12 Chapter 11

"Nothing much." I said as I rubbed the back of my head sheepishly, making both Urahara and Yoruichi look at me like I was some sort of weirdo.

"Nothing… you came all the way to this town, claiming that it was your intention to see the Quincy families and now you say you will do nothing?" Yoruichi asked, looking at me like I was some sort of idiot.

"Well… I guess nothing isn't exactly right." I admitted.

"I kinda got myself a student you see, so I kinda need to stay around for a while." I said cause honestly, I lost nothing from admitting it.

"Hmm, by student might you be meaning Arisawa-san?" Urahara asked as he flipped out his fan once more.

"To think that you would even know that." I smiled bitterly at the bucket hat man. "Is stalking your hobby or something, Urahara-san?"

"Of course not! But as a humble shopkeeper I must keep a tab on any potential customers. I would go out of business otherwise." Urahara laughed behind his fan while Yoruichi from beside him simply shook her head.

"Though…" Urahara lowered his fan to look at me. "I don't believe she has any powers unlike Inoue-san or Sado-san who acquired powers during the small hollow incident. Wouldn't they or even Ishida-san who is a fellow Quincy like you be a better option as a student?" He asked as if he was a simple merchant trying to make me rethink about buying something cheap instead of pricy but I could see his question from a mile away.

"'Why choose her?' I believe is your actual question, Urahara-san." I smiled at the manipulative man in front of me and realized…

I quite liked this guy… no homo.

Maybe it was simply because of our similarities. I was also manipulating Tatsuki by offering her power after a traumatic experience just like Urahara would do the same to Ichigo after Byakuya kicks his ass and skewers his powers out of existence for a few days.

And the end result would be better.

Many people hated the term 'greater good' but that wasn't because they did not agree with the concept but because they didn't like the thought of themselves or somebody they like being the minority that needed to be sacrificed in order to protect the majority.

He was sure that no one would have hated Dumbledore if his greater good plan had needed to sacrifice Umbridge instead of Harry.

To me, greater good wasn't exactly a bad concept. But what I wanted was less helping the majority but helping those who I cared for. After all, why not manipulate people a bit if they would get out of it better off.

Those thoughts were the reason I decided to do something that could be stupid or even borderline suicidal.

"Well, she does now." I decided to trust Urahara Kisuke.

<Urahara POV>

"Well, she does now." The dude who came out of nowhere and became the most interesting guy in town say what?

"She does huh?" Not that he would ever show his surprise on his face. He spent his childhood with the Goddess of 'Flash', aka goddess of not liking stuffy clothing, and that meant he had pretty much mastered the art of pokerface.

"And how did she obtain those powers, if you don't mind me asking?" And Urahara really hoped that he wouldn't mind. It was quite bothersome to gather information on someone who didn't want others to know about them. Urahara already had Aizen and didn't want to use that much effort for someone else as well.

"Hmm..." Cain rubbed his chin as he looked at Urahara and the shopkeeper felt himself relax. This young man was rather good with mind games but Urahara had more than a century on him in such activities. He could see from his eyes that Cain had decided to tell him already.

"What do you know about how Quincy techniques work?" Oh so he would do it dramatically. Urahara could appreciate that, he was something of a 'dramatic explanation' expert himself.

"Well, I believe that unlike Shinigami who use the spiritual power from within themselves, Quincies use the spirit particles in the air in order to form weapons for combat. Am I right?" He was, he also knew that a Quincy could also use certain techniques that used their own power like Blut.

"Yes, that is correct. But the thing is, in the past while Quincies were many, every few decades one Quincy would be born without the proper talent to gather spirit particles." Okay that was news for Urahara, but not too surprising since he hadn't exactly been a high ranking member of the Soul Society before the Central 46 decided to butcher Quincies for some reason that they covered up with 'balance of the souls'. Those old men did that a lot.

"For these 'incomplete' Quincies, the traditional techniques are really hard to grasp. What would take a normal Quincy a week to learn, they might need years to manage. That is if they ever can. Which is why families decided these children were ill omens and killed them while young." A bit disturbing but not unexpected. Soul Society or the living world, 'old families' who held power were always douchebags.

"What they didn't know is that these 'incomplete' Quincies did possess one very impressive ability." Cain smiled at Urahara and the shopkeeper could Amit that he was getting curious.

"And that is?" So curious that he actually interrupted Cain's 'dramatic explanation'.

"The power to share their power." Say what?

"These Quincies who were called 'incomplete' could share their own power with others. The people around them could grow faster than what would be considered to be... average." Cain revealed and Urahara did not like what he was hearing. He had been searching about Quincies since Masaki's death and the thought of a Quincy that could make others powerful... there was only one man that might fit such description.

"And, does 'sharing' had any other powers?" He asked while trying to collect himself, even if what Cain was saying was true, it wasn't like the young man was an enemy yet. Urahara also didn't have enough information to form a contingency plan against him since his go forward plan against Quincies was hollow power grenades, which he probably should start making since there was a proof in front of him that Ishida family were not the last Quincies, and there was a chance Cain might be immune to hollow poisoning that most Quincy would be afflicted with from such weapon.

"Yes." The young man nodded with a smile. "They could also use their power in order to grant their followers powers." Cain smiled as Urahara's mind was going at light speed.

"And... has there ever been a famous Quincy with such ability?" Please don't say his name, please don't say his name.

"Hmm, yes there was. I believe he is remembered as the 'Sealed King of Quincy'." Of course he was the one. Cause Urahara needed more than Aizen's plans for stress, nooo. He also needed a man who might be Maniac Quincy King Jr.

Just his luck.

"Is that how Arisawa-san gained powers?" Urahara asked rhetorically with a smile, making sure his realm emotins wouldn't show on his face.

"I believe you already know the answer to that, Urahara-san." Cain smiled and then did something Urahara would never expect from somebody who might be the second coming of a genocidal maniac.

He clapped his hands and gave a small bow with a warm smile.

"And her powers should awaken properly in a day or two, do you have a training ground we can use for that?"

"Huh?" Urahara knew himself well, so he knew that his brain was getting close to a shut down.

"Yeah I really don't want Soul Society to know about this for a while since they might try to off us for it. So do you have a place where I can help her train without getting detected?" the young man asked once more and Urahara realized that he might have been jumping to the gun with his earlier thoughts.

"Oh yes, I do have such a place! You can come with her when tomorrow if you want." It would allow him to keep an eye on him too.

And it wasn't like he had anything to do for the next few days!

...was it just him or was Kurosaki-san releasing quite a bit more than usual spiritual power?

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