18 Chapter-18<Danger-7>


With just one swift the vampire amputated Fabian's finger without any mercy. While on the other hand, Fabian screamed with pain as he felt that his finger had been cut off…

Then the vampire lifted the finger up and started inspecting it. He then took out the ring and started inspecting the ring. He knew that the original ring was of red color. But this one was black with white color lightning-type patterns all over it. The vampire used his senses to look at the ring and he had to say he was intrigued by that ring.

He had already discerned that this ring was not a spatial artifact. But this ring was indeed special. From upwards it looks as though this ring was simple. But as soon as the vampire held that ring, his instincts started telling him that this ring was very dangerous. And he should let go of the ring as soon as possible.

His instincts may be wrong but the vampire decided that it would for the better to destroy the ring as well as Fabian. Although Von De Drac Ulaspas was the greatest vampiric magus of all time, the vampire had always sensed some tension between the higher-ups of the vampiric council and that name.

He was not sure about why the hell were they so afraid of that name but the vampiric council has made sure that they demote the status of the Ulaspas family as much as they can. Not many people know about it but he knows. And once he asked his senior as to why the vampiric council behaved in such a way, his senior told him something that blew his mind…

His senior told him that that the successor of the great Ulaspas family's founder is destined to destroy all the vampires once and for all. And that successor would become so strong that even the world would tremble with his name.

It was a stupid prophecy that was made just after the Von De Drac Ulaspas died. Since then that prophecy has been passed down for centuries. Not many people know about it and the senior himself thought that the prophecy was simply bogus. But still, that prophecy dictated the event that the vampiric council would never allow to happen. That is why they have been suppressing the power of the Ulaspas family all these years.

Bran Ulaspas the last successor of the Ulaspas family was sent on a suicide mission by the Vampiric council because of this reason. They planned that he would be killed by the Cassius church and then that family would be over once and for all.

This is why the male and that female vampire came here to kill Bran and take the information that he had gathered from under the nose of the Cassius church…


As the male vampire held that ring, he started thinking about the best way in which he could kill Fabian and destroy that ring at the same time. Then he would be done with the mission and he could finally return home.

"You have some nerve boy that you laid hands on the successor of the Ulaspas family." Came a voice from inside the ring.

As soon as the voice came, Fabian recognized the voice instantly as that voice belonged to the ghost that lived in the ring. While as soon as that voice was heard by the vampire a chill ran down his spine. That voice sounded like he had somehow managed to anger some ancient deity or something. It was then the vampire noticed that blue color fog started coming out of the ring.

As the vampire saw the fog, he let off the finger instantly. He then took out his other saber and took the battle stance. Then the fog started taking shape of that ghost that Fabian previously met…

"Who are you?" the vampire asked when the fog fully form of the torso of the ghost.

"People know me by different names. But you are not powerful enough to say any of them." The ghost said.

"Von De Drac Ulaspas…" the vampire said in a slow voice while mumbling.

"It seems that you know this old man." The ghost said.

"Of course I know who you are. The vampiric council has a poster of you. And that that boy spilled the beans about your identity a long time ago." The vampire said.

"And still you have the nerve to torture him. It seems that a young one like doesn't realize that what you have done." The ghost said.

"I did nothing wrong. I am just following the orders of the Vampiric council." The vampire said.

"Oh… They are still afraid of the prophecy it seems." The ghost said.

"They are…" the vampire said.

And it was then the vampire conjured a golden color tag and threw it on the ghost figure. That golden color while coming towards the ghost, vanished in thin air. But it was then suddenly a few golden color chains started appearing throughout the cave and started wrapping the ghost. And soon the ghost was not able to move.

"Buddhist's charm? It seems like I may have underestimated you." The ghost said while struggling out the chains…

"*HAHA*… With this, I may have avoided the faith of the whole vampiric community. I must contact the vampire council. They would surely reward me." The vampire said with a big smile.

When the vampire said that, the ghost started thinking about what the vampire just said. He knew that if the vampiric council ever hears about the ring or Fabian then they would kill him for sure. And then the prophecy would be completed. And the ghost wanted Fabian to complete the prophecy…

The ghost had originally planned to be the teacher of Fabian. He wanted to become one so that he could have taught him some values from which the extinction of the vampiric race could have been avoided. But it seems that was not possible now…

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