Blood and Water Book

novel - Fantasy

Blood and Water

Nonkosi Makhosi

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  • 52 Chs

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Being caught between two worlds is not easy. Dineo grew up an ordinary human aside from her weak lungs and breathing problems. Until one day when Neo’s world is turned upside down. Neo learns she has never been human at all, and she has a vital role to play that could save lives on both land and sea. Neo takes us on a journey of self discovery, from being a sickly human to a powerful ocean queen. -- Neo slowly moved towards the water to do as ordered. Her bare feet gradually parted with the ground as soon as she stood beneath the waterfall. A mirror reflection of her appeared, she was aware that she was looking at herself but the white patterns all over her upper body and the long purple fish tail made her doubt that it was truly her. "You need to embrace what you are and return to the ocean" Thandi said "Because the answers that you seek are within the depths of the ocean."