3 Chapter 2

The screen then disappear from his vision and was left in the dark alone. He was silent for a moment before he sighs.


' I don't even know how many times I sigh now, but it looks like I am all on my own now, at least I still have a power that I won, what was it again?... I suppose it was called new order? What kind of name is that...wait I feel like I heard it before?...where did I hear it?'


He began to try to recall where he heard it when suddenly he felt lighter all of sudden. So he tried to open his eyes and what see's was...


' Blurry... I can only vaguely see things...and here I heard from fictions that baby can see clearly from the start...liers'


Our mc now is in a crib full of toys alone, he tried to look around the place but he feels really hard to move around.


' I guess a baby start is ok I guess, at least compared to some people who have been reincarnated in very bad places like a waste, outcast son, or even yet not having this chance. So I am grateful enough at least I have a lot of time to laze around without needing to worry about anything'


He then tries to move around again and as expected...he can't. He then just began to think of the power he received as he got nothing else to do here right now and nobody was even around, though some might come if he cried.


' Now let's try to recall again, new order...new order... Where did I hear it?...hmm...'


He began to think while looking at his side when suddenly he saw cape toy hero.


' That's it! It's the quirk of that fucking disappointment of a number 1 hero of America in my hero academia!'

He finally remembered after seeing the toy and couldn't help but feel excited at the possibility of being a semi-reality warper.

'I didn't watch MHA but thank god for those, attention seeker people posting and posting small clips from an anime on the internet that I learned about it or I would be like a baby with a gun'

He then tried to remember the information he knows about New Order.

' Now let's see, from what I remember, New Order allowed the user to set a rule onto their surroundings by touching the target and calling out their name, allowing them to manipulate and bestow new properties onto themselves and the world around them. This could range from simple descriptions to more conditional ones based on cause-and-effect. It can almost do anything'


The more our mc recalls from what he remembers the more excited he became until he recalls the weakness of this quirk.


' In order for New Order to activate, Cathleen was required to both touch the target and say its name. However, when targeting a living being with a sense of self, Cathleen's understanding of the target's identity had to align with their own. This is shown when Tomura Shigaraki's heart didn't stop when he moved, due to even him questioning his true identity, as either Tomura, All For One, or "Tenko". Although restricted it's still one of the best power you can ever have'


He was about to try to use his power when suddenly he began to hear some steps. He suddenly he felt like he was being carried by a big large hand.


He tried to move around but it was very hard. He gave up trying and just try to see the person who is carrying him.


What he saw was quite blurry but he still saw that it was an old man in his 50 or 60 that was carrying him.


"Oh looks like you're awake haha look at you you're so cute, you will surely be handsome when you grow up and become a magnet of babes, just like me hahaha"

The old man looks at his grandchild with fondness in his eyes before it turns into a sad one like he just recalled something.


"Too bad, my daughter and son-in-law can't see you, at the very least I will raise you to my best abilities"


The baby that was just listening looked surprised that it looks he won't be able to meet his parents here which made him feel both sad and relieved.


Although he already partially accepted his situation it was yet been a very long and his attachment to his parents is still very strong. He was only able to calm down knowing at least they will have a better son that will surely take care of them, although it leaves a bad taste in his mouth.


" Now that I think about it you don't have a name yet hmmm.., yes Errol that would be your name from now on, Errol it means noble and warrior. It's a nice name isn't it?"


The old man smiles lightly before saying the baby's new name. The baby's smile which made the smile of the old man bigger.


"Oh you also like your name hahahahaha as expected from my grandchild, great minds think alike hahaha"


Meanwhile in the mind of the baby.


' Errol huh, sounds like an Errol an Error but it's not too bad, I rather have it than names like dick or something'

Time moves forward and night has come now Errol was left alone in his crib pretending to be asleep until he opens his eyes when he feels that there are no more people around.

' Hu... it's time to test the New Order...but what order should I try...hmmm ah! I got it! Let's try something simple first'



Errol was silent for a moment before he tried again.




There was a temporary silence until the room was filled with baby cries.



'Fuck my vocal cords are not yet completely developed so I can't speak yet, so it's also impossible for me to use my powers right now!'

Right now a baby was showing various expressions on his baby face which should not even be possible.

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