the house.

As he came out what he saw started made him somewhat surprised…

The people that have gathered in front of the house looked like thugs. Some of them reeked of alcohol while some of them were skinny teenagers. And they all looked scary. They were holding some sort of weapons. Some were holding big machetes while some were holding the old ax.

As they saw that Fabian came out of the house they started glaring at him. Soon a middle-aged man came out in front. He had to hold a big machete in his hands. He looked quite shabby and he had no hair on his head. Still, with fearless, that man came to Fabian and started speaking…

"You got some nerve boy. Coming into Yancho family alleys with swords. Do you want to die so young?" the old man asked with a smirk on his face. Seeing his smirk Fabian started remembering the smirk when Jared would give him when he would see him working non-stop.

Fabian didn't reply back. He just looked at the old man and then suddenly slapped the man. The slap was so powerful that it take a few steps back. The slap was so powerful that a middle-aged man started seeing stars.

Seeing that the middle-aged man was slapped, a teenager lunged at Fabian with an old ax. The teenager looked malnourished and didn't have any sort of muscles. So it was very easy to intercept him.

When the teenager jumped on the Fabian he swung his ax. Fabian stepped sideways and avoided the attack. If Fabian wanted then he could have just punched the boy and knocked him out. But instead, he did something more extreme.

He took out his saber and cut the head of the boy cleanout. As he cut off the boy's head he felt he received some sort of energy from doing this. Fabian could tell that the energy that he received from the two perverts was more in quantity. Even the man that sneaked up to him gave him more energy. But the boy didn't have that much energy…

While the people were standing right in front of the house, as soon as they saw that the head of the boy was being decapitated, their fighting spirit plummeted. They all were shocked. After killing the boy Fabian looked at the rest of the people that were standing there. The blood of the boy had splashed across Fabian's face which made him look quite scary.

"If someone wants to get killed, they are more than welcome to step in my way," Fabian said.

He then started staring at the people one by one. And the person that he stared at started looking down with fear. Fabian started at them a little to see whether someone dares to step up. And as he saw that no one stepped up, he returned back inside.

There he untied the unconscious girl. He wrapped her body with a blanket and then stepped out of the house. Till the time he returned the people had all dispersed. He then took the girl and started to get out of this maze of alleys.

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