70 Assault against the Prussians

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287 AC third moon

Victarion Greyjoy POV

The sounds of the oars hitting the water and the smell of the seawater was something that always helped me to concentrate in these moments when I needed to think with a clear mind.

My brother Balon has decided to crown himself king of the Iron Islands to bring back the old ways, which have been slowly abandoned by our people, mainly by our father, but Balon has tried to return to the old ways of the islands.

Balon taking advantage of Robert's little or no legitimacy to the iron throne, which is still not stable and that many people call him a usurper, many lords still do not accept his reign and neither that King Robert is the best ruler, according to what my brother Balon heard, King Robert is dedicated to spend from drunkenness to drunkenness and sleeping with as many whores and maids as he can, because of this Balon decided to organize this uprising, the time that the iron born should duck his head was over the dragons were extinct and there is no threat to our skills at sea, or so Balon likes to think and that I would like to think to myself.

This uprising leaves a bad taste in my mouth, as if someone was pulling the strings, the Prussians have been a thorn in the side for the preparation of our uprising, their escorts in the north have made our assaults on the northern coastal villages excessively difficult, at first, these Prussians had no idea how to navigate at sea on many occasions we saw how some of their ships crashed against the rocks or were extremely damaged by a storm that any experienced sailor would have known was coming, but with each passing day, they have become accustomed to the sea to the point that they sail with open sails in the middle of the night without fear of hitting a reef or running aground on the shore and have become a respected force among us as they have been hunting us in the north relentlessly to practice their naval combat techniques.

But at the same time, they have been the ones who have indirectly financed the construction of the iron fleet, the men who run many of the Prussian trading posts in the north are extremely corrupt and very easy to convince to sell us the materials necessary for the construction of our ships, mainly at the trading post in the Glover lands they have occasionally delivered all the logs we have used to build the new ships, This way we only had to get enough booty to exchange for the logs or the cloth needed for the sails of the ships, the men who hate piracy the most somehow provoked this, it would be funny to see the face of the Prussian lord if he found out that the men to whom he entrusted the shipments of raw materials were collaborating with us.

Euron had devised a plan to guarantee victory in our uprising, an attack on Lannisport and Neu Danzig at the same time to burn the fleets of the most powerful houses in order to guarantee total control of the seas and force King Robert to negotiate the independence of the Iron Islands because if all goes well we would have undisputed dominion over the sea and no matter how many soldiers Robert can gather if he cannot transport them to the islands, he will not achieve anything.

Everything had to be executed perfectly, or we risked being completely annihilated because the Lanister fleet and the Hohenzollern fleet together could put up a great fight until the rest of the fleets of the seven kingdoms unite and can gain the initiative.

If the rumors coming from the seas of the summer islands are true, the huge ships of the Prussians, the galleons are floating fortresses that have many scorpions to keep away anyone who wants to attack their hold and at the same time carry 500 men inside the ship, although there has been no experience of a real fight against these ships must be formidable opponents at sea, and it is better to burn them now than to face them in the open sea.

Therefore, it had been decided to take advantage of the new moon to carry out the attack with almost total darkness, they will not be able to see our ships until it is too late, and we will carry out our attack on the ports.

Balon, Euron and Rodrik would lead 200 of our ships to attack the Lannister fleet in Lannisport and if possible sack the city to get prisoners to work in our mines and till our fields and women to warm our beds.

Maron and I were to attack Neu danzing with 300 ships, burn the ships and destroy or damage their arsenal to prevent them from rebuilding ships in the near future.

Euron had taken the time to calculate the size of the city walls so that he could have adequate ladders to scale their walls and attack the towers where the Prussians have their naval chain mechanisms.

They had invested a lot in defending themselves from something like this since their port and their arsenal have this type of protection, without considering that the arsenal is a walled and fenced compound where they train their sailors a quick and precise attack we will be able to destroy their production of ships and massacre their sailors.

It won't be easy as we will have to sail without moonlight and avoid being seen by the shield islands that could warn the raven about our movements, resulting in all our preparation ending up being for nothing.

''Uncle, what's the matter, are you more pensive than usual, are you afraid to fight the Prussians?'' said my nephew Maron.

''Just because I respect the perseverance of the Prussians doesn't mean I'm afraid of them Maron, I just have a bad feeling about all this'' I said, trying to look at the coast.

''don't you want the old ways back uncle?, this is our chance, father has proclaimed himself king, and we must comply with his orders neu danzing will burn we will take his gold and riches paying the iron price'' said Maron annoyed.

I turned quickly and approached my nephew.

''listen to me well brat, you don't have to remind me about my brother being king, I know my place the younger brother must always obey the older brother, I am the one who most desires the return of the old ways that the iron born return to ravage every place where the seawater reaches since it is the will of the drow god, so I recommend you shut up this is not going to be sacking a coastal town where men and women scream alike, we will face soldiers and sailors trained to fight and if what the bards say about the Prussians is true they are such a disciplined force that they would make the Unsullied look disorganized'' I said very annoyed while pushing Maron against the mast.

Maron looked like he wanted to respond, but my attention was called by shouts coming from another ship.

I quickly went to try to see what had happened.

Apparently one of our ships had hit the rocks and my men were trying to prevent the ship from sinking, with the poor visibility we had tonight it is difficult to know if the ship can continue or if it is better to leave it abandoned.

''Captain victarion , what do you want us to do'' said one of my men, waiting attentively for my answer.

''Keep rowing we will come back for them once we have finished our mission, tell the other ship captains to be attentive, we can not lose more ships without starting the fight, we must conserve our strength to assault the walls'' I said to my men with a stern tone.

My men continued rowing, and we forgot about the boat that crashed against the rocks, we should come back for them when we have burned the Prussians' boats, the combat had not yet begun, and we had already lost 1 boat

the only thing we could perceive in this dark night was the sound of the sea waves and the oars and this was our main company during the trip it was difficult to see further than the first 8 meters with the lack of light.

The new moon was protecting us from prying eyes but it was also affecting us in the span of what seemed to be 1 hour rowing 3 other boats got stuck in the sand or crashed against the rocks, the risks of sailing so close to the coast, but this way we will avoid encountering the frequent merchant ships that transit the area.

We continued sailing until we could see light in the distance and the silhouette of the gigantic Prussian ships that were anchored.

We are close to our objective, that must be their arsenal, Maron you will be in charge of rowing to the city and I will be in charge of burning the arsenal'' I said, looking at the silent Maron.

He nodded and we began preparations for the attack.

Maron led 100 ships to attack the city and burn the ships docked in the harbor, slowly his ships moved away from the coast and advanced to their objective.

We did the same, we would make an assault on the arsenal from the north side to try to destroy the chain mechanism and the rest of the ships would try to burn the docked ships.

We started to disembark and moor the ships on land, we were very close to finishing, but we heard how a bell started to ring coming from the city

And in a short time, many lights started to light up inside the city and the arsenal, the defenders already knew that we are here.

''Damn Maron attacked before we got into position, quickly take the ladders we must take control of the arsenal'' I shouted to my men as I put on my helmet and grabbed my axe.

With a large group of my men, we took the ladders and ran towards the walls of the arsenal, on our way we saw how enemy soldiers began to arrive to protect the walls.

We were running as fast as we could to get to the walls, but we were greeted with a rain of bolts from the top of the walls by the defenders.

Several of my men died on the spot being pierced by Prussian crossbows, most iron born do not usually use much metal for protection as they risk drowning while fighting at sea, cowards.

In my case, my plate armor managed to protect me quite well, deflecting the bolts that were directed against me.

We managed to reach the walls of the arsenal, and every moment more of our men were arriving to support us in our assault.

We quickly set up the ladders and began to shoot arrows at the defenders of the walls to prevent them from trying to tear them down.

When the first ladder was in place, I was the first to start climbing up to try to take control of the mechanisms.

The defenders did not disappoint, they did everything they could to prevent our ascent, throwing rocks at us, continuing to fire their crossbows at those who dared to climb the ladders and doing their best to push the ladders out of the walls.

Dodging bolts and arrows, I was about to reach the top, but apparently some of my men had already reached the top of the walls and were already fighting the defenders.

I had a pretty easy time getting to the top as the defenders were holding others back from going up.

As soon as I set foot on the top of the walls I jumped into the fight against the defenders, who were only wearing breastplate, helmet and arm protection.

In one blow I managed to drive my axe into the shoulder of one of the defenders, and while it was stuck in him, I used the axe to push him down to make him fall from the walls.

My men began to overwhelm the defenders, who were quickly becoming outnumbered with the constant arrival of iron born from the ladders.

After killing another defender, I turned and looked for what we had come to do, the tower where the mechanism that protects the Prussian arsenal is kept, where most of the defenders were massing.

Gathering my men, we charged against the defenders who were protecting the tower

the combat was bloody, severed limbs fell from the wall and the floor of the walls quickly began to turn crimson with blood and guts that began to abound due to the number of dead that accumulated.

The defenders showed no sign of fear and continued their duty without seeking to surrender, even when a large group of my men were already pushing to reach the tower and the defenders were slowly entering the tower to continue their defense.

There was only a group of 20-30 defenders left between me and the tower, but a metallic sound was heard, and suddenly a steel door blocked the entrance to the tower

the rest of the defenders had left their companions outside the tower.

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