Blaze Deception: A Villain in a Hero's Disguise

All I wanted was a simple life: love, shelter, food, my hobby of motorcycling. But fate granted me wealth and power, shackling my freedom. Forced into a life of social expectations and heir training, I obeyed for my family's honor and my love for them as Honor and Pride were unshaken pillars of my family. Despite not being strict, they didn't mess around with traditions. To me, they were my heroes, pillars of kindness. Yet the very target of their kindness, the people they saved and protected, became the ones who burned them to their death. Betrayal tore them from me, shattering the good heart they cultivated in me and plunging me into darkness. Only one question left: What do I do!? Revenge!! That's what my heart shouted at me as my heart turned cold. Can I reclaim the heroism they instilled in me, or am I destined to become the villain that grew within me? __________ This novel might have slower or faster pacing in some places. The first volume focuses more on the MC's backstory. The villain's acts and deceptions will be in the second volume. Regarding romance, I haven't added a tag yet. Let's see how the story goes and whether there's a need for romance. I'm still new to writing, so please bear with me. Tell me your suggestions via comments. Thank you! -This is my entry for WSA 2024. Your support means a lot to me. Join my Discord: https://discord.com/invite/B7yZHuXAe2 (Book Cover- credit goes to Forteller)

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PyroTech Holdings

6 years later

Hello everyone,

InfernoTech Solutions." The term "Inferno" suggests intense heat and fire, aligning with the notion of cutting-edge and dynamic technology solutions.

Today, we're celebrating two years of InfernoTech Solutions, and I'm thrilled to share that we've become the top tech company in Sparks Country. In a short time, our team has come together to make cool things like smart technology and software that's changing the game.

Guess what? We're not just stopping here – we're going international! Our tech is making waves around the world. Now, let me introduce our main tech wizard, Mr. Vince Lopez. He's the brain behind our success, and he's here to talk about the cool stuff we've done and what's coming next. Thanks for being part of our awesome journey at InfernoTech Solutions.

"Hey Bro why did you turn off the TV? Vince is just about to start his speech." Greg gives me a puzzled look.

"Nah, I already know what his gonna say. No need to hear it. I just want to know the people's reactions."

"When do you plan to show your face to the public? The people were starting to think that the Big Boss of InfernoTech Solutions must be an old ugly guy." He smirks after saying that.

"No matter what they say. I will always be handsome.

Soon. I need to make sure first that the people of Veilhaven won't recognize me. I need to introduce myself little by little to the public.

How's the article so far? It is ready to be published now?" I asked Greg while raising an eyebrow.

"The one where there is a side profile pic of you?

Let me read it out loud for you.

PyroTech Holdings: Igniting Innovation in the Tech Realm

PyroTech Holdings, led by Blaze Castro, is a guide to tech innovation. From InfernoTech Solutions' AI breakthroughs to EmberElectronics pushing hardware boundaries, the company's diverse portfolio operates within a dynamic ecosystem, blazing new trails in technology.

Celebrating its leadership position, PyroTech, under Blaze's vision, envisions an international future. Beyond groundbreaking products, it embodies a fiery spirit propelling the tech world into a future where progress knows no limits."

"Okay, stop! I know what you're doing. Now, go back to school. You still have your class." I give Greg a side eye while pointing to the door.

"It's so unfair! You and Vince were done with studies while I'm not!" He stomps.

"We skip grades while you're not. What can we do we're so smart and you're not. Stop sulking now and go back to school. Come on Bro. Shoo!"

Just as Greg left, the telephone rang and I answered it.

Mr. Rendon's voice came out from the telephone "Hey son, can I ask for a two weeks vacation leave? There is that place I wanted to go."


"A week?"


"Just five days?"


"Two days? Come on son just say yes"

"Yes, your allowance will be cut in half for this month."


"Okay, no more allowance for this month."

Tut tut tut tut tut...

He hung up the call after hearing what I said. I just really can't agree to his request cause once I did who knows when he will return. He surely loves to travel.

Why do I feel like I was the one taking care of him, not him taking care of me? Sigh, he's quite childish despite his age.

Anyway, I still need him to keep an eye on the company. While I still haven't revealed my face to the public.

The article will be the people's first glimpse of my face though it was a side profile only for now.

Luckily when I was younger I resembled both of my parents' appearance but now seems like I resemble more of my Mom. Somehow different from what I used to look at before.

Time to publish the article and let the world slowly get to know Blaze Castro. Especially the citizens of Veilhaven.

After sometime...

The article got everyone talking. Social media was full of excitement about PyroTech Holdings, and people were curious about me, Blaze Castro, the guy behind the tech empire.

Online forums were buzzing with speculations, and folks tried to figure me out.

As days went by, Sparks Country embraced me as their tech guy. I became a symbol of innovation, and PyroTech Holdings was seen as a symbol of progress.

Our company's stock went up, attracting investors from everywhere. My plan to slowly show up to the public kept my curiosity alive.

Vince kept impressing people with his tech ideas. PyroTech Holdings was expanding globally, making deals and partnerships. We became a leader in both AI and hardware.

Thinking ahead, I considered a big public reveal. The time seemed right, and the people of Veilhaven Country didn't recognize my true identity.

The day of the big event finally arrived, and Sparks Country was buzzing with anticipation. As I stepped onto the stage, I could feel a mix of nervousness and excitement.

The crowd erupted into cheers, and I saw the curiosity in their eyes. With a deep breath, I began to share my journey, the challenges, and the dreams that fueled PyroTech Holdings.

The audience was captivated, and I could sense a connection forming. As I revealed more about myself, the cheers grew louder.

Looking at their expressions I can't help but smirk.

These people didn't know the real start of my company.

It was all started by hacking through their servers and making their computers faulty.

Vince and I hacked through the networks and created advertisements for every platform saying we had solutions to every computer problem.

Then they gonna come to us to fix things not knowing we were the ones who made the problem from the start.

Luckily during the school event for computer programming, I managed to impress those programmers and give them calling cards of my company. I also ask them to give a testimony that the company I created is credible.

And just like that it grows into now a top technology company in Sparks Country.


Finally, my plan to become the richest man in Sparks Country is within my grasp.

But wealth isn't enough for my revenge I still need power to trample my enemies. I need power to back up my wealth.

So what am I gonna do to have that power?

Ring ring ring...

My phone ringing made me come back to my senses from being lost in my thoughts.

As I answered the call I heard Greg's enthusiastic voice "Brother Blaze what's up? Do you have anything you want to do? Like, go hiking? I'm feeling so bored. Why don't we hang out this weekend you guys are always so busy with work that you keep on leaving me behind."

"We're gonna do that after you finish your studies. So stop slacking off."

"No! I'm bored to death already. Come on Bro give grace to me and be lenient. Just this weekend let's go hiking okay? I miss the mountain already. As in real mountain not a mountain of books."

"I see okay I'm going to ask Mr. Brandon to give you mountains of paperwork then. Good luck and bye."

After hanging up the phone it just suddenly sinks in to me.

Greg? Mr. Brandon?

Right, I have an underground force with me. Greg is now the adopted son of Mr. Brandon so we can use those men and instruct them to do things for us.

Luckily Mr. Brandon is a loyal person who follows the rules strictly. He lives by the oath he made as he take over The Protector Agency along the underground arena.

According to the rules as long as the Leader is still alive and can still manage to fight and beat dozens of men in a short period. He will remain as the leader til then.

The successor still has the right to have fun and enjoy his freedom but not until he is appointed as a Leader where he have to fully take charge of the Leader's responsibilities.

But the successor should learn the responsibilities of being a leader the moment he becomes the successor.

Both the Leader and the successor have the right to use the men of The Protector Agency to do whatever and however, they want as long as they don't use them to kill each other.

The men of The Protector Agency should follow the Leader and his successor without any questions.

I don't know who made those rules. But that was written in the book that Mr. Brandon gave to Greg for him to study and be familiar with.

Now it's perfect. With those men, I can able to infiltrate the Black Market.

Having the Black Market under my control I can manage to get a hold of those people who were lurking in the shadow.

So not only do I control the legal market but also the black market.

With that, I can become the most powerful man in Sparks Country.

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