1 A Welcome Call

In the year 2033 it began.

Gods, monsters, devils, angels every higher creature from every mythology began to bless those they found worthy and share their powers.

They became known as the highers.

They never told us the purpose.

Or maybe we were too caught up in what we were being offered to ask why.

But eventually with the emergence of the gates, we realized they were preparing us.

Gates are portals that connect our world to some other reality or plane of existence.

Through these gates we find mythological monsters and magical resources the likes of which were only fantasy until now.

The so called chosen heroes who enter gates are known as the Blessed and in two years it's become the most sought after career in the world.

The Blessed have it all.

Money, fame, admiration and power.

They are the most famous and well known people in the entire world and some are even the leaders of their own nations.

There isn't a single place that a blessed can go and not be swarmed by paparazzi.

They are immensely powerful, beautiful, and charming beings.

While their abilities range from an incredibly wide variety, even the weakest among them can crush a car with their barehands.

After five whole years, we still have no idea what the higher's criteria are for blessing a human.

Normal salarymen, death row inmates, bus drivers and even an old lady are just a few of the beings who were blessed and had their lives turned around overnight.

Blessed have their bodies forcibly changed into peak condition so that little old lady was able to return to her youth and a crippled man was able to run faster than a bullet train.

Despite the seemingly loose criteria, only 1 percent of the population actually end up as blessed and gain the privilege of entering gates and defending our world.

With all of the excitement around the Blessed, we seem to have forgotten the most important question.

Why are they doing this for us and what will they require in return?


"Wooo .. glad that's done."

Malachi Saint leaned back from his computer and breathed a sigh or relief when he finally finished his college paper that was due tomorrow.

He wasn't a bad student by any means but if you asked him why he always waited until the last minute to do an assignment he'd say that he worked best under pressure.

Checking the time on his cracked Tphone, he saw that he had to start getting ready to go to work pretty soon so he rose from his seat and went to his closet to get dressed.

As he slipped on his work shirt and pants that reeked of fast food, he attempted to polish himself in the mirror but became disheartened when he realized even a polished turd is still a turd.

Malachi was a skinny young man with dark brown skin and short black dreads that barely went past his ears.

His eyes were a warm almond color, a trait he inherited from his father and shared with his sister. 

He stood at an unimpressive 5'7 and didn't appear to have an ounce of muscle on his body.

Despite his downtrodden attitude over his looks, he still flashed his signature prize winning smile in the mirror before exiting his room.

Seeing no lights on in their tiny apartment, he checked to make sure they hadn't been cut off again before a sudden feminine voice reached his ears.

"Heading to work already?"

Sitting on their old ratty couch was Malachi's sister and only family, Aubrey.

Aubrey Saint was the textbook definition of beautiful with soft brown skin and long curly black hair.

She had a short but curvaceous body that was currently hidden underneath an oversized hoodie and a pair of bright almond eyes.

"Yea… how are you feeling today." He walked towards his younger sister and gave her a warm pat on the head.

"You know you don't have to ask me that everyday… I'm fine." Aubrey took a second to enjoy her brother's caress but she didn't want him to keep worrying about her.

"I'll continue asking whether you want me to or not." Malachi chucked before finally moving towards the door.

"I'll be back later don't forget to lock up okay sis?"

"I won't forget just be safe." She waved him out the door warmly before she resumed sitting alone in the darkness, illuminated only by the light of her phone.

"Jeez that girl…" Malachi didn't feel right about leaving his sister alone but he had no choice.

His shitty job was the only thing that could support them and they had no other family to rely on or turn to.

Both their parents were killed in a gate eruption four years ago and they've been scraping by ever since.

But still he felt guilty about leaving her alone, especially after...

Shaking his head to free himself from dark thoughts, Malachi got into his rusty old car that was currently missing it's front bumper before turning the key and heading to work.

He'd just begun to drive when his phone suddenly started vibrating.

He looked at the name across the dirty screen and smiled when he saw a name he was all too familiar with.

The contact picture showed a divinely beautiful woman with icy white hair and crimson red eyes.

She had smooth white skin that looked like it was made out of marble and was posing back to back with him with an aloof demeanor.

Answering with a swipe across the glass, Malachi's cheerful voice contained no traces of his earlier somber mood.

"How's my favorite blessed doing today?"

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