1 The Beginning

"hm...?" As he opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling, this was the only thing he could mutter.

He was in an unfamiliar environment, still lying down, as he couldn't even feel the strength to get up from the bed, he turned his head left and right shortly after. This was clearly a hospital bed.

But he couldn't recall anything at all, why was he lying down on this bed? why does his body feel so weak?

What the heck could have happened to put him in such a condition?

"Arg!" As he was questioning himself, he was assaulted by an incredibly intense headache that forced him to cry out loud.

"SHIN!" He heard a shout before a rather burly black-haired man enter the room. Without wasting a second, the man hurried over to his side, his face clearly one of worry. "How do you feel? are you hurt?"

The man shot one question after another, not even giving the boy any time to answer. But it seemed that answering those questions was not a priority for the boy to begin with as his attention was on something else.

"...Shin...?" The boy muttered, repeating after the man, he could feel a sense of familiarity with the name. Not only the name but also the man who said it.

He couldn't contemplate any further, as his headache got even more intense, and for some reason, he blacked out completely just after.

"SHIN! SHIN!" The man shouted his name again and again but the one in question couldn't hear him.

"Doctor!" Facing such a situation, the man chooses to proceed differently and called for a doctor.


Three days after, a boy with dark brown hair and amber eyes, was sitting before a tv, on his lap was a girl of around 5 years old, she had black hair and eyes, and she seemed to be soundly sleeping.

He slowly and tenderly stroked her hair, but his mind was completely elsewhere at the moment.

'Lune, Role the Gatcha' He commended mentally.

[Yes host.]

[You have obtained the "Hanma Bloodline"]

The Hanma bloodline huh? That's pretty good, to be honest, considering it could have been anything. This could help him greatly, in the long run, considering his current condition.

'Sigh... who could have thought?'

His situation was rather peculiar, if not unbelievable. To put it simply he died... and then reincarnated in another world.

The world of bleach and as the seeming twin brother of Kurosaki Ichigo at that.

A week ago, his mother was killed by a hollow as it happened in the original story, but the difference was that this time not only Ichigo and Masaki were present but him too.

But at that he didn't have the memories of his previous life yet, so he couldn't do anything to stop it.

Following his mother's death, the shock was such that he lost consciousness on the spot, and barely woke up two days after, but at that time he was suffering from a terrible headache and a minor case of amnesia, this headache got so intense that he once again lost it.

Once again regaining consciousness three hours later, but this time with all of his memories, whether this life's or the past one's.

That was already a great shock, so imagine when he discovered that he also had a system. He also lost it... again.

But forcibly regaining his calm, he sorted out his thought and inquired about the system's working.

He had the time to familiarise himself with it during the next three days he spent at the hospital as they wanted to make sure that everything was alright.

The system's functions could be divided into 3 sections.

Conseptual Inteligence.



While there wasn't much to say about the last two, the first however was surprising as he was familiar with the common system trope, he was expecting it to be something like a status panel.

But rather than that, it was more like... a strange mix between Great sage, Jarvis, and the nanomachine from the oeuvre of the same name.

It was the main function of the system he heard. From what he heard from Lune, which he named the system, he would need more than a hundred years to unravel all of its functions which he didn't even argue.

Some obvious ones would be, thought acceleration, memory partition, augmented reality, assisted regeneration, analysis, map, etc...

Truly marvelous, and that made him really happy before realizing his situation.

He was in a world where people could cut mountains with a casual sword swing, obliterate and dimension with an energy attack, or have fire as hot as the sun.

Heck, some can crush people out of existence just by being near them... dangerous, really dangerous.

Considering he only saw bleach until the fullbring arc, he had no idea about how ridiculous it got after, but he heard that there were even reality warpers in the later arcs.

But he could worry about that later, his current greatest problem was... Aizen.

This guy was the most dangerous man in this world, and he wasn't even kidding one bit.

He would have to get stronger without him noticing, or at the very least become so strong that the man's calculations wouldn't keep up.

He will have to break his chain, and get stronger, no he has to become the strongest.

But his situation wasn't only solely bad, the good thing his, his inheritance... his genetics, he was not only part shinigami but also part Quincy thanks to his mother.

And althought he was not sure, he believed that he also have fullbring powers.

[According to the result obtained after analyzing the host, it's positive.]

Perfect, the more the merrier, he thought with a smile as he looked at the sleeping Karin in his lap, and continued stroking her hair.

Hm... Wait but won't integrating the Hanma bloodline has some... negative repercussions on me? What if it messed up my current-

[The host needn't worry about this, the bloodline will be fused to your current one, and the result will be maximized, it's highly probable that their good point will enhance each other, increasing your potential even further.]

I am reassured then, but will it be painful? To be honest, all those novels and fanfics didn't give me a good opinion about this.

[No it will not, even if it could, it would be easy to shut off all your pain receptor.]

Perfect... Luna, I am liking you more and more.

[It's a pleasure, after all after merging with you, I can be considered as part of you after all.]

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